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treshlen ghreeym-glass (f.) olive-backed thrush

goll er e ghreeym keel over

jeeigit 'sy ghreeym saddle-backed

olive-backed thrush (n.) treshlen ghreeym-glass

dreeym-ry-ghreeym back to back

back to back (prep.) dreeym-ry-ghreeym; thoyn-ry-hoyn

keel over (v.) goll er e ghreeym, tuittym

saddle-backed jeeigit 'sy ghreeym; jeelt-drommagh; moal-drommagh

bibbernee shiver, shivering: Hug eh bibbernee ayns my ghreeym. DF

cruill (f.) 1 curve a: Ta cruill er e ghreeym. DF; 2 cowed person; 3 (of person) cringe

curve cruill: There is a curve on his back - Ta cruill er e ghreeym. DF idiom; lhoob; lhoobey

shiver bibbernee: A shiver went through me - Ren mee bibbernee. DF idiom It sent a shiver down my spine - Hug eh bibbernee ayns my ghreeym. DF idiom; craa; scolb; speiltey

druightoil dewlike, dewy: " Eisht jimmee Bedevere, keayrt elley magh Tessyn y ghreeym, as hooyl eh rish y logh, Coontey mynclaghyn druightoil, smooinaght` dowin Dhoor

errooyn ploughers: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible

lieckanyn cheeks: Heb mee my ghreeym dauesyn ren m'y woalley, as my lieckanyn dauesyn va raipey jee'm yn aasaag; cha dollee mee my eddin veih nearey as shellaghyn. Bible

creaghyn 1 furrows a: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible; 2 clods, heaps, stacks: My nee aile brishey magh, as goaill ny drineyn, myr hen dy vel ny creaghyn, ny ny magheryn arroo er nyn stroie liorish Bible; 3 treasures a: ny vel oo er vakin creaghyn y sniaghtey-garroo Bible

sleaydey drag, draggle, draw along, dredge, dredging, sledge, sleigh, trail: As haink eh dy valley yn laa er-giyn sleaydey cosh lurg cosh lesh neeal grouw as cha crosh as tessyn as daa vaidjey, lesh e ghaa ghroym er e ghreeym GB


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