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gennish barren: Hooar eh eh ayns thalloo gennish Bible; unfruitful

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bossan gennish Alpine barrenwort

Alpine barrenwort (n.) bossan gennish

unfruitful1 (adj.) neuvessoil, meevessoil; gennish

barren1 (adj.) gennish: But Sarai was barren; she had no child - As va Sarai gennish; cha row (foast) sluight eck Bible; neuvessoil; shast; faase: A fruitful land maketh he barren - Cheer messoil teh dy yannoo faase Bible; neu-ghooie: but the water is naught, and the ground - agh tan ushtey neu-follan, as tan thalloo neu-ghooie Bible

barren land (n.) reeastane: I have made the wilderness, and the barren land his dwellings - ta mee er nyannoosyn aasagh, as y reeastane dy ve e chummal Bible; thalloo gennish: there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land - cha bee ad veih shoh magh neu-follan, nyn thalloo gennish Bible

saailey salt: bee ad shen fo saailey gennish Bible

fingan crag: As skortyn gennish, 's ooilley kiare as jesh, Y fingan dhoo, tarmane mygeayrt, myr hoie eh E chassyn er gib jeh creg feer shliawin Dhoor

gyn cloan childless, issueless: Cur-my-ner nish, t'ou uss gennish, as gyn cloan: agh nee oo giennaghtyn, as gymmyrkey mac. Bible

keeaghyn (f.) bust, breasts, paps: Bannit ta ny mraane gennish, as ny breinyn nagh ren gymmyrkey, as ny keeaghyn nagh dug bainney. Bible

lannoon (f.) 1 pl. lannoonyn twin a: ta dagh unnane lesh lannoon, as cha vel unnane gennish ny mast' oc Bible; 2 man and wife

raait See rait spoken; called: as shoh yn cheyoo vee jeeish va raait dy ve gennish Bible

ve torragh (of female) teem; be pregnant: Ayns traa e moidynys, er-aggle dy voghe ee scammylt, as ee dy ve torragh ayns thie e ayrey: as tra ta dooinney eck, er-aggle dy jean ee gymmyrkey ee hene dy olk; as erreish j'ee ve poost, dy beagh ee gennish. Apoc


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