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gauge towse

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feeler gauge (n.) towsheyder loaghtee

limit gauge (n.) towse lowaltys

milk gauge (n.) laghtveih

mortise gauge (n.) meih daa-virragh

narrow-gauge railway (n.) raad yiarn keyl

oil gauge (n.) arreyder ooill

petrol gauge (n.) towshan pedryl

pressure gauge (n.) broo-veih

rain gauge (n.) meddyr liaghee

steam gauge (n.) gaal-towse

temperature gauge (n.) towseyder tempreilys

tide gauge (n.) towsheyder tidee

track gauge (n.) towsheyder railley

tyre gauge (n.) broo-veih

water gauge (n.) towshan ushtey

weather gauge (n.) vondeish ny geay

wind gauge (n.) geay-veih

broo-veih pressure gauge, tyre gauge

arreyder ooill oil gauge

gaal-towse steam gauge

geay-veih wind gauge

meddyr liaghee (f.) rain gauge

meih daa-virragh mortise gauge

towse lowaltys limit gauge

towseyder tempreilys temperature gauge

towshan pedryl petrol gauge

towshan ushtey water gauge

towsheyder loaghtee feeler gauge

towsheyder railley track gauge

towsheyder tidee tide gauge

laghtveih milk gauge, milk tester

vondeish ny geay (f.) weather gauge

raad yiarn keyl light railway, narrow-gauge railway

towse (=Ir. tomhas) pl. towseyn 1 calibre, capacity, dose, gauge, mensuration, mete, rating, size, time, value a: As liorish towse hug eh airh son buird yn arran casherick Bible; 2 (of gold) tit; 3 (n.) divine law; 4 (v.) mark off, measure out, weigh out, measure, weigh, size up, sum up, summing up, ponder


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