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geayee (gen.) of wind: goll er skianyn ny geayee Bible

Inexact matches:

balloon geayee pilot balloon

bleddyr geayee (person) windbag

cughlin geayee gale cone, wind cone, wind sleeve

faal geayee windbreak

feddan geayee air-duct

Glion Geayee Glen of Breezes

gollan geayee swallow: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee, shen myr ren mee gaccan Bible

greie geayee aeromotor

gunn geayee pop gun

kaart geayee wind-chart

kellagh geayee weathercock, weather vane

mwyllin geayee windmill

scaap geayee windscreen

sheidan geayee light breeze

shiaull geayee trysail

sterrym geayee windstorm

tead geayee bowline

towl geayee air-inlet, air-intake, ventilation shaft

towsheyder geayee anemometer

tunneyder geayee wind tunnel

tushtey geayee anemography

ynnyd mwyljyn-geayee wind farm

aird ny geayee point of the wind

Barney ny Geayee Windy Gap

Bayr ny Geayee Windy Road

Beeal Feayn ny Geayee Wide Mouth of the Wind

bieauid ny geayee wind velocity

Boayl ny Geayee Windy Place

cheu ny geayee (f.) luff, weather conditions, weather side, windward

Corneil ny Geayee (f.) Windy Corner

Croit Bayr ny Geayee Croft of the Windy Road

Croit ny Geayee Windy Croft

Cronk ny Geayee Hill of the Wind, Windy Hill

ec bieauid ny geayee at full pelt

er cheu ny geayee aloof; on the weather beam: Er cheu ny geayee. DF

Gob ny Geayee Point of the Wind

Guilley Mooar ny Geayee Captain of the Fairies

lus ny geayee (f.) anemone, wind flower

lus ny gollan geayee (f.) celandine greater

Mullagh ny Geayee Summit of the Wind

Mwyllin y Geayee Windmill

Ooig ny Gollan Geayee Swallow Cave

traie ny geayee (f.) weather shore

windward cheu ny geayee: Work to windward of the rock - Gow cheu ny geayee jeh'n chreg. DF idiom

aeromotor (n.) greie geayee

air-duct (n.) feddan geayee

air-inlet (n.) towl geayee

air-intake (n.) towl geayee

anemography (n.) tushtey geayee

anemometer (n.) towsheyder geayee

anemone (n.) lus ny geayee

bowline1 (n.) tead geayee

gale cone (n.) cughlin geayee

light breeze (n.) sheidan geayee

of wind (gen.) geayee

pilot balloon (n.) balloon geayee

pop gun (n.) gunn geayee

trysail (n.) shiaull geayee

weather vane (n.) kellagh geayee

windbag2 (n.) (person) bleddyr geayee

wind-chart (n.) kaart geayee

wind cone (n.) cughlin geayee

Windmill (n.) Mwyllin y Geayee

windmill (n.) mwyllin geayee; mwyllin-gheayee

wind sleeve (n.) cughlin geayee

windstorm (n.) sterrym geayee

wind tunnel (n.) tunneyder geayee

Glen of Breezes (n.) Glion Geayee

weathercock (n.) kellagh emshir; kellagh geayee

weather shore (n.) traie ny geayee

weather side (n.) cheu ny geayee

windbreak (n.) scaa geay, faal geayee

wind flower (n.) lus ny geayee

wind power (n.) bree-geayee

wind turbine (n.) turbeen-geayee

wind velocity (n.) bieauid ny geayee

Windy Corner (n.) Corneil ny Geayee

Windy Croft (n.) Croit ny Geayee

Windy Gap (n.) Barney ny Geayee

Windy Hill (n.) Cronk ny Geayee

Windy Road (n.) Bayr ny Geayee

gowaltys-geayee wind farm

turbeen-geayee wind turbine

aloof (adj., adv.) er cheu ny geayee; er lheh; quaagh

at full pelt ec bieauid ny geayee

Captain of the Fairies (n.) Guilley Mooar ny Geayee

celandine greater (n.) lus ny gollan geayee

Hill of the Wind (n.) Cronk ny Geayee

Mouth of the Wind (n.) Gob ny Geayee

on the weather beam er cheu ny geayee

Point of the Wind (n.) Gob ny Geayee

point of the wind (n.) aird ny geayee

Summit of the Wind (n.) Mullagh ny Geayee

Swallow Cave (n.) Ooig ny Gollan Geayee

ventilation shaft chimlee aer; towl geayee

weather conditions (npl.) cheu ny geayee; emshir; emshyr

wind farm (n.) ynnyd mwyljyn-geayee; gowaltys-geayee

Windy Place (n.) Sheidaghan, Boayl ny Geayee

Croft of the Windy Road (n.) Croit Bayr ny Geayee

luff (n.) cheu ny geayee; (v.) cur gys y gheay, luffal, shiaulley er y gheay

Wide Mouth of the Wind (n.) Beeal Feayn ny Geayee

windscreen (n.) brishey geay, faal geay, glenney gheay, glenney gheayee, scaap geayee

dhatt arose: As dhatt y keayn lesh niart stermagh ny geayee. Bible

readan (f.) blast, puff, sharp breeze: Dy lhiggey stiagh readan geayee. DF; trachea, windpipe

beam1 (n.) beam; caabyr; cheu: On the weather beam - Er cheu ny geayee. DF idiom; darrag; garmin: Weak place in a beam - Boayl faase ayns garmin. DF idiom; goull; trasnane; (v.) (to); (dy) skellal

let in (v.) cur peesh ayn, jingey, ushtey y yannoo; lhiggey stiagh: To let in a breath of air - Dy lhiggey stiagh readan geayee. DF idiom

swallow (n.) bolgum, slug, sluggag; (v.) sluggey; (n.) gollan geayee: One swallow does not make a summer - Cha jean un gollan-geayee sourey. JJK idiom

daunseyn dancing: Tra v'ad daunseyn va'n sleih cassey mygeayrt y laare myr mwyljyn geayee as mish bunnys tuittytm harrish. GK; frisk

mwaaee COMPARE mwoie hares: gleashagh cho eddrym as bodjallyn yn aer, ny myr fedjagyn er skianyn ny geayee, as keayrt lheimyraght gollrish mwaaee! Coraa

sniaghtey sheebit driven snow: ny myr y sniaghtey sheebit lesh niart geayee, ny floagyn streeu nyn vud oc hene quoi sleaie lhieenys y coan, ny getlagh er dagh laue dy phlooghey'n troailtagh PC

summer (v.) ceau yn sourey: I shall spend the summer in Port Erin - Ceauym yn sourey ayns Purt Chiarn. JJK idiom; (n.) sourey: One swallow does not make a summer - Cha jean un gollan-geayee sourey. JJK idiom

coar (=Ir. cóir) (f.) 1 crane a: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee Bible; 2 (for rope) twister; 3 (adj.) acquiescent, affable, approachable, decent, easy-going, fair-minded, indulgent, inoffensive, kindly, nice, obliging, over, easygoing: Dooinney coar DF; 4 benign; 5 civil [O.Ir. corr]

goll dy moal backpedal, drag, drag on: Ga dy vel cooishyn er ve goll dy moal bentyn rish coadey'n chymmyltaght sy Vritaan, ta 22 ynnyd mwyljyn-geayee ayns shen ry hoi giennaghtyn lectraghys. Carn


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