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Chiarn dy heshaght-chaggee Lord of hosts: Quoi ta ree ny ghloyr ; dy jarroo yn Chiarn dy heshaght-chaggee, eshyn ree ny ghloyr. Bible

gillid brightness, clearness, light, lustre: son ta dty ghoullyn sollys moom soilshean goltooan mee lesh y ghloyr va keayrt aym pene; my phooar v'er dty skyn, my ghloyr as gillid neesht, gys liorish moyrn ardalagh va mee brisht PC; (of snow) white, whiteness; cleanliness

gloyraghey glorification, glorify: nee'm gloyraghey thie my ghloyr. Bible

stoyl-myghin mercy seat: As er-y-skyn ny cherubim dy ghloyr scaaghey yn stoyl-myghin Bible

ambition (n.) gloyrvian: My soul, your ambition, his humour - M'annym, dty ghloyr-vian, e aittys. JJK idiom; mooaralys, sonaase

ard-phooar supreme power: O Uriel gial, ayd ta lheid y ghloyr dy ve shirveishagh treishtit fo'n ard-phooar PC

cooidsave vouchsafe: myr shen ta dty phooar jeh'n irree-magh dy ghoaill cooilleen dy liooar, agh dooys t'ou cur y phooar 's [y] ghloyr shen neesht, as tra [s']cooidsave lhiat, verym dhyt ad reesht PC

cooie (=Ir. cuí) appropriate, apt, competent, congruent, decent, decorous, due, hereditary, meet, opportune, suitable, timely: Cur-jee da'n Chiarn y ghloyr cooie da e ennym Bible; singular; acceptable; comely; apposite

er son ooilley (=Ir. ar son uile) for good and all; for all: Er son ooilley ny deiney shen t'er vakin my ghloyr, as my virrilyn ren mee ayns Egypt, as ayns yn aasagh Bible

gialdinyn promises: Ta nyn Israeliteyn; dauesyn ta bentyn yn doltanys, as y ghloyr, as ny conaantyn, as coyrt y leigh, as shirveish Yee, as ny gialdinyn Bible

mooad amount, quantity: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

mooad's bigness: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

parteeas interest payer; pl. parteeassyn partner: as myrgeddin parteeas jeh'n ghloyr vees er ny hoilshaghey Bible

scaaghey darken, overshadow, shade, shadow; shadowing: er-y-skyn ny cherubim dy ghloyr scaaghey yn stoyl-myghin: Bible

shassoo marish stand with: as tra v'ad er ghoostey, honnick ad yn ghloyr echey, as y daa ghooinney va nyn shassoo marish. Bible

soilshean (=Ir. soilsiú) beaming, glow, illuminant, shine: ren y thalloo soilshean lesh y ghloyr echey Bible; (of sun) blaze; glowing; shineth

spooillit jeh bereaved: t'eshyn sthill ayns pooar as uss as shin nish spooillit jeh nyn ghloyr PC

ver-yms meeiteil da I will meet: Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel, as bee'n chabbane-agglish er ny chasherickey lesh my ghloyr. Bible

faultless (adj.) gyn foill: For if that first covenant had been faultless - Son dy beagh yn chied chonaant shen er ve gyn foill Bible; gyn fout; gyn loght: and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory - as dy hebbal shiu gyn loght kionfenish e ghloyr Bible; neufoiljagh, neuloghtagh

tilgey (=Ir. teilg) 1 cast, cast off, chuck, discharge, disgorge, fling, hurl, launch, pitch, plunge, pot, precipitate, project, shoot, sling, throw, throwing, toss, tossing a: ad shen nee eh tilgey magh, myr clagh ass mean sling Bible; 2 void, vomit: bee tilgey naareydagh er dty ghloyr Bible; 3 (coin) toss up; 4 abort, miscarry; 5 (as metal) found


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