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casag ghlare-eddin (f.) kiss-curl

co-hro ghlare language universal

ghlare chadjin (f.) (yn); (the) lingua franca

ghlare ghooie (f.) (yn); (the) native tongue: haink e aegid er-ash huggey tra v'eh loayrt e ghlare ghooie, as by haittin lesh fakin y Ghailck Vanninagh er ny h-aavioghey. Coraa

ghlare Vanninagh (f.) (yn); (the) Manx language: hug e boggey dooin ooilley tra loayr eh dooin 'sy chenn ghlare Vanninagh. Coraa

obbyr ghlare speech act

language universal co-hro ghlare

Manx language (n.) (the); (yn) ghlare Vanninagh

native tongue (n.) (the); (yn) ghlare ghooie

speech act (n.) obbyr ghlare

fo-ghlare dialect: Ta loayrtee Ullee dy mennick gaccan nagh vel Divlyn cur geill da'n fo-ghlare oc. Carn

dialect (n.) abbyrt; fo-ghlare

kiss-curl (n.) casag ghlare-eddin

lingua franca (n.) eddyr-hengey; (yn) ghlare chadjin

primitive language (n.) bun-ghlare

bun-ghlare primitive language

far-ghlare (f.) slang

lioar-ghlare (f.) literary language

literary language (n.) chengey ard ynsee, lioar-ghlare

slang (v.) cur luney da; (n.) far-ghlaragh, far-ghlare

caillee (gen.) of an old woman; (v.) will lose: caillee oo dty ghlare aalin Bible

cankyr canker: nee'n ghlare oc gee myr cankyr Bible

girroo coarser, rougher: Haink yn ghlare echey dy ve ny s'girroo. DF

s'girroo coarsest: Haink yn ghlare echey dy ve ny s'girroo. DF

tassane hiss, mutter: bee e ghlare tassane myr ass y joan Bible; creak

governments (npl.) reiltyssyn; reilltee: miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues - lurg shen mirrilyn, eisht giootyn dy lheihys fir-choonee, reilltee, caghlaaghyn dy ghlare. Bible

language (n.) chengey: It's a very useful language - T'eh ny chengey feer ymmydoil. JJK idiom; glare: The Manx language - Yn ghlare Vanninagh. DF idiom

seasoned blastal: Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt - Lhig dan ghlare eu dy kinjagh ve jeant blastal lesh y sollan dy ghrayse Bible; blasstal, blaystal; cliaghtit, faagit

ashoonyn nations: dagh cheer lurg e ghlare hene, cordail rish nyn gynneeyn, ayns ny ashoonyn oc, Bible

barbarian barbarian: shen-y-fa, mannagh vel mee toiggal yn ghlare t'er ny loayrt rhym, bee'm dasyn ta loayrt rhym myr barbarian; as bee eshyn ta loayrt rhym myr joarree dooys. Bible

bollag (f.) cranium, death's head, noodle, skull, pate: Golgotha, ta shen dy ghra 'sy ghlare ainyn, ynnyd bollag. Bible

branlaadee confusion, dream, hallucinate, rambling, raving, wandering: As ghow ad y ghlare oc myr skeeal branlaadee, as cha dug ad geill daue Bible

Bretonagh Breton: t'eh er screeu mooarane ayns v ghlare ghooie echey-hene, yn Ghailck Albinagh as ny glaraghyn Cornach as Bretonagh. Coraa

caaynt (f.) spoken language, spoken word, talk: She Bretnish yn ghlare chadjin ta goll er loayrt sy halley shoh as s'ooraghey t'eh dy chlashtyn caaynt elley ayns ynnyd Baarle. GB

cha gluinnee shall not hear: cha gluinnee shiu y ghlare loayrit ayns straidyn as puirt ny h-Ellan myr v'ee ry-chlashtyn keead vlein er dy henney Coraa

cheet ass emerge: Ny lhig da drogh ghlare erbee cheet ass nyn meeal Bible

cruinnaght vooar (f.) mass meeting: Haggil ry-cheilley ayns shen cruinnaght vooar jeusyn ta graihagh er y chenn ghlare, marish cummaltee ny skeerey, dy yannoo yn cheeill lung-lane. Coraa

dy liooar (=Ir leor) adequate, ample, enough, galore, sufficient, umpteen: Ta mee er chlashtyn dy liooar jeh'n ghlare shoh Bible

floaoil See flaaoil 1 eloquent a: loayr eh roo ayns glare mooar floaoil. Bible; b: haink Hew dy row gys Ephesus va enmyssit Appollos, ruggyr ec Alexandria, dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible

folliaghtagh classified, confidential, esoteric, mysterious, secret, secretive, stealthy: Dad Geoff loayrt rish deiney ayns nyn ghlare hene as ta ymmodee skeealyn yindyssagh as folliaghtagh my-e-chione. CJ

fondagh able, effectual, efficacious, efficient, of good standing, perfect, substantial, sufficient, valid: dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible; mighty; impregnable; firm, solid, stable

geddyn reesht recover, regain: Agh lhig dooin geddyn reesht yn ghlare; Hig ferishyn er-ash Dy ghaunsin reesht lesh kesmad giare Dhoor

grenaid (f.) grenade: Va doilleeid ayn er-yn-oyr nagh row fockleyn 'syn ghlare Navajo son reddyn gollrish tankyn as grenaidyn, myr shen hug ad ny enmyn shligganee as praasyn orroo. Carn

jarroodagh forgetful, mindless, unmindful: Tra va shin roish nish gyn-yss jeh'n phobble-hene S'jarroodagh jeh'n chenn ghlare Coraa

neuharroogh careless, idling, inactive, slothful, unindustrious, unthrifty: clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh; cur-jee tastey da my ghlare Bible

Norlannish (f.) Norwegian: T'eh screeut sy ghlare ghooie echey - Norlannish agh ta Baarle ry gheddyn neesht er yn un duillag. Dhoor

tank tank: Va doilleeid ayn er-yn-oyr nagh row fockleyn 'syn ghlare Navajo son reddyn gollrish tankyn as grenaidyn, myr shen hug ad ny enmyn shligganee as praasyn orroo. Carn

gurneil control, direct, govern: Ga dy vel ee roie dy tappee gour-y-vullee, gollrish ny banglaneyn elley jeh'n chenn ghlare-ghooie, va keayrt dy row gurneil yn trass ayrn jeh'n Rank Coraa; regulation

red beg bit: Lhig da red beg dy ushtey Bible; rather, slightly, somewhat: V'ad red beg quaagh er y fa dy row ad credjal son cooilleeiney goo Yee dy nhegin daue chaghlaa y vible chasherick ayns dy-chooilley ghlare sy theihll Dhoor; little


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