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gobbragh See gobbraghey work, wrought: er-yn-oyr dy row ad gobbragh er my hon's Bible

Inexact matches:

dy ve gobbragh to be in operation

gobbragh lhieen screebee drag

gobbragh ny s'creoi working harder

gobbragh roish er plug away

gobbragh sleayd varrey drag

drag carriads kiare cabbil; gobbragh lhieen screebee; gobbragh sleayd varrey; goll dy dree; goll dy moal; lhiettrimys; sleayd screebee; sleaydey; sthroogey; tayrn: Drag it here - Tayrn eh dys shoh. DF idiom

plug away (v.) gobbragh roish er

working harder (v.) gobbragh ny s'creoi

wrought (adj.) labrit, obbrit; (v.) dobbree; gobbragh; freaney

lieh-hraa halftime: Dy ve gobbragh lieh-hraa. DF

in operation (v.) (to be) dy ve fo raad, dy ve gobbragh

garrey oie nightshift: T'eh gobbragh y garrey oie yn chiaghtyn shoh. DF

pleadeilagh council, counsel: Ta pleadeilagh gobbragh da. DF; pleading

assumption1 (n.) froaishid; barel: I am working on this assumption - Ta mee gobbragh as yn barel shoh aym. DF idiom

counsel (v.) coyrlagh, coyrlaghey da, cur coyrle da; (n.) coonceil; (n.) coyrle: They took counsel together - Ghow ad coyrle ry-cheilley. DF idiom; pleadeilagh: He represented it by counsel - Ta pleadeilagh gobbragh da. DF idiom

department (n.) rheynn: He doesn't work in this department - Cha nel eh gobbragh 'sy rheynn shoh. DF idiom

electricity (n.) electraght, lectraght; lectraghys: It runs off electricity - T'eh gobbragh lesh lectraghys. DF idiom

lift ardjaghey, buinn, geid, troggal; ardjee: The tide will lift the boat - Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF idiom; (impv) irree, trog; (n.) cummaght ardjee, markiaght, troggeyder; ardjeyder: The lift is stuck - Cha nel yn ardjeyder gobbragh. DF idiom

smithy (n.) caardagh, caardee; keirdee: Working in the smithy - Gobbragh 'sy cheirdee. DF idiom

steam (v.) cur magh gaal, gaalaghey, gaal-vroie; (n.) druight; gaal: It goes by steam - T'eh gobbragh er gaal. DF idiom

work1 (v.) labraghey; gobbragh; obbraghey: Let us work well to-day - Lhig dooin gobbraghey dy-mie jiu. JJK idiom; (n.) laboraght; obbyr: Work without request is work without thanks - Obbyr dyn shirrey, obbyr dyn booise. JJK idiom

co-emshiragh contemporaneous, contemporary: Shickyraghey dy vel plannal chengagh gobbragh dy mie as freilt co-emshiragh liorish ronsaghey as cur niart da conaantyn eddyr-ashoonagh as smooinaght noa er myn-chengaghyn. Dhoor

deanyn targets: Shoh heese deanyn t'er ve reaghit eddyr paart jin ta gobbragh da'n Ghaelg Dhoor

inver estuary, river mouth: Va talhear as e ven heshey baghey ayns thie faggys da Loch yn Inver as she cliaghtey lieu gobbragh dy mie gagh laa GB [L. infra]

keyl 1 attenuated, drawn out, fine, gracile, hairline, lanky, lean, narrow, slender, slight, slim, small, spare, tapered, thin, willowy a: Adsyn myrgeddin ta gobbragh ayns lieen keyl Bible; 2 (of soup) watery; 3 (as solution) weak [O.Ir. cáel]

nish as reesht intermittent, now and then, occasionally, on and off, once in a while: T'eh gobbragh nish as reesht. DF; on occasion

Onnee (f.) Anna, Anne: Ta Onnee my 'neen saa ayns Doolish gobbragh marish fuinneyder as begin j'ee baghey ayns y thie-fuinnee Dhoor

sealyn signets, seals: ren ad gobbragh claghyn onyx soit ayns socketyn airhey, grainnit myr ta sealyn er nyn yiarey Bible

thie-tashtee treasure house, treasury: Cur-jee lhieu ooilley ny jagheenyn gys y thie-tashtee Bible; museum: Crout y Thelhear Hooar mee shoh voish Sandra ta gobbragh 'sy lioarlagh ayns y Thie Tashtee. Dhoor

throng (=Ir. tranglam) busy, harassed, hard-pressed, tied up: Focklyn dy Liooar veih Coonceil ny Gaelgey Ta Coonceil ny Gaelgey gobbragh dy throng cur Gaelg er raaghyn as focklyn Baarlagh. Dhoor

ashamed (adj.) naaragh, nearagh; naarit; nearey er: You make me feel ashamed - T'ou cur nearey orrym. DF idiom; nearildagh: He is unable to work and ashamed to beg - Cha nod eh gobbragh as t'eh nearildagh jeirk y hirrey. DF idiom; neareydagh: You ought to be ashamed of yourself - By chair dhyt ve neareydagh jeed hene. DF idiom

keim (=Ir. céim) (f.) 1 COMPARE keym amble, caste, degree, of high rank, pace, phase, pitch, position, shortcut, stage, standard, station, step, stile; 2 (academic) degree; 3 grade a: Tra v'ad briaght jeh kiare feed scollagyn ayns yn cheyoo keim, cha row agh shey jeu smooinaghtyn er g'obbragh myr fir-ynsee kyndagh rish drogh 'aill, drogh cheimmeeaght as drogh staydyn-obbyr. Carn; 4 (of speech) register; 5 peg

ro vooar too big: Er y fa dy vel Mooinjer Veggey er n'aase ro vooar dooin ta gobbragh nastee da dy reayll rick er ta shalee noa ec y ving dy chur er bun startey slane-traa son oaseir vees cur cooney as ynsaghey Dhoor; too large


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