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gall brasney; buighid; cro; cur galverg er; gall; galvarg; galverg

gall (f.) gall: ta ny smeyr-feeyney oc gall, ta ny dossanyn oc sharroo. Bible; vapour

Inexact matches:

gall bladder (n.) eddryman buighid

of gall galley

wind gall (n.) farghane

Moor Gall Place (n.) Roddagagh

cur galverg er gall

eddryman buighid gall bladder

farghane wind gall

galvarg (f.) gall

Roddagagh Moor Gall Place

vapour (n.) gaal; gall: It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time - Te dy jarroo myr gall ta ryakin Bible; jannoo gaal; kay: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof - tad deayrtey neose fliaghey rere bree yn chay ter hroggal Bible; keay; (yn) lhieeney dhoo

brasney gall, incense; smash, spur

buighid bile, biliary, gall; sallowness, yellowness

dou to me: Hug ad dou gall dy ee Bible; unto me

galley of gall: ver-ym ushtey galley daue dy iu Bible

ainrick (f.) prayer: Nii yn boyrd ag ierish y ghristiyght ghasserick as aynret alyn gall er shassu ayns kalyn ny killiy, na ayns gharri, yn iynyd ta yn ainrick voghre as y phaidjer faskyr ordiit ve erna 'ra. PB1610

cro pl. croyn 1 gall; 2 nut a: Eshyn vees y cree echey, shegin da brishey yn cro JJK

dossanyn clusters: dymmyrk ny dossanyn echey messyn-feeyney appee Bible; bunches: ta ny smeyr-feeyney oc gall, ta ny dossanyn oc sharroo. Bible

feeyn-ghyere vinegar: as hugg ayd ga, phien geyr syit rish gall dy iif: as nar ve er mlassyght ie shen, gha bailesh iif. PB1610

freoaghagh heathery: Yn laa shenn hie Finn lesh gheiney Gy Strachan gorrym Innse Gall (straghyn freoaghagh jeh'n Ellan Skye) Coraa

gaer boil, pain: Hugg ayd dou gall dy ii, as tra va mi paa, hugg ayd dou phiaen gaer dy iif. Psalm1610

galverg (f.) gall: agh ayns y toshiaght, tra chie ad er croo, cha row galverg, noidys, ny nieu ayndoo gys dirree peccah PC

shallid (f.) instant, moment, second: Te dy jarroo myr gall ta ry-akin son shallid Bible; (of time) twinkling

struge (f.) stroke: As ghow eh greim er e, ayr: as hug eh struge jeh'n gall er sooillyn e ayrey, gra, bee dy yein mie, my ayr. Apoc


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