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Awin Ghlass Green River

barrag ghlass (f.) scum

berrish ghlass (f.) gooseberry

Breckag ghoo-ghlass Dark Green Fritillary

carwhaillag ghlass (f.) greenbottle

Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well

clagh ghlass (f.) beryl, blue stone, green stone, jade, nephrite

clagh ghorrym-ghlass (f.) azure spar

Clea Ghlass Green Roof

Coar ghlass (f.) green heron

Cooil Ghlass Green Nook

Cooill Ghlass Green Nook

cryss ghlass (f.) green belt

emshir ghlass (f.) raw weather

Faaie Ghlass Green Flat

fannag ghlass (f.) greyback, hooded crow

feddag ghlass (f.) grey plover, plover

fo ghlass hair trigger; locked up, under lock and key: Ta ny lioaryn fo ghlass. Bible; under arrest

Foillan skian-ghlass Glaucous-winged Gull

Garee Ghlass Green Shrubbery

gleiy ghlass (f.) birdlime

Glion Ghlass Green Glen

jough ghlass (f.) soft drink

Keyll Ghlass Green Wood

Laagh Ghlass (f.) Grey Mire

laue ghlass (f.) prentice hand

leaghyr ghlass (f.) green rush

Lhaggagh Ghlass Green Hollow

Lhag Ghlass Green Hollow

Lheeanee Ghlass Green Meadow

Logh Ghlass Grey Lake

Lough Ghlass Green Lake

meeyl ghlass (f.) aphis, greenfly: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor

ooyl ghlass (f.) apple-green; cooking apple

pieannad ghlass (f.) shrike

pishyr ghlass (f.) green pea

quaillag ghlass (f.) greenbottle

raun ghlass (f.) grey seal

renniagh ghlass (f.) green fern

Shee Ghlass Greenpeace

shellagh ghlass (f.) grey willow

skibbag ghlass (f.) grey wagtail, white wagtail

slat ghlass (f.) green shoot

slattag ghlass (f.) cucumber

Toar Ghlass Green Manured Field

treshlen ghlass-lieckanagh (f.) grey-cheeked thrush

berrish rangagh ghlass (f.) white currant

Close y Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well Enclosure

cur fo ghlass bond, lock in

Ellan Sheer-ghlass Erin (f.) (The) Emerald Isle

fo ghlass ec y Phollys police detention

freayll fo ghlass custody

gollane marrey ghlass greenshank

lesh y ghlass greenish

loghtyn fo ghlass arrestable offences

Pieannad ghlass hwoaie Northern Shrike

pieannad ghlass veg (f.) lesser grey shrike

Pieannad ghlass yn 'aasagh Desert Grey Shrike

Ping Laagh Ghlass Penny Grey Mire

Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Jiass as Mholmeyder Orçh Ghlass Southern Civic Amenity Site and Green Waste Composting Facility

greenbottle (n.) carwhaillag ghlass, quaillag ghlass

Green Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Ghlass, Lhag Ghlass

Green Nook (n.) Cooil Ghlass, Cooill Ghlass

aphis (n.) meeyl ghlass

apple-green ooyl ghlass

blue stone (n.) clagh ghlass

gooseberry (n.) berrish ghlass

green belt (n.) cryss ghlass

green fern (n.) renniagh ghlass

Green Flat (n.) Faaie Ghlass

greenfly (n.) meeyl ghlass

Green Glen (n.) Glion Ghlass

Green Lake (n.) Lough Ghlass

Green Meadow (n.) Lheeanee Ghlass

green pea (n.) pishyr ghlass

Greenpeace (n.) Shee Ghlass

Green River (n.) Awin Ghlass

Green Roof (n.) Clea Ghlass

green rush (n.) leaghyr ghlass

Green Shrubbery (n.) Garee Ghlass

green stone (n.) clagh ghlass

Green Wood (n.) Keyll Ghlass

Grey Mire (n.) Laagh Ghlass

grey plover (n.) feddag ghlass

grey seal (n.) raun ghlass

grey willow (n.) shellagh ghlass

hair trigger (n.) fo ghlass

locked up (v.) fo ghlass

nephrite (n.) clagh ghlass

raw weather (n.) emshir ghlass

shrike (n.) pieannad ghlass

soft drink (n.) jough ghlass

under arrest fo ghlass

white wagtail (n.) skibbag ghlass

aquamarine (n.) gorrym-ghlass

arrestable offences loghtyn fo ghlass

azure gorrym-ghlass

azure spar (n.) clagh ghorrym-ghlass

beryl (n.) beril, beryl, clagh ghlass

bottle green boteil-ghlass

dark grey doo-ghlass

evergreen (adj.) beayn; sheer-ghlass

Glaucous-winged Gull (n.) Foillan skian-ghlass

Green Manured Field (n.) Toar Ghlass

greyback (n.) fannag charragh, fannag ghlass

grey-cheeked thrush (n.) treshlen ghlass-lieckanagh

light grey bane-lheeah; lheeah-ghlass

Northern Shrike (n.) Pieannad ghlass hwoaie

pale green bane-ghlass

pastel green bane-ghlass

sage-green (adj.) lheeah-ghlass

sea-green (n., adj.) gorrym-ghlass, mooir-ghlass

snap-lock (n.) smaght-ghlass

white currant (n.) berrish rangagh ghlass

yellowish green buigh-ghlass

bane-ghlass pale green, pastel green

boteil-ghlass (f.) bottle green

buigh-ghlass yellowish green

doo-ghlass dark grey

gorrym-ghlass aquamarine, azure, sea-green

lheeah-ghlass light grey, sage-green

mooir-ghlass sea-green

sheer-ghlass evergreen

smaght-ghlass snap-lock

birdlime (n.) gleiy ghlass, gleiy ushag, glooee eean

Clear Well (n.) Chibbyr Glass, Chibbyr Ghlass

Clear Well Enclosure (n.) Close y Chibbyr Ghlass

cooking apple (n.) ooyl ghlass, ooyl sharroo

cucumber (n.) cucowr, cucumber; cucower; slattag ghlass

Dark Green Fritillary (n.) Breckag ghoo-ghlass

Desert Grey Shrike (n.) Pieannad ghlass yn 'aasagh

Emerald Isle (n.) (The) Ellan Sheer-ghlass Erin

green heron (n.) coar gheayney; Coar ghlass

greenish (adj.) glassoil; lesh y gheayney; lesh y ghlass

greenshank (n.) gollane marrey ghlass; goblan glass

green shoot (n.) foghan glass, slat ghlass

Grey Lake (n.) Lough Glass, Logh Ghlass

hooded crow (n.) fannag charragh, fannag ghlass

lesser grey shrike (n.) pieannad ghlass veg

Penny Grey Mire (n.) Ping Laagh Ghlass

police detention (n.) fo ghlass ec y Phollys

prentice hand (n.) laue ghlass, laue gyn chliaghtey

under lock and key fo ghlass

grey wagtail (n.) skibbag ghlass; skibbag ny mulleeyn; ushag voltee

jade (n.) beeataig, stridlag; clagh ghlass, jaid; cabbyl litçheragh; trussyl; buddee

lock in (v.) cur fo ghlass, cur yn glass er, greimmey, kiangley

plover (n.) feddag, feddag fainnagh, feddag ghlass, feddag reaisht, fedjag reeast; ushag reaisht

bolt pl. boltyn bolt, bar: Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF

bolt1 (v.) barrey, creearrey, boltal, boltey; (n.) boult, bout; (v.) orraghey; (v.) roie; (n.) side; bolt: The bolt slipped home - Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF idiom

bond boandey, bonney, geuley, kiangley, chiangley; (v.) cur ayns thie custam, cur fo ghlass; gioal, nastey; glass; boand; raane: His word is his bond - Ta e ghoo e raane. DF idiom

custody (n.) cair-freayll; freayll fo ghlass; pryssooney; coadey: In safe custody - Fo coadey sauchey. DF idiom; currym: In my custody - Fo my churrym. DF idiom; jingyr

paint (v.) cur daah er, daahghey, slaa daah, slaaghey, slaa; (n.) daah; (n.) peint: Paint a door green - Peint ghlass y chur er dorrys. DF idiom; paint

raw anoayllagh; aw: Raw spirits - Liggar aw. DF idiom; garroo; glass: Raw weather - Emshyr ghlass. DF idiom; neuaarloo; oor; awaneagh

Southern Civic Amenity Site and Green Waste Composting Facility (n.) Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Jiass as Mholmeyder Orçh Ghlass

deynlaghteyr democrat: Er lhimmey jeh'n Cheshaght Obbree as ny Deynlaghteyryn, ghow ny Cummynee as yn Cheshaght Ghlass aym sy Cho- chruinnaght. Carn

freggyrtagh accountable, answerable, answerer, compatible, congruence, fits, proportional, reactive, replicative, respondent, responsible: Ogher ta freggyrtagh rish y ghlass. DF; (letter) answering

meeyl (=Ir. míol, Sc.G. mial) (f.) pl. meeylyn gnat, insect, midge: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor; louse [O.Ir. míol]

praddag (f.) pl. praddagyn caterpillar, cutworm: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor

leave1 (v.) faagail: Leave high and dry - Faagail er y traie follym. DF idiom; faag: Leave the key in the door - Faag yn ogher 'sy ghlass. DF idiom; (to); (dy) aagail: Leave work undone - D'aagail obbyr gyn jannoo. DF idiom; (n.) kied: He came home on leave - Haink eh dy valley er kied. DF idiom

scum (n.) barrag ghlass, kesh, scoodyn; meeaylys: Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose scum is therein - Smerg dan ard-valley folley, dan phot, tan veeaylys echey ayn Bible; scum: that the scum of it may be consumed - dy vod y scum echey ve er ny ghlenney dy bollagh ass Bible


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