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giarrit carved, censored, clipped, condensed, curtailed, disconnected, hewn, intersected, lanced, lopped, nicked, shortened, slashed, trimmed, truncated: Agh dy doaltattym nurree va'n argid giarrit gys veg as va musthaa mooar ayn. Carn; mown

Inexact matches:

giarrit jeh chopped: Va'n cleaysh giarrit jeh as lurg shen ren y kayt boght couyral. Dhoor

mown buinnit; buint; giarrit: The meadows are already mown - Ta ny lheeaneeyn hannah giarrit. JJK idiom

carved giarrit; grainnit; grauit

chopped giarrit jeh; scoltit

condensed co-ghlooit; co-hiuit; giarrit

curtailed giarrit; cuttagh; giare

intersected crost; giarrit

lanced giarrit; sleeanit

lopped baarit; giarrit; neuvanglanagh

nicked aggagh; giarrit; goit

slashed fannit; giarrit; scart

truncated (adj.) giarrit

censored castit: It is censored - T'eh castit ec yn kinseyr. DF idiom; giarrit: The book is censored here and there - Ta'n lioar giarrit ayns shoh as ayns shen. DF idiom; scrutit: It is censored - T'eh scrutit. DF idiom

clipped baarit; giarrit; lhommit; pollit

disconnected giarrit; jeh-chianglt; scarrit; skeaylt

hewn cummit; giarrit; lhieggit; scoltit; cleight

lheeaneeyn meadows: Ta ny lheeaneeyn hannah giarrit. JJK

shortened cuttagh; giarrit; girrit; jeant giare; jeant ny s'girrey

damages1 (n.) cooilleeney; (npl.) damajyn: He was cast in damages - Va damajyn giarrit er. DF idiom

meadows (npl.) lheeantyn: The meadows are already mown - Ta ny lheeaneeyn hannah giarrit. JJK idiom; lheeaneeyn

trimmed baarey: had neither dressed his feet, nor trimmed his beard - chamoo er niee e chassyn, ny er vaarey e aasaag Bible; giarrit; skeoighit

foldyragh scythe: Va'n arroo giarrit ec ny mraane lesh corranyn agh ny keayrtyn va ny deiney giarrey eh lesh y yiarn foldyragh. MB

folteyr hairdresser: Agh choard y folteyr dy ren ee coardail rish shen, tra va'n folt eck giarrit dy ve giare. BS

glioon (=Ir. glúin, Sc.G. glùn) (f.) 1 pl. glioonyn joint, knee a: Kione cuishleeyn giarrit er glioon Finn. Coraa; 2 crooked timber, stifle [O.Ir. dative glúin]

keainid kindness, natural affection, tenderheartedness: Liorish soar-villish ny roseyn, as y traagh oor-giarrit, liorish greim-ghoarn jeh carrey firrinagh, as keainid paag ny mayrey Coraa; tenderness; (of memory) tenderness; dearness; easiness


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