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geayll (interrog.) heard: Geayll oo ee ny dyn? DF

Inexact matches:

cha geayll did not hear: Agh cha geayll Jonathan dy row e ayr er choyrt y pobble fo'n sarey Bible

did not hear cha geayll: I did not hear it - Cha geayll mee eh. JJK idiom

heard2 (interrog.) geayll

nut coal (n.) crammanyn-geayll

crammanyn-geayll nut coal

daa skillin florin: Ta geayll costal daa skillin yn keead. JJK

coyrlagh (n.) pl. coyrlee adviser, consultant, counsellor; (adj.) consultative; (v.) counsel: myr shen dy geayll eh Adam coyrlagh Aue mychione yn leigh gyere hug nyn Groodagh daue PC

dooiagh native: Cha geayll mee as cha naik mee red erbee nagh row dy-jeeragh ass tradishoon dooiagh Ellan Vannin. Carn

drogh-yantee transgressors: sooill cha vaik, cleaysh cha geayll, cha hoig rieau cree ny reddyn agglagh ta cour drogh-yantee. PC

kiartagyn (f.) household chores: t'eh gra nagh geayll eh veg mychione sleih coayl ny kiartagyn oc ec purt-aer Roonysvaie. BS; jobs

thaish (f.) whisper: Myr sodjey goll, er-lesh dy geayll eh thaish myr coraa bioee, as ny syrjey gaase myr sniessey da v'eh cheet; agh goo er-lheh cha dod eh 'hoiggal dy yannoo ymmyd jeh. PC

tradishoon (pl -yn) (oral) tradition: Cha geayll mee as cha naik mee red erbee nagh row dy-jeeragh ass tradishoon dooiagh Ellan Vannin. Carn

trait beached, neaped: Geayll oo jehn lhong va trait laa chaiee mooie jeh kione Yerby? Dhoor

are t': They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; ta: These boys are accusing one another - Ta ny guillyn shoh cassid er e cheilley. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Are there any coals in the scuttle? - Vel geayll erbee ayns y chruick? JJK idiom


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