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gheid stole: gheid ee eh ersooyl veih mastey mec y ree v'er nyn stroie Bible

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er ny gheid pinched, stolen: My ver dooinney argid ny cooid da e naboo dy hashtey, as my vees eh er ny gheid ass thien dooinney; my vees y maarliagh goit, lhig da geeck dooble Bible

stolen (adj.) bredagh; callit; geidit, geiddit; er ny gheid; er gheid: He had stolen ten pounds, hadn't he? - V'eh er gheid jeih puint, nagh row? JJK idiom

stole (n.) sthole; (v.) gheid

pinched er ny gheid; geidit; mingit; spulgit

Hebrews (npl.) (The); (Ny) Hewnyn; Hebrewnee: For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews - Son dy jarroo, va mee er my gheid ersooyl ass cheer ny Hebrewnee Bible; Hebrewnyn

steal geid: Not alone did he steal my money - Cha nee ynrican ren eh yn argid aym y gheid. DF idiom; myngyraght

dy noa newly: Ren eirinagh skeayl lieenteenyn er e halloo dy noa cuirrit as ren eh tayrtyn shiartanse dy coar-ny-hastanyn v'er jeet dy gheid yn rass echey. EF

Jecrean ny Leoie (f.) Ash Wednesday: Jikreyn t'iyri, na yn gheid la dyn ghariis. PB1610

straue (f.) straw: Cha nel ny Stanleeyn agh nyn bossan elley dy vaarlee t'er jeet dy chur keeshyn orrin as dy gheid nyn dhalloo liorish gastyral cummaltys ny straue. Dhoor


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