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gennallys amiableness, bonhomie, cheerfulness, chirpiness, conviviality, geniality, gladness, glee, jocularity, jollity, joviality, mirth: lesh boggey as gennallys cree Bible

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cur gennallys er make happy

bonhomie (n.) gennallys

cheerfulness (n.) gennallys; sullyraght

chirpiness (n.) gennallys

conviviality (n.) gennallys

jocularity (n.) cloieaght, gennallys

joviality (n.) gennallys

amiableness (n.) gennallys, graihoilys, taitnyssaght, taitnyssid

geniality (n.) follanid, gennallys, lossanaght, slayntoilid

gladness (n.) eunys, gennalys, gerjagh, taitnys; gien: a day of feasting and gladness - son cuirraghyn as gien mie Bible; gennallys: with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart - lesh boggey, as lesh gennallys cree Bible; ard-voggey: into the city of David with gladness - gys ard-valley Ghavid, lesh ardvoggey Bible; boggey: they sang praises with gladness - ghow ad arraneyn-moyllee lesh boggey Bible

glee (n.) gennallys, gien, gleeghyn, reaid

mirth (n.) gennallys, reaid, reaïd; gennalys

jollity (n.) gennallys; gienn; sonnys; reaid; sooghid

make happy (v.) cur gennallys er, jannoo gennal

slaughtral slaying: cur-my-ner, boggey as gennallys, slaughtral dew, as marroo kirree Bible

dy sheelt soberly: Ta jough, my te iu't dy sheelt, as ayns traa feme, coyrt gennallys 'sy chree, as aash gys yn aigney. Apoc

feoiltys bounty, generosity, hospitality, largesse, liberalism, munificence, unselfishness: ghow ad nyn meaghey lesh gennallys as feoiltys cree Bible

feoiltys cree kind-heartedness: As taaghey yn chiamble gagh-laa lesh un aigney, as brishey arran 'sy thie ghow ad nyn meaghey lesh gennallys as feoiltys cree Bible

giootal2 (da) bestow, gift: cur-jee my-ner, yn ree Solomon, ceau yn chrown ren e voir giootal da er laa e phoosey, eer laa gennallys e chree. Bible

lannoon aeg happy pair: as cha row gennallys ny cloie gyn loght, ry-laccal dauesyn nish, lheid shen va cooie da lannoon aeg noa-poost, gyn smooinaght' er cre oddagh taghyrt foast. PC

lhieent blown, completed, overrun, padded, prepossessed; filled, full, fulfilled: Eisht va nyn meeal lhieent lesh gennallys Bible; stuffed

sunt (=Ir. sunnd) healthy, sane, sound: cheau eh ooilley'n oie ayns gennallys as chebbal booise gys Jee hug barriaght daue, ad-hene follan sunt, 's nagh row ad lesh ny greienyn noidagh guint. PC

surranse-foddey forbearance: Er nyn niartaghey lesh slane troshid, cordail rish y phooar gloyroil echeysyn, gys dy chooilley veenid as surranse-foddey, lesh gennallys PB1765

waiteil1 (f.) 1 attendance, waiting, wait on; 2 (v.) wait a: lesh gennallys v'ou cliaghtey mee 'veeiteil, as fegooish geam dhyt yinnagh oo waiteil. PC

abundance (n.) laanid, lhieenaraght, palchid, palchys, skyoll, ymmodys; niart: Abundance of money - Niart argid. DF idiom; slane palchey; slane towse: they which receive abundance of grace - adsyn ter gheddyn slane towse dy ghrayse Bible; palchey: and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things - as lesh gennallys cree, son palchey eh dy chooilley nhee Bible


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