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geuree (gen.) of winter: Nish va'n ree ny hoie ayns e hie geuree Bible

Inexact matches:

burley geuree wintercress

cadlag geuree (f.) dormouse

cadley geuree hibernation, winter sleep

eaddeeyn geuree winter clothing

foddyr geuree winter fodder

garey geuree winter garden

Jerrey Geuree (=Ir. deireadh geimhridh) January: v'eh er Mannin y lheid y yannoo marish Sostyn Jerrey Geuree mleeaney, agh ec y traa shen dobb Reiltys Vannin shen y yannoo. Carn

lieh geuree winter half

traa geuree (of clock) winter time

shass greiney geuree winter solstice

hibernation (n.) cadley geuree

winter clothing (n.) eaddeeyn geuree

wintercress (n.) burley geuree

winter fodder (n.) foddyr geuree

winter half lieh geuree

winter sleep (n.) cadley geuree

winter time (of clock) traa geuree

winter saloon (n.) saloon-geuree

saloon-geuree winter saloon

dormouse (n.) cadlag geuree, doallag, lugh vagheragh

winter garden (n.) garey geuree; halley gless

winter solstice (n.) (yn) ard-gheurey, shass greiney geuree

January (n.) Jerrey Geuree: January was cold - Va jerrey-Geuree feayr. JJK idiom; Mee s'jerree y gheuree

of winter (gen.) geuree: In the midst of winter - Ayns mean y gheuree DF idiom; (y) yeuree

cheet roish come along, come before: Huitt eh magh eisht, oie feayr geuree dy row, va Harry cheet roish dy-valley jeeaghyn er e hoshiaght rish shibbyr cheh, er-yn-oyr v'eh feayr as accryssagh. Coraa; forestall; outflank; prelude

keeiragh darkish, dusky, evening twilight, gloaming, nightfall, twilight: Va fastyr geuree keeiragh ayn. CL

Margey Keeill Eoin Tynwald Fair: Ta Margey Keeill Eoin cummit yn wheiggoo laa jeh Jerrey Geuree. JJK

Mee ny Nollick (=Ir. na Nollag) (f.) December: Nish t'ad g'emnys Mean Gheuree 'Mee ny Nollick' agh 'syn eash chaie va shass greiney geuree yn feailley hie er cummal 'sy vee shen. Dhoor

seshoonyn sessions: Laa braew aalin v'ayn yn Jesarn shen yn çhiaghtoo laa jeh Jerrey Geuree, 1978, as va mee jeeragh erreish çheet back dys Beeal Feirshtey voish seshoonyn as giensyn yn Vlein Noa ayns Mannin. GB


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