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gaccan (=Ir. ochón) complaining, grousing, moaning, grumbling: nagh bee assee erbee: ny veg y chappeeys ny oyr gaccan ayns nyn straidyn Bible; groaning: Ta mee deinagh lesh gaccan Bible; grouse

Inexact matches:

complaining accanagh, trughanagh; gaccan: no leading into captivity, and no complaining in our streets - ny veg y chappeeys ny oyr gaccan ayns nyn straidyn Bible; trughanys; plaiynt

grouse (v.) gaccan; (n.) kiark freoaie

grousing (v.) gaccan

grumbling accanagh; gaccan; tallagh; trughaneagh; trughaneys

moaning cauaighey; gaccan; goocannys; soghal; soutaghey

guintee vulnerable; casualties, wounded: fud ny cheerey nee ny guintee gaccan Bible

complain (v.) accan, gaggan: I have cause to complain - Ta oyr gaccan aym. DF idiom; trughaney: I have nothing to complain about - Cha nel veg aym dy hrughaney mysh. DF idiom; tollagh

begganid littleness, slightness, smallness: ta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

brynt (as person) blunt: Ec y thie ain v'ee rieau brynt as litcheragh agglagh; v'ee gaccan dy kinjagh mychione yn Whallag Dhoor; outspoken; saucy

carbid biers; vehicles: Va ymmodee cummaltee jeh'n valley er ve gaccan mychione pairkal anleighalagh, doilleeid ayns roshtyn buill, as carbid goll trooid ny straiddyn coon. BS

Catalonagh Catalan: Ta loayrtee Spaainish gaccan dy vel y reiltys Catalonagh, y Generalitat, jannoo neu-nhee jeh slattys va jeant ayns 1983. Carn

dagh oie nightly: Hie gammanyn er cloie dagh oie as va shin loayrt ry cheilley, gyn gaccan erbee veih'n wardoon kyndagh rish ny coraaghyn feer ard goaill arrane derrey ny ooryn moghey 'sy voghrey. Carn

dewilys See dewlys barbarity, cruelty, inclemency, severity: Liorish dewilys y tranlaase ta ny tranlaasit gaccan Bible

eairee (f.) hill pasture, shieling: Shta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

ellanee islanders: ta'n fer boght gaccan, ta "mooar-heer" ec ellanee Albinagh as cha jean ny Eeslynee ommidjagh goaill rish y lheid! Carn

fo-ghlare dialect: Ta loayrtee Ullee dy mennick gaccan nagh vel Divlyn cur geill da'n fo-ghlare oc. Carn

fo'n speyr alfresco: va smoghan agglagh ayn gollrish feill va goll loau, as cha row eh agh un vinnid fo'n speyr tra ren paart dy studeyryn gaccan mychione y ghart as ghoon ad nyn uinnagyn dy tappee. GB

gollan geayee swallow: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee, shen myr ren mee gaccan Bible

oasteyr hotelier, innkeeper, landlord, licensed victualler, publican: Cha mie lesh yn oasteyr nyn giaull, as v'eh gaccan as ren eshyn shin y cheau magh er y traid. GB

pootchagh (=Ir. pusach) pouch-like, pouter, poutish: Ta ymmodee sleih, dy mennick voish Sostyn Twoaie, Nerin ny Nalbin gaccan mychione cummaltee Lunnin as gra dy vel ad ooilley pootchagh, groamagh, as graihagh er argid. Dhoor

Romaan (Y) Romania: gaccan dy vel ny treealtyssyn shoh goll rish red sy Romaan tra va Ceaucescu foast ayns pooar ayns shen. Carn

screeuit written: V'ad gaccan nagh row yn lioar feer screeuaght er-yn-oyr nagh row ee screeuit ec-hene. Carn

tonn liauyr (f.) long wave: Ta sleih ennagh gaccan mychione ocsyn ta noi cur er bun stashoon-radio tonn liauyr faggys da Rhumsaa. Dhoor

tranlaasit harassed, oppressed, persecuted, tyrannized: Liorish dewilys y tranlaase ta ny tranlaasit gaccan Bible

trughaney complain, grumble, murmuring: va'n derrey ven lurg y ven elley gaccan as trughaney kyndagh rish, eisht fy-yerrey haink shayll y ven Yimmy e raa y gheddyn. Coraa

cabbaraght (f.) chit-chat, gabble, jabber, jabbering, prattling, tittle-tattle: My vees shinyn gra dy vel, Wops, Chinks, Froggies as y lhied jannoo cabbaraght tra t'ad loayrt ry cheilley, cha nodmayd gaccan tra ta sleih gra dy vel Paddys, Dais as Macs jannoo yn un red. Carn


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