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brod ghuilley choice lad, good lad

Shenn Ghuilley (Yn) Old Nick, Satan

shenn ghuilley (=Ir. seanghille) bachelor: "Shenn ghuilley mish," dooyrt eh, "as shenn ghuilley my yishag as shenn ghuilley my yishag-vooar!" GB; geezer

shenn-ghuilley noa-phoost benedick

eash yn ghuilley (f.) boyhood

lus y chenn ghuilley (f.) southernwood

blue-eyed2 (favourite) reih-ghuilley: He's the blue-eyed boy - T'eshyn yn reih-ghuilley. DF idiom

geezer (n.) shenn ghuilley, shenn-chaillagh

bachelor (n.) fer neuphoost, shenn ghuilley

benedick (n.) shenn-ghuilley noa-phoost

southernwood (n.) lus y chenn ghuilley

ard-ghuilley bottle washer

reih-ghuilley (favourite) blue-eyed

bottle washer (n.) ard-ghuilley, nieeder boteil

boyhood (n.) eash yn ghuilley; guillaght; macnaght

Old Nick (n.) (Yn) Shenn Er; (Yn) Shenn Ghuilley

dullish (f.) dulse: T'eh ny ghuilley dullish. DF

favourite reih: The favourite boy - Yn reih ghuilley. DF idiom; graihag, myrneen

Satan (n.) (Yn) Jouyll; Kaysheel, Noid ny h-Anmey, Satan; (Yn) Shenn Ghuilley; Drogh-yeih

Castletown man (n.) guilley dullish: He is a Castletown man - T'eh ny ghuilley dullish. DF idiom; dooinney Valley Chashtal: He is a Castletown man - T'eh ny ghooinney Valley Chashtal. DF idiom

choice lad (n.) brod ghuilley: He's a choice lad - T'eh ny vrod-ghuilley. DF idiom

good lad (n.) brod ghuilley: He's a good lad. - T'eh ny vrod-ghuilley. DF idiom

Close y Kee Kee's Enclosure: Ta cooinaghtyn aym, tra va mee my ghuilley aeg, jeh shenn ven va ny baghey ec Close y Kee enmyssit Alice Condra. JyC

fer mooinjerey manservant, young male servant: Dooyrt fer mooinjerey aym, dy dod eh goll dys y chey, tra v'eh ny ghuilley, lesh cabbyl as caart as kionnaghey tunney dy gheayll son jeih skillin! JG

jough (=Ir. deoch) (f.) drink: as lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey, as hug ee jough dan ghuilley Bible; beverage; booze, tipple; potation, potion; water

kiarkyllyn circles: Va'n daa ghuilley shoh ny neesht ceau coamraghyn sheeidey slane dhoo as kiarkyllyn airh mysh yn kione oc dy chummal dy jesh y folt. GB

mârin with us: Ansherbee, un oie hie mish yn oie shoh mârish daa ghuilley elley as va eayst ghial ayn, as va inneen aeg mârin neesht. GB

meelowit disallowed, prohibited: ga nagh row Enree agh ny ghuilley aeg, as dy beagh eh yn Doonaght lurg shen casherickit liorish Roree, Ardaspick meelowit York. Chron

olteyr entertainer, host: ren daa ghuilley as daa inneen jeh'n thie-oast, as eaddagh airhey moo, as y folt oc kianlt lesh rybbanyn, ad y chuirrey dy hoie ec boayrd yn olteyr. CnyO

scollag aeg youth: Skeeal Beg Mysh Scollag Aeg, Keayrt dy row va scollag dy ghuilley aeg mysh queig bleeaney jeig dy eash as hie eh dy schoill dy ynsaghey yn A, B, C. GB

tawlish (f.) checkers, draughts: Va daa ghuilley nyn soie er coolliaght airh cloie tawlish, as v'ad cloie er boayrd argid lesh peeshyn airh. GB


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