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gioal bet, bond, caution, cover, earnest, equity, gage, pawn, pledge, stake, wager: Der oo gioal dou Bible

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ayns gioal1 burdened; pledge: My ghoys oo eddyr coamrey dty naboo ayns gioal Bible

ayns gioal2 (dy ve); (to be) in pop

cur gioal (=Ir. cur-geal) chip in; pawn; pledge security

earrooder gioal tote

earroo gioal totaliser, totalizer

er gioal staked

pooar gioal execute

cur ayns gioal gage, pledge

cur gioal er bet, wager

goaill cooid er gioal distrain

seyr veih gioal (as bank account) clear

stayd ayns gioal burdened estate

pledge breearey, ayns gioal; cur ayns gioal; gialtagh; gioal: He put it in pledge - Hug eh ayns gioal eh. DF idiom; gioaldaghey; iu slaynt; iulaynt; naishtey; raane; gialtaghey

gage cur ayns gioal; gioal

wager (n.) bett, gioal; (v.) bettal, cur gioal er

bet bett, cheb; (v.) bettal, chebbal, cur giall er; gioal; cur gioal er: I'll bet you anything you like - Verym gioal er ooilley ny t'ayn. DF idiom; giall: I don't bet on horses - Cha nel mee cur giallyn er cabbil. DF idiom

pawn (n.) blebbin; gioal; kern; sidoor; (v.) cur fo ghioal, gioaltaghey; cur gioal

clear6 (as bank account) seyr veih gioal

pledge security (v.) cur gioal

totaliser (n.) earroo gioal

totalizer (n.) earroo gioal

tote (n.) earrooder gioal

burdened estate (n.) stayd ayns gioal

optimism (n.) gioal-aignaght, jerkallys, lane-yerkallys

gioal-aignaght (f.) optimism

burdened ayns gioal; erreydit; fo ghioal; laadit; lughtit

chip in (v.) cur fockle stiagh; cur gioal; tarmestey

distrain (v.) goaill cooid jatter; goaill cooid er gioal

equity (n.) cairys argidagh, cormid, corrymys, gioal; kiart

execute (v.) cooilleeney; cur gy baase; jannoo; pooar gioal

in pop (v.) (to be); (dy ve) dy ve ayns gioal

staked as kibbin rish; er gioal; staikit

stake cur kibbin rish; gialdyn; gioal; kibbin; staik; staikey; stob; paayl

bond boandey, bonney, geuley, kiangley, chiangley; (v.) cur ayns thie custam, cur fo ghlass; gioal, nastey; glass; boand; raane: His word is his bond - Ta e ghoo e raane. DF idiom

caution arrey, gioal; baggyrt; cur raaue da; raaue: He was let off with a caution - V'eh lhiggit jeh lesh raaue. DF idiom; raaueghey; twoaie: Caution! - Bee er dty hwoaie! DF idiom

clear1 baghtal: That's clear enough - Ta shen baghtal dy liooar. DF idiom; cleeir, gial, glen, hollys, leayr, sollys, sullyr, chiarrey, rea, seyrey, seyr veih gioal, sheeley; neuvodjallit, sheelit; cur baght er, eeck custym, giallaghey; feayshlit

earnest (adj.) dy kiart: It is raining in real earnest now - T'eh ceau fliaghey dy kiart nish. DF idiom; jeean, ynrick; jeeaney; (n.) eearlys, gioal; jeidagh: He is in dead earnest - T'eh slane jeidagh. DF idiom

shall give ver: he shall give it me - ver eh dou eh Bible; (interrog.) der: Wilt thou give me a pledge, till thou send it? - Der oo gioal dou, derrey ver oo hym eh. Bible

dow pl. dew ox: t'ad goaill dow yn ven-treoghe son gioal. Bible; hart, stag

'sy chooish re, in the business, in the matter: Cur dou gioal nish, cur raane dou, quoi ghoys my lauesy chooish? Bible

cover coodagh: Under separate cover - Fo coodagh er lheh. DF idiom; moggaid, brat, farkyl, coamree, coodee; breidaghey; gioal; keiltyn: It is only a cover-up - Cha nel eh agh keiltyn. DF idiom; mooinney; poagey screeuee; scaa: Under cover of your wings - Fo scaa dty skianyn. DF idiom; urrysaght; fastee: To break cover - Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF idiom; (v.) coodaghey; (y) choodaghey; cur harrish


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