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geyre abrupt, acrid, acute, austere, bitter, cutting, discerning, edged, hard, high-pitched, incisive, knifelike, penetrating, piercing, poignant, pointed, pungent, sharp, sour, stiff, twinging; strict, stringent: hug eh currym geyre er Bible; (promontory) bold; (of sight) quick [O.Ir. gér]

Inexact matches:

B geyre B sharp

cohaggloo geyre wisecrack

dreeym geyre arris

dy geyre abruptly: Lurg shoh eaisht dy geyre rish ny t'er ny ghra as er ny ghuee er y hon, cooinaght dy nee dty phadjeryn hene ad ta çhebbit s eose gys Jee, agh nagh vel ayrn erbee ayd ayndoo CS; closely

geyre er censorious: As hug eh currym geyre er, as chelleeragh hug eh ersooyl eh. Bible

jannoo geyre-ardjaghey zoom

lhoob geyre hairpin bend

mainshtyr geyre hard taskmaster

raa geyre apophthegm

shilley geyre sharp-sightedness

coagyr ayns feeyn geyre (as herring) pot

Lhoob Geyre Rhumsaa Ramsey Hairpin

ronsaghey callin sleih dy geyre body searches

geyre-ghaue crisis: Coardail rish ny skeealyn, ta geyre-ghaue ayns scoillyn Vannin kiart goll rish y geyre-ghaue sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit. BS

zoom (n.) geyre-ardjaghey; sevreain; (v.) sevreainey; jannoo geyre-ardjaghey

acute1 (adj.) geyre; kioot

arris (n.) dreeym geyre

bold2 (adj.) (promontory) geyre, mooar

B sharp (n.) B geyre

censorious (adj.) geyre er, oghsanagh

closely (adv.) dy glooie: Closely woven - Feeit dy glooie. DF idiom; dy geyre: He questioned him closely - Ren eh feyshtey eh dy geyre. DF idiom

discerning geyre; tastagh

hard taskmaster (n.) mainshtyr geyre

high-pitched (adj.) geyre; ughtagh

incisive (adj.) foyragh, foyral, geyre

keen1 foyragh; foyral; geayr; geyragh; jeean: He is a keen fisherman - T'eh ny eeasteyr jeean. DF idiom; shleeuit, shleeut; geyre: He has a keen sense of hearing - Ta cleayshyn geyre echey. DF idiom

knifelike (adj.) geyre; skynnagh

penetrating (adj.) dowin; geyre; towallagh

piercing geyre; gyerid; seiyragh

pungent (adj.) garg, geyre

quick3 (adj.) (of sight) geyre

stiff (adj.) chionn, doillee, formoil, rag, reen, roauyr, stark; neulhoobagh: Stiff joint - Olt neulhoobagh. DF idiom; creoi: Stiff-neckedness - Creoi-wannalys. DF idiom; geyre: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; stuggagh

strict (adj.) cruinn, geyre, jeeragh

stringent (adj.) geyre

twinging geyre

wisecrack (n.) cohaggloo geyre

abrupt (adj.) cuttagh, doaltattym, geyre, giare

acuity (n.) geyre-cheeayll; toiggaltys

alertness (n.) arreydys; geyre-chooishaght; geyre-inchynys

apophthegm (n.) raa birragh; raa geyre

astute (adj.) geyre-chooishagh; kioot

astuteness (n.) creenaght, geyre-chooishaght, kiootid

austere (adj.) chenjagh; chionn; garg; geyre

crisis1 (n.) geyre-ghaue

discriminating (adj.) geyre-chooishagh; lhiettrimagh; teiyagh

keen-eyed (adj.) geyre-hillagh; geyre-hooillagh

persecutor (gen.) geyre-eeiyrtagh; sheer-voireyder; tranlaasagh

pot2 (v.) (as herring) coagyr ayns feeyn geyre

quick-eared (adj.) geyre-chleayshagh

quick-witted (adj.) bio-inchynagh, geyre-inchynagh, kioot

Ramsey Hairpin (n.) Lhoob Geyre Rhumsaa

razor-backed (adj.) geyre-ghrommagh

sagacious (adj.) geyre-hastagh, tastagh

sharp-eyed (adj.) geyre-hooillagh

sharp-faced (adj.) geyre-ghrooishagh

sharp-tasting geyre-vlastal

sharp-tongued (adj.) geyre-hengagh

sharp-toothed (adj.) geyre-eeacklagh

sharp-witted (adj.) geyre-chooishagh, geyre-inchynagh

shrewd (adj.) creeney, geyre-chooishagh, kioot

shrewdness (n.) creenid, geyre-chooishaght

sour1 gear: Sweet and sour - Gear as millish. DF idiom; geayr; geayraghey: The heat has turned the milk sour - Ta'n chiass er n'ghearaghey y bainney. DF idiom; geyre: It smells sour - Ta soar geyre jeh. DF idiom; gyere; sharroo: Sour-lime - Theiley sharroo. DF idiom; soor: Sour milk - Bainney soor. DF idiom; sooraghey

subtle1 (adj.) croutagh; fysseragh; geyre-chooishagh

geyre-ardjaghey zoom

geyre-cheeayll acuity

geyre-chleayshagh quick-eared

geyre-chooishagh alert, astute, discriminating, sharp-witted, shrewd, subtle; sharp-sighted

geyre-chooishaght (f.) alertness, astuteness, discrimination, sharp-sightedness, shrewdness

geyre-eeacklagh sharp-toothed

geyre-eeiyrtagh persecutor

geyre-eiyrtys persecution

geyre-ghrommagh razor-backed

geyre-ghrooishagh sharp-faced

geyre-hastagh heedful, sagacious

geyre-hengagh sharp-tongued

geyre-hillagh keen-eyed

geyre-hooillagh keen-eyed, sharp-sighted, sharp-eyed

geyre-immyr razor edge

geyre-inchynagh alert, quick-witted, sharp-witted

geyre-inchynys alertness

geyre-lhiantyn persecution

geyre-reayrtagh sharp-sighted

geyre-uillin acute angle

geyre-vlastal sharp-tasting

ree-geyre exquisite

abruptly (adv.) doaltattymagh, dy cuttagh, dy doaltattym, dy geyre

alert (adj.) arreydagh; geyre-chooishagh; geyre-inchynagh; (n.) raaue

discrimination (n.) foayr, geyre-chooishaght, reih, teiy

hairpin bend (n.) lhoob geyre, lhoob giare

heedful (adj.) frioosagh; geyre-hastagh; tastagh; twoaiagh; arreydagh

persecution (n.) dowilghreim; geyre-eiyrtys; geyre-lhiantyn; tranlaase

poignant (adj.) geyre; garg, gort, blastal birragh; gonnagh

razor edge (n.) foyr rhesar, geyre-immyr

sharp-sighted (adj.) geyre-hooillagh, geyre-reayrtagh, creeney, geyre-chooishagh

sharp-sightedness (n.) shilley birragh, shilley geyre, creenaght, geyre-chooishaght

mongey smile, smiling: Vynghear eh mongey geyre. DF

acute angle (n.) geyre-uillin, uillin gheyre, uillin virragh

body searches (intimate) ronsaghey callin sleih dy geyre, ronsaghey colbey

climb1 ardjaghey; croghey; drappal: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; irree

edged (adj.) foyragh: Two-edged sword - Cliwe daa-foyragh. DF idiom; geyre

eyed sooillagh: Keen eyed - Geyre-hooillagh. DF idiom; towlit

acrid (adj.) garg: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; geyre; sharroo; gort

bend1 croymmey, croym, bendeil; kiangley; lhoob: Hairpin bend - Lhoob geyre. DF idiom; lhoobey: Better bend than break - Ny share lhoobey na brishey. DF idiom

bitter1 garg; gargaghey; gart; geyre; gort; sharroo, shirroo: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. JJK idiom

bold1 (adj.) geyre, mooar; daanyssagh; doo; meenearagh; trome; daaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom; creeoil; dunnal

cutting bangan; foyragh; geyre; giarrag; giarree; peesh; sharroo; slissag; giarrey: Knife for cutting bread - Skynn chum giarrey arran. DF idiom

exquisite (adj.) feer aalin; feer vie; ree-geyre: He has an exquisite ear - Ta cleaysh ree-gheyre echey. DF idiom

hard creoi: To-morrow we shall have hard frost - Bee rio creoi ain mairagh. JJK idiom; doccaragh; doillee; dy creoi, dy lajer; dy trome; geyre; lajer; reen; trome

pointed (adj.) birragh: He has pointed ears - Ta cleayshyn birragh echey. DF idiom; birranagh, brackit, byrragh, frioganagh, geyre, gibbagh; (v.) yeeree: He pointed the gun at me - Yeeree eh y gunn orrym. DF idiom

sharp barb, geayr, geyre; barbagh, birragh, birranagh, brishtagh, foyragh, gibbagh; foyral; gyere, gyerey, geayrey: Has the fork sharp prongs? - Vel gaghyn geayrey er y gollage? JJK idiom; gear: She has a sharp tongue - Ta chengey ghear eck. DF idiom; geyragh: He is being sharp with them - T'eh geyragh roosyn. DF idiom

birragyn fangs: Eisht y slane assag buinnaght foawragh, cho gial as sniaghtey er y clieau, lesh sooillyn jiargey as birragyn oarlagh er lhiurid, ren ee lheimmey magh grinderagh er yn inneen, ren corlheimyraght ergooyl voish. CL; points, spikes: she reih v'ayn eddyr baase ec birragyn yn assag buinnaght, ny baase ec birragyn ny creggyn geyre foee. CL


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