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feer ghraihagh er dote

ro ghraihagh er overfond: Cha bee oo ro agglagh roish e heaghyn, ny ro ghraihagh er e ardail; son dy bee dy gerrit jerrey orroo ny neesht. CS

cryophilic feayrid-ghraihagh

extremophile (n.) barbaght-ghraihagh

hyperthermophilic (n.) ard-hiassid-ghraihagh

narcissistic (adj.) hene-ghraihagh

patriotic (adj.) cheer-ghraihagh, dooie

piezophilic çhionnid-ghraihagh

unlovable (adj.) do-ghraihagh

ard-hiassid-ghraihagh hyperthermophilic

barbaght-ghraihagh extremophile

cheer-ghraihagh patriotic

çhionnid-ghraihagh piezophilic

do-ghraihagh unlovable

hene-ghraihagh narcissistic

Roosh-ghraihagh Russophile

dote feer ghraihagh er; 'sy chenn-lhiannooaght

overfond (adj.) coontey rour jeh, ro ghraihagh er

Russophile (n.) graihder ny Roosh, Roosh-ghraihagh

romansagh romantic: Ta ny scoillaryn shoh feer ghraihagh er yn ockle "romansagh". Carn

kenjallys graihagh loving kindness: Tou soilshaghey kenjallys-ghraihagh da thousaneyn Bible

spotcheraght (f.) jest, jesting, joke, joking: Agh va Burgess feer ghraihagh er spotcheraght as er cur-rish cluicyn brasnee noi deiney va er e churrym, as myr shen, v'eh cur foayr dy liooar er William as orrym-pene. Coraa

shall understand toiggee: and they shall understand the loving-kindness of the Lord - as toiggee ad kenjallys-ghraihagh y Chiarn Bible

cur bree ayn animate, energize, exhilarate, invigorate, pep up, vivify: Clasht rish my choraa, O Hiarn, cordail rish dty chenjallys-ghraihagh: cur bree ayn-ym myr boallagh oo. Bible

vee'm I shall be: Agh eiyree dty chenjallys-ghraihagh as dty vyghin orrym ooilley laghyn my vea: as neem's taaghey thie'n Chiarn choud as vee'm bio. Bible


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