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gioot pl. giootyn endowment, flair, gift, grant, present: cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese da'n dooinney Bible

Inexact matches:

gioot margee fairing

ben geddyn gioot (f.) donee

fer geddyn gioot donee

gioot veih Niau windfall, gift from Heaven

donee (n.) ben geddyn gioot, fer geddyn gioot, giootalagh

presentation1 (n.) toyrt; gioot: Make a presentation - Gioot y chur da. DF idiom

fairing (n.) gioot margee

flair (n.) gioot; schlei

gift1 (n.) gioot: Be pleased to accept this gift - Gow my sailliu yn gioot shoh. DF idiom; nastey: Christmas gift - Nastey Nollick. DF idiom; (v.) giootal; giootal da; giootey; tortys

endowment (n.) feoiltaghey; gioot; leggad; toghyr; toyrtys

gift from Heaven (n.) gioot veih Niau

windfall (n.) gioot veih Niau, troar lhieggit

grant gialdin; gialdyn; gialdynys; gioot; giootal; giootey; toyrtys; (impv) giall

doalley blind, blinding: son ta'n gioot doalley sooillyn y tushtey Bible

dy bragh beayn everlastingly: she gioot Yee yn vea dy bragh beayn Bible

ebony ebony: hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony Bible

ivory ivory: hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony. Bible

voish Jee heaven-sent: ta shoh neesht gioot voish Jee. Bible

appease (v.) castey, cur shee er, kiunaghey, meelaghey; meeinaghey: I will appease him with the present that goeth before me - Neem y veeinaghey eh lesh y gioot ta goll roym Bible

carry down cur lesh neose; ymmyrk neose; cur lesh sheese: and carry down the man a present - as cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese dan dooinney Bible

ebony (n.) billey eabban, eabban; ebony: they brought thee for a present horns of ivory and ebony - hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony Bible

almonyn almonds: cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese da'n dooinney, red beg dy valm, as kuse dy vill, spiceyn as myrrh, croyn as almonyn. Bible

ass laue immediately, quickly, speedily: Ghow ad ass laue dy row eh ymmyrçhagh adsyn y vashtey lesh ushtey va dy jarroo er ny mannaghey lesh gioot y Spyrryd Noo CS

cur gyn vree pervert: son tan gioot doalley sooillyn y tushtey, as cur gyn bree goan yn vooinjer ynrick. Bible

cur neose dismount; lower; send down: Cur neose dty Spyrryd casherick, as deayrt ayns ny creeaghyn ain yn gioot smoo ooasle shen dy ghiastyllys, yn eer kiangley dy hee, as jeh dy chooilley ghrays PB1765; put down

er shaghryn (=Ir. seachran) adrift, astray, betrayed, bewildered, deviating, erring, erroneous, lost, stray, strayed: ta gioot cur yn cree er-shaghryn Bible

frameit framed: Y Taoiseach t'ayn nish, Bertie Ahern, hooar eh cooinaghtane frameit jeh keayrt de Valera myr gioot. BS

goaill raad prevailing, prevalent: Ta gioot myr jewel costal ayns ny sooillyn echeysyn ta goaill eh: te goaill raad ayns dy chooilley chooish. Bible

jewel costal precious stone: Ta gioot myr jewel costal ayns ny sooillyn echeysyn ta goaill eh: te goaill raad ayns dy chooilley chooish. Bible

loayrt dy mie speak well: Ta fys aym dy vel y gioot echeysyn dy loayrt dy mie. Bible

mooghey (=Ir. múchadh) 1 abolish, abolition, blank off, blot out, blow out, choking, damp, drown, dull, expire, extinction, extinguish, gulp back, hold back, hush up, quench, repeal, shut off, stamp out, stifle, suppress, switch off, turn off a: Ta gioot follit mooghey jymmoose; 2 (prevent) jam

Rheynn Ynsee Department of Education: Ta'n treealtys çheet veih'n reirey jeh Club-Çheerey as Thie-Oast Cronk Murray, as yinnagh eh goaill stiagh bunscoill noa, veagh currit myr gioot da'n Rheynn Ynsee. BS

precious stone (n.) clagh chostal: every precious stone was thy covering - dy chooilley chlagh chostal va dty choodagh Bible; cliejeen; jewel costal: A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it - Ta gioot myr jewel costal ayns ny sooillyn echeysyn ta goaill eh Bible

present aaragh; chebbal er; gioot; giootal er; kioneenee; kionefenish; toyrtys: Mr B has made me a present of a very bad book - Ta Mnr B er chur myr toyrtys dou lioar feer olk. JJK idiom; cur: Present my respects to your aunt - Cur m'arrym da nyn naunt. JJK idiom; ayn: He's the most eloquent orator of the present day - T'eh yn oraatagh ny s'jesh-focklee jeh'n laa t'ayn jiu. JJK idiom

cassey change, curl, distort, flick, flounce, involvement, meander, meandering, screw, spin, squirm, swing, swirl, tangle, turn, twist, warp, whip-round, wind, wrench; whirl: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible; wring: ver y saggyrt lesh eh gys yn altar, as nee eh cassey yn kione jeh Bible; pervert: gioot dolley sooillyn y vooinjer creeney, as cassey cooishyn y sleih cairagh Bible; twisting


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