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gimman (=Ir. iomáin) (v.) 1 drive a: Nagh jinnagh eisht un dooinney gimman ersooyl thousane Bible; 2 (n.) debauchee, lecher, sensualist; 3 (pl -yn) admirer, lover, suitor: hie ee geiyrt er e gimmanyn Bible

Inexact matches:

debauchee (n.) gimman

lecher (n.) gimman, maarder, maarderagh

sensualist (n.) fer soyllaragh, gimman

drive1 chlo; chennid; co-chloie; eiyr, eiyrt, clohghey, greesaghey, lorgaghey, ruightey, shiaulley roish y gheay, sheebey; gimman: Can you drive? - Nod oo gimman? DF idiom; (n.) bayr; markiaght: He went for a drive - Hie eh son markiaght ayns gleashtan. DF idiom

admirer (n.) blakeyder; fer sooree; gimman; gliminagh

lover (n.) gliminagh, graih, graihaltagh, graihder, lhiannan, gimman

suitor (n.) accanagh, dooinney sooree, fer sooree, gimman

jiuish of you: Nee un dooinney jiuish gimman ersooyl thousane Bible

driss haste, hurry, rush, scurry, spurt: v'ad g'imman gleashtanyn noa as myr shen, agh va dy-chooilley red goll ny s'melley dyn driss erbee orroo. Carn

gareydys gardening: kiart dy liooar tra veagh ee loayrit ny mastey Manninee jeh'n kynney injil, lhied as adsyn va gimman carriads da'n ooashlaght as adsyn va jannoo gareydys as y lhied. JC

gleashtan (=Ir. gluaisteán) pl. gleashtanyn automobile, car, motor car: Agh foast cha nod oo gra dy vel oo gennaghtyn sauchey as oo gimman sheese ayns gleashtan. Carn

gleashtaneyr motorist: Ny shlee na meeilley gleashtaneyr, t'ad er ve deyrit son gimman fegooish urryssaght ayns Mannin ayns ny queig bleeaney shoh chaie. BS

gyn soilshey aphotic, lacking light: taarnagh as chentyn gimman ad ersooyl sheese trooid y dowin gyn soilshey roish nyn sooill PC

lostee burning: taarnagh as chentyn gimman ad ersooyl sheese trooid y dowin gyn soilshey roish nyn sooill, aile lostee niurin blazal seose mymboo PC

Voanee See moanee (Yn) Turf Pit: Va'n doagh lane as ren ad gimman dys yn voanee. Dhoor

carr pl. carryn lilt, melody, strain, tune: Rish y vlein shoh va dy kinjagh carr ny jees goit stiagh voish Nerin as eer Sostyn Carn; (of voice) cadence; cab, car, van: Bwooise da Jee nagh vod oo goll noon as noal harrish y cheayn cho aashagh as oddys oo gimman carr eddyr Bretin as Sostyn. Carn; kink, vicissitude


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