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arragh gheuree early spring

booa gheuree (f.) winter mart

oie gheuree (f.) winter night

sumark gheuree (f.) primula

Toshiaght Gheuree (f.) November: Er-lhien dy row eh ny 'eailley Toshiaght Gheuree as Jerrey Souree, tra honnick ny Celtiee ooilley ny duillagyn tuittym voish ny biljyn casherick oc ayns geayaghyn rastagh yn 'ouyir. Dhoor

car y gheuree all winter: As lurg three meeaghyn, hiauill shin ayns lhong dy Alexandria v'er ve car y gheuree ayns yn ellan, yn cowrey eck va Castor as Pollux. Bible

lus y gheuree (f.) wintergreen

meanagh y gheuree midwinter

Mee s'jerree y gheuree January: Va turrys liauyr aym, ny smoo na kiare ooyrn as feed, agh 'sy voghrey er y jeihoo laa Mee s'jerree y gheuree 1997 rosh mee PNG. Dhoor

Mee veanagh y gheuree December: Hooar eh baase ayns Liverpool, ec y Thie-Lheihys Broadgreen, yn chied laa as feed, Mee veanagh y gheuree. Coraa

raiee yn gheuree (f.) wintertime

early spring (n.) arragh gheuree

primula (n.) sumark gheuree

winter mart (n.) booa gheuree

winter night (n.) oie gheuree

wintertime (n.) geurey; raiee yn gheuree

all winter car y gheuree; car y yeuree

wintergreen (n.) lus y gheuree; lus yn aacheoid

midwinter (n.) ard gheurey; doolagh ny bleeaney; meanagh y gheuree

November (n.) Mee Houney, Sauin, Toshiaght Gheuree; (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Gheurey; (gen.) Souney [Ir. Samhain]

doolagh (of person) broody; dismal, downcast, miserable: Ayns doolagh y gheuree. DF

December (n.) Mee ny Nollick: Up to the thirty-first of December - Derrey yn chied laa jeig as feed jeh Mee ny Nollick. DF idiom; Mee veanagh y gheuree

January (n.) Jerrey Geuree: January was cold - Va jerrey-Geuree feayr. JJK idiom; Mee s'jerree y gheuree

of winter (gen.) geuree: In the midst of winter - Ayns mean y gheuree DF idiom; (y) yeuree

Lossan y Twoaie (f.) Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights: As chentyn runt mygeayrt, dettyl eh ayns arc Orraghit myr rimmeig, jeh Lossan y Twoaie Ry-akin raad ny inshyn riojit gheuree craa 'Syn oie, lesh feiyryn ard ny marrey hwoaie. Dhoor

Mee ny Nollick (=Ir. na Nollag) (f.) December: Nish t'ad g'emnys Mean Gheuree 'Mee ny Nollick' agh 'syn eash chaie va shass greiney geuree yn feailley hie er cummal 'sy vee shen. Dhoor


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