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genney dearth, destitution, famine, insufficiency, paucity, scarceness, scarcity, shortness, slenderness: ta mee er choyrt daue genney feeyn ayns ny doaghyn-feeyney Bible; lack

Inexact matches:

genney jeenaght immunodeficiency

genney trome sore famine: As va genney trome ayns Samaria Bible

veerys genney jeenaght sheelnaue human immunodeficiency virus

veerys genney ym-yeenaght sheelnaue human immunodeficiency virus

human immunodeficiency virus (n.) veerys genney jeenaght sheelnaue, veerys genney ym-yeenaght sheelnaue

destitution (n.) genney; gortey; ymmyrch

immunodeficiency (n.) genney jeenaght

paucity (n.) genney, tiarkid

scarceness (n.) dulley, gennid, goanid, goaunid, gortey, tiarkaght, tiarkid; genney: but letteth the rebellious continue in scarceness - agh lhiggey da ny wagaantee tannaghtyn ayns genney

scarcity (n.) genney; gennid; goaunid

sore famine (n.) genney trome

shortness (n.) cuttid; genney; girrid; tiarkaght

slenderness (n.) genney, keylid, shangid; boghtynys

gort acid, bitter, brackish, rank, vinegarish, vinegary: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn Bible; (as game) high; stale: Bainney gort. DF; (of land) sour; dearth, want: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn; chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; hurt; poignant; acrid; acrimony

dearth (n.) genney; gortey; dysyn; gort; goaunid; feme

insufficiency (n.) neufondid, neuhaieid, neuhaieys, neu-phalchys, genney

famine (gen.) gortey: Feast or famine - Gien nonney gortey. JJK idiom; genney; gonney

lhiggey da allow, permit: lhiggey da ny wagaantee tannaghtyn ayns genney. Bible

lack dolley: There was no lack of money there - Cha row dolley argid ayns shen. DF idiom; feme, ymmyrçh, genney, gortey

begganid littleness, slightness, smallness: ta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

eairee (f.) hill pasture, shieling: Shta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

emperuyr emperor: as hass shuas anayn jusyn er enym Agabus, as hoilshi e liorish y spyryd, gy beagh genney vuar tryid magh y tyyl ully: ren taghyrt ayns laghyn yn Emperuyr Claudius. PB1610

fishig (f.) physics: foddee ad jannoo studeyrys ayns shoh dy chosney qualleeaght chorrym ayns cooishyn goll rish fishig, raad ta genney ynseyderyn. BS

fosley yn raad da facilitate: Va genney dy phooar syn ard shen nish kyndagh rish baase y ghaa ree lajer Eadgar (ayns 975) as Aaloo (ayns 981), as she shoh ren fosley yn raad da sleih elley dy heiy stiagh ayn. GB

marish shen moreover, therewith: Marish shen, doardee eh genney er y cheer Bible; apart from that, besides

neemayd we shall: chamoo neemayd cliwe ny genney y akin Bible; we shall do

ta'in we are: Dy firrinagh, she yn doilleeid smoo t'ain yn genney dy vraane as paitchyn ta loayrt Gaelg. Carn

ventyrys initiative: Hug caairliagh Varrantee Rhumsaa faaue dy row treealtys Rhumsaa er jeet rish kyndagh rish genney ventyrys veih'n reiltys. BS

destruction (n.) stroialtys, stroie: it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction - nee eh shiu y stroie lesh stroialtys seiyjagh Bible; piatt: the hand of the Lord was against the city with a very great destruction - dy row lauen Chiarn noin ard-valley lesh piatt trome Bible; toyrt-mow: and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction - as ad y stroie lesh toyrt-mow niartal Bible; traartys: At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh - Er traartys as genney cha jean oo agh garaghtee Bible


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