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garden (n.) garey: The house and the garden are small - Ta'n thie as yn garey beg. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo gareydys

Inexact matches:

back garden (n.) garey-cooyl

bear garden (n.) thie bun-ry-skyn

Big Garden (n.) Garey Mooar

Bridge Garden (n.) Garey yn Droghad

Camaish's Garden (n.) Garey Chamaish

Carown's Garden Garey Carown

Clerk's Garden (n.) Garey ny Cleragh

cottage garden (n.) garey bwaane

Cry's Garden (n.) Garey Cry

flower garden (n.) garey blaa

garden cabbage (n.) cabbash vane

garden chickweed (n.) flig

garden city (n.) ard-valley ayns garaghyn

garden cress (n.) cresh

garden elder (n.) tramman gharagh

Garden Field (n.) Magher y Gharey

garden fork (n.) gollage, grep

garden hose (n.) pioban garagh

garden mint (n.) mynthey

garden party (n.) chaglym garagh, giense garagh

garden produce (n.) troar garagh

garden sage (n.) creaghlagh

garden seat (n.) soieag gharagh

garden shed (n.) bwaag gharagh

garden spade (n.) kiebbey garagh

garden tools (npl.) greienyn garagh

garden warbler (n.) kiaulleyder garagh

Great Garden (n.) Garey Mooar

green garden (n.) garey glass

herb garden (n.) garey lossreeyn

hop garden (n.) garey lus y lhionney

kitchen garden (n.) garey glassreeyn

landscape garden (n.) garey cheer-yallooagh

Little Garden (n.) Garey Beg

market garden (n.) garey margee

McTaggart's Garden (n.) Garey McTaggart

miniature garden (n.) myngharey

New Garden (n.) Garey Noa

palace garden (n.) garey yn phlaase: Then the king returned out of the palace garden - Eisht haink y ree ass garey yn phlaase Bible

potato garden (n.) garey praase

public garden (n.) pairk

roof garden (n.) garey clea, garey mullee

rose garden (n.) garey rose

sallow garden (n.) garey shellee

Speckled Garden (n.) Garey Breck

tea garden (n.) garey tey

vegetable garden (n.) garey losseragh, glasseragh

watered garden (n.) garey ushtit

Willow Garden (n.) Garey Sallee

Wine Garden (n.) Garey Feeyney

winter garden (n.) garey geuree; halley gless

Big Pool Garden (n.) Garey yn Loughan Vooar

garden of God (n.) garey Yee

garden of herbs (n.) garey dy lossreeyn

garden of nuts (n.) garey ny croyn

Marsh of the Garden (n.) Curragh Garey

Garey Mooar Big Garden, Great Garden: Nagh vel garey mooar ain? JJK

cabbash vane (f.) garden cabbage

chaglym garagh garden party

creaghlagh (f.) garden sage, sage

cresh (f.) cress, garden cress

flig (f.) chickweed, garden chickweed

garey blaa flower garden

Garey Breck Speckled Garden

garey bwaane cottage garden

Garey Carown Carown's Garden

Garey Chamaish Camaish's Garden

garey cheer-yallooagh landscape garden

garey clea roof garden

garey-cooyl back garden

Garey Cry Cry's Garden

Garey Feeyney Wine Garden

garey geuree winter garden

garey glassreeyn kitchen garden

garey losseragh vegetable garden

garey margee market garden

Garey McTaggart McTaggart's Garden

garey mullee roof garden

Garey Noa New Garden

garey praase potato garden

Garey Sallee Willow Garden

garey shellee sallow garden

garey tey tea garden

giense garagh garden party

glasseragh (=Ir. glasraich) (n.) vegetable garden; (adj.) vegetative

greienyn garagh garden tools

halley gless winter garden

jannoo gareydys garden

kiaulleyder garagh garden warbler

kiebbey garagh garden spade

myngharey miniature garden

pioban garagh garden hose

soieag gharagh (f.) garden seat

thie bun-ry-skyn bear garden

tramman gharagh (f.) garden elder

troar garagh (f.) garden produce

bear-garden (n.) croa vaghouin

ard-valley ayns garaghyn garden city

croa vaghouin bear-garden

Garey ny Cleragh Clerk's Garden

garey rose rosary, rose garden

Garey yn Droghad Bridge Garden

Magher y Gharey Garden Field

bwaag gharagh (f.) alcove, arbour, garden shed

Curragh Garey Marsh of the Garden

garey lossreeyn botanic gardens, herb garden

garey lus y lhionney hop garden

Garey yn Loughan Vooar Big Pool Garden

Garey Beg Little Garden: Shegin ve garey beg ain. JJK

come2 (v.) (to); (dy) heet: But you'll have time enough to come and see my garden - Agh bee traa dy-liooar eu dy heet fakin my gharey. JJK idiom

finest (comp./sup.) s'glenney; s'aaley: It's the finest garden I ever saw - T'eh yn garey s'aaley honnick mee rieau. JJK idiom

little2 (n.) (a) rey beg; red beg: A little rain would do good to the garden - Yinnagh red beg dy liaghey mie da'n gharey. JJK idiom

pretty (adj.) breagh, bwoyagh; bwaagh: The garden is looking very pretty now - Ta'n garey jeeaghyn feer waagh nish. JJK idiom; aalin: He has two pretty children - Ta daa lhiannoo aalin echey. JJK idiom

roundabout chymbyl, chymbyllagh, cruinnag; mygeayrt: She went all round the garden - Hie ee ooilley mygeayrt y gharey. JJK idiom; markiaght-chyndaa

shall not cha negin: Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden - Cha negin diu gee jeh dy-chooilley villeysy gharey Bible; cha jean: he shall not escape - cha jean eh scapail Bible

small (adj.) beg: We must have a small garden - Shegin ve garey beg ain. JJK idiom; beggey; keyl; myn; dy myn; keylley

This is She shoh; T'eh shoh: Give me some of that ink, this is bad - Cur dou paart jeh'n doo shen, t'eh shoh olk. JJK idiom; Shoh: This is my kitchen garden - Shoh my gharey-losseree. JJK idiom

watered farraneagh; fliughit; ushtit: and thou shalt be like a watered garden - as bee oo goll-rish garey ushtit bible

would do1 yinnagh: A little rain would do good to the garden - Yinnagh red beg dy liaghey mie da'n gharey. JJK idiom

garey (=Ir. garadh) pl. garaghyn allotment, arbour, garden: v'eh oanluckit ayns garey yn thie echey hene Bible

garey dy lossreeyn garden of herbs: Cur dou dty gharey-feeyney, dy vod eh ve aym son garey dy lossreeyn Bible

garey glass green garden: Shoh ooilley jeant, va'n garey glass soilshean lesh ainleyn sollys myr veagh ee slane ny ghrian. PC

garey ny croyn garden of nuts: Hie mee sheese gys garey ny croyn, dy chur shilley er troar ny glionney Bible

garey ushtit watered garden: as bee'n annym oc oorit myr garey ushtit; as cha shymlee ad ersooyl arragh lesh trimshey. Bible

garey Yee garden of God: Cha row ny cedaryn ayns garey Yee ny syrjey na eshyn Bible

garey yn phlaase palace garden: Eisht haink y ree ass garey yn phlaase gys room y yien-feeyney, as va Haman er duittym er y chouch er va Esther ny soie. Bible

gollage (f.) pl. gollageyn dung fork, fork, garden fork, hay fork, pitchfork: Vel gaghyn geayrey er y gollage? JJK; earwig

grep (f.) dung fork, garden fork, manure fork: ga dy ren eh reuyrey lesh kiebbey, cha nee grep v'eh jannoo ymmyd jeh. CJ

mynthey (f.) garden mint, mint: ta shiu geeck jaghee jeh mynthey, anise as cummin Bible

pairk (=Ir. páirc) (f.) course, moorland, pasture field, untilled field: Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF; park, public garden: Hannah, t'adsyn er hroggal pairk son paitchyn aegey ec Faaie Craine. BS

lodge (v.) aaghtaghey; cur aaght da; fuirree; goaill aaght: The gentleman, at whose home I lodge, always lets me see the newspapers - Yn dooinney-seyr, ec y thie echeysyn ta mee goaill aaght, t'eh dy-kinjagh lhiggey dou lhaih ny pabyryn-naight. JJK idiom; lhiabbaghey; lhiaghtey; tannaghtyn; (n.) thie giattey; bwaag: left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers - treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney, as bwaag ayns garey-cucumber Bible

sown cuirrit: as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring - myr ta ny rassyn ta cuirritsy gharey cheet erash Bible; cuirt: which is neither eared nor sown, - nagh vel traaueit, ny cuirt Bible


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