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glenney (=Ir. glanadh) act of vindication, chip, clarify, clean, cleaner, clearance, discharge, dust, expurgate, freshen, grub, pay off, purge, purification, purify, rid, satisfaction, scale, scavenge, settlement, sink, weed, wipe; (honey) clarification; (as fowl) draw; (as metal) try out; cleaning; bathe: as glenney e chorp ayns ushtey Bible; cleanse: As nee eh glenney yn thie lesh fuill yn eean as lesh yn ushtey farrane Bible; glass

Inexact matches:

bolgan glenney bull's-eye

cabnaid glenney glass cabinet

clageen glenney bell glass

eeck glenney discharge

glenney arree spring-clean

glenney chymleeyn chimney sweeping

glenney custym customs clearance

glenney eeymmey (of butter) cleanings

glenney ersooyl sweep away: Son ta jeirk livrey voish baase, as nee eh glenney ersooyl dy chooilley pheccah, adsyn ta cur-rish jeirk as ynrickys vees er nyn yannoo magh lesh bea: 10. Apoc

glenney feeacklyn clean teeth

glenney feeaghyn acquittance

glenney feeyney (f.) wine glass

glenney folley blood cleansing, purification of the blood

glenney folmid vacuum cleaning

glenney gheay (f.) windscreen

glenney gheayee (f.) windscreen

glenney jeh efface, effacement, wipe away, wipe off

glenney magh clean out, clear away, discharge, scavenging

glenney marranyssyn debug

glenney ooreyder (f.) watch glass

glenney opalagh opal glass

glenney pheamadagh (f.) pavement glass

glenney skeaylley liquidation

gyn glenney uncleared, unexpurgated

skiart glenney glass partition

cur glenney yn arree da spring-clean

glenney lesh thoag sponge off

glenney ny cronyn jeh (as person) whitewash

glenney thoyn baatey careen

lane glenney feeyney wine-glassful

obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey water treatment works

scooirey as glenney bull, spit and polish

Strateysh Glenney-sornaigys Ardjynagh Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy

discharge ceau magh: Discharge ballast - Ballast y cheau magh. DF idiom; cur ersooyl; cur sheese; eeck glenney; folmaghey; glenney; glenney magh; jee-lughtaghey; jee-lughtey; lhiggey; lhiggey magh; neulaadey; neulughtaghey; neulughtey; orraghey; seyrey; sheeley; skeaylley; tilgey

spring-clean (v.) cur glenney yn arree da; glenney arree

windscreen (n.) brishey geay, faal geay, glenney gheay, glenney gheayee, scaap geayee

cleaning (v.) glenney: I am cleaning my my hands - Ta mee glenney my laueyn. DF idiom; (gen.) glennee

acquittance (n.) glenney feeaghyn

act of vindication (n.) glenney

bell glass (n.) clageen glenney

blood cleansing glenney folley

bull's-eye bolgan glenney

chimney sweeping (v.) glenney chymleeyn

clarification1 (honey) glenney, sheelaghey

clarify1 (v.) glenney, reddaghey, sheealaghey

cleaner (n.) glenney, glenneyder

cleanings (of butter) glenney eeymmey

cleanse (v.) glenney; reealley; (impv) glen

clean teeth (v.) glenney feeacklyn

customs clearance glenney custym

draw3 (v.) (as fowl) glenney

effacement (n.) glenney jeh

expurgate (v.) glenney

glass cabinet (n.) cabnaid glenney

grub (n.) crooag; lhongey; (v.) glenney

liquidation (n.) glenney skeaylley; marroo

opal glass (n.) glenney opalagh

pavement glass (n.) glenney pheamadagh

purification (n.) aaghlenney, glenney

purify (v.) glenney, oonlaghey, ooraghey

scavenge (v.) glenney, scrobbey

scavenging (v.) glenney magh; scrobbey

try out2 (v.) (as metal) glenney

uncleared1 (adj.) gyn glenney

unexpurgated1 (adj.) gyn glenney

vacuum cleaning (v.) glenney folmid

wine glass (n.) glenney feeyney

wine-glassful (n.) lane glenney feeyney

wipe (v.) glenney, rubbey; rub

wipe away (v.) glenney jeh

efface (v.) glenney jeh, scryssey magh

freshen1 (v.) doostey, glenney, ooraghey, troggal

glass (n.) glenney: I have to put new glass in it - Shegin dou cur glenney noa aynjee. Bunnydys; gless: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; glonney: Glass-works - Caardee glonney DF idiom; scaan

sponge off (v.) glenney lesh thoag

whitewash2 (v.) (as person) glenney ny cronyn jeh

bull bulley; scooirey as glenney; (n.) tarroo

clear away (v.) cur ass y raad, glenney magh

glass partition (n.) boalley glonney, skiart glenney

pay off (v.) cur gys yn dorrys, eeck, glenney

purge glenney; purgaid; scaggey; scooirey; seyrey

purification of the blood glenney folley

spit and polish (n.) scooirey as glenney

watch glass (n.) gless ooreyder, glenney ooreyder

weed1 (n.) brouteraght, farchail, gartlan, sarkyl; (v.) glenney; gaartlian

wipe off (v.) glenney jeh, rubbey jeh

careen (v.) cur baatey er lhiattee; glenney thoyn baatey; lhie er lhiattee

Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy (n.) Strateysh Glenney-sornaigys Ardjynagh

sweep away (v.) cur jerrey er, glenney ersooyl, skeabey ersooyl

bathe1 glenney; goaill thummey; niee: Bathe your feet - Niee dty chassyn. DF idiom; oonlaghey; oonley; oonlee: Bathe your feet - Oonlee dty chassyn. DF idiom

chip1 (v.) glenney, scolbey, speiltey; (n.) spollag: There is a chip out of the saucer - Ta spollag ass yn skaal. DF idiom; speilt: He is a chip off the old block - T'eh ny speilt jeh'n chenn villey. DF idiom

clean1 (adv.) dy bollagh; (adj.) glen: New brooms sweep clean - Ta skeabyn noa skeabey glen. JJK idiom; (v.) glenney: Clean thy shoes - Glen dty vraagyn. JJK idiom

clean out (v.) glenney magh; rooisht: We are clean out of straw - Ta shin rooisht coonlagh. DF idiom

clearance1 (n.) chiarrey, glenney, shiaulley; scoip: There is not enough clearance under the bridge - Cha nel scoip dy liooar dy gholl fo'n droghad. DF idiom

debug1 (v.) (compute) jee-chrontaghey, jee-loghtaghey, jee-outaghey; scughey cronnyn, scughey foiljyn, scughey lheamyssyn, scughey marranyssyn; glenney marranyssyn; dolley magh marranyssyn, scryssey magh marranyssyn

dust (v.) gamylt 'sy joan, glenney, joaney, poodyral; (n.) ooir, stoor, brinneen; joan: The rain has laid the dust - Ta'n fliaghey er chur sheese yn joan. JJK idiom

inches (npl.) oarleeyn: He cleared the wall by three inches - Ren eh glenney y voalley lesh tree oarleeyn. DF idiom

punch broddag; builley; bwoalley; cur builley da; puinsh; thiolley; towlley; towlleyder; bree: There's not much punch in it - Cha nel monney bree ayn. DF idiom; punch: Mix a glass of punch - Glenney phunsh y yannoo. DF idiom

rid (v.) cur fo chosh, glenney, reaghey; geddyn rey rish: We must rid ourselves of all emotional attachments - Shegin dooin geddyn rey rish ooilley ny hehllaghyn ain. DF idiom

satisfaction (n.) cooilleeney, glenney, rick, saasaght, saie; corrym: I had no satisfaction from him - Cha dooar mee corrym er. DF idiom; taittin: It gives me satisfaction - S'taittin lhiam eh. DF idiom; eeck dy liooar

scale (n.) aarey; crottyl; meih; scailley, scaailley; scraa; scroig; shlig; (v.) drappal; glenney; jannoo er scaailley

settlement (n.) reaghey, balley beg, glenney, kiartagh, rick; reaghys: This opens the door to a settlement - Ta shoh fosley yn raad gys reaghys. DF idiom; ynnyd–vaghee

sink cur fo; deayrtal; giarrey; glenney; injillaghey; reurey; sinkeil; slogragh; (n.) towl toarrey; traih; meilley-niee

water treatment works (n.) obbraghyn glennee ushtey, obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey; ynnyd lhiasaghey ushtey

firkinyn firkins: As va soit ayns shen shey siyn cloaie ry-hoi ushtey, lurg cliaghtey ny Hewnyn son glenney, cummal ghaa ny three dy firkinyn y pheesh. Bible

keeaght (=Ir. ceacht) (f.) plough: Nish, nee'm shiaullaghey y keeaght choud's t'ou glenney as kerey ny cabbil. Dhoor

kerey cering, comb, combing, groom, hackle, hackling, mopping up, mop up, teasel, teasing, teazle, wax; (as wool) tease; (as horse) curry: Nish, nee'm shiaullaghey y keeaght choud's t'ou glenney as kerey ny cabbil. Dhoor

lane dy attended with; filled with: Smerg diu scrudeyryn as Phariseeyn, chrauee-oalsey: son ta shiu glenney yn cappan as y claare er cheu-mooie, agh cheu sthie t'ad lane dy hranlaase as dy neu-heeltys. Bible; fraught

oonlee abluent: hug eh jee chelleeragh spiceyn oonlee ry-hoi glenney Bible; wash: Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible; bathe

shiaullaghey fit out, prepare, ready, rig, tune up, tuning: Nish, nee'm shiaullaghey y keeaght choud's t'ou glenney as kerey ny cabbil. Dhoor; (as boat) equip; (as engine) tune

strughtoor structure: Vrie eh row yn doilleeid kyndagh rish fo-strughtoor livrey-ys yn ushtey, er nonney kyndagh rish y chumrail er troggal obbraghyn noa ry hoi glenney ushtey ayns Doolish. BS


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