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gobbal (=Ir. obadh) 1 black, refuse a: my tou gobbal dy lhiggeyn raad da, cur-my-ner, marr-yms dty vac Bible; 2 denying: Gynsaghey dooin, liorish gobbal meechraueeaght as yeearreeyn seihlltagh Bible

Inexact matches:

denying (v.) gobbal

refuse (n.) brock, fooillaght, orch, trustyr; (v.) gobbal, greim mestey, jiooldey, obbal, obbys

thie grease factory: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

deny (v.) jiooldey, staayney, obb; obbal: I don't deny that that has been said - Cha nel mee g'obbal nagh row shen er ve grait. JJK idiom

factory (n.) mwyllin, stashoon dellal; thie grease: The unions blacked the factory - Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF idiom; thie obbree

said dooyrt: He said it between his teeth - Dooyrt eh trooid ny feeacklyn echey. DF idiom; grait: I don't deny that that has been said - Cha nel mee g'obbal nagh row shen er ve grait. JJK idiom

aanoaghey rejuvenate, renew, renovate: Va e'er ny çhiarnyn surranse ny drogh-eiyrtyssyn jeh shoh, as eirinee ny gowaltyssyn mooarey kirragh gobbal dy aanoaghey ny barganeyn soiagh - she shen, ny leases, oc tra v'ad çheet gys jerrey. NNS; refresher; renewal, renovation

chaghnoaylleeagh technological: Ta Fishman gobbal dy vel eh soie er yn teihll jeianagh as e vondeishagh chaghnoaylleeagh. Carn

dy breagagh fictitiously, spuriously, falsely: My ta persoon erbee jannoo peccah as loght noi'n Chiarn, as dy breagagh gobbal da e naboo shen ny va currit da, fo e churrym, ny ayns dellal Bible

grease (f.) pl. greasyn design, embroidery; industry: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

keintys gender, sex: Ny smeissey na shen v'ee reih bea gyn keintys gobbal yn dooinney garroo eck tra v'eh prowal shen y yannoo. Dhoor

neuyantagh impossible: Gyn ourys, bee eh lane doillee, agh ta mee g'obbal credjal dy vel eh neuyantagh. Carn

nhione See nione know: Pheddyr roish gerrym y chellee jiu dy jean uss gobbal three keayrtyn dy nhione dhyt mee. Bible

soccarys (=Ir. sudog) calmness, forbearance, placidity: Ta sleih dy harryltagh gobbal daue hene aash as soccarys er graih cosney, son dy vel ad er soiagh nyn gree er CS

black1 doo: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom; ghoo: in the black and dark night - ayns fastyr yn oie ghoo ghorraghey Bible; gorrym; dooey; (v.) dooghey, dullyraghey; gobbal

er chor erbee (=Ir. ar cor ar bith) anywise, at all costs, at all events, at any rate, in any way so ever, leastways, nohow, noways, nowise: Dy beagh ny daanyn ayns Gaelg er-lhiams dy jinnagh ad g'obbal ymmyd y yannoo jeh'n saase noa er-chor-erbee. Carn


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