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geayil coals; (gen.) of coal: As va ny sharvaantyn as ny fir-oik nyn shassoo ayns shen, ec aile geayil v'ad er n'yannoo (son ve feayr) as v'ad dyn jiow ad-hene. Bible

Inexact matches:

baatey geayil coal boat, collier

barje geayil coal barge

carr geayil tender

dooid geayil colly

feddan geayil coal shoot

fer geayil coalman

gas geayil coal gas

joan geayil coal dust

kishtey geayil coal scuttle

laaragh geayil coalfield

marchan geayil coalman, coal merchant

meaineyder geayil collier

meaineyrys geayil coalmining

meaneyder geayil coalminer

mynnan geayil coal dust

obbree geayil coal worker

peeshyn geayil (prep.) coals

sellar geayil coal cellar

slogh geayil coal pit

terr geayil coal tar

thie geayil coal house

towl geayil coal hole

coal dust (n.) joan geayil, mynnan geayil

coalman (n.) fer geayil, marchan geayil

coals (npl.) geayil, geayl, peeshyn geayil; smarageyn

collier (n.) baatey geayil; meaineyder geayil

of coal (gen.) geayil: Sack of coal - Sack geayil. DF idiom

coal barge (n.) barje geayil

coal boat (n.) baatey geayil

coal cellar (n.) sellar geayil

coalfield (n.) laaragh geayil

coal gas (n.) gas geayil

coal hole (n.) towl geayil

coal house (n.) thie geayil

coal merchant (n.) marchan geayil

coalminer (n.) meaneyder geayil

coalmining (v.) meaineyrys geayil

coal pit (n.) slogh geayil

coal scuttle (n.) kishtey geayil

coal shoot (n.) feddan geayil

coal tar (n.) terr geayil

coal worker (n.) obbree geayil

colly dooid geayil; sooie

sack cragh; sack: Sack of coal - Sack geayil. DF idiom; (v.) cur y bayr da: He got the sack - Hug ad y bayr da. DF idiom; spooilley

stock1 crouw; kiap; kiap lhuingys; kynney; pink; sheelrey; stang; stoyr: Stock a house with coal - Stoyr geayil y chur ayns thie. DF idiom; (v.) cur bun er, cur sthock er, sthockal

tender1 (n.) carr geayil, baatey frastyl, tarrish; (n.) cheb; (adj.) bog, fiosagh, meigh, mettey, meiyghagh; meiygh; meddey


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