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Bayr ny Gabbil Horses' Road

Bwoaillee ny Gabbil Horses' Fold

castan ny gabbil horse chestnut

Close ny Gabbil Horses' Enclosure

Curragh ny Gabbil Horses' Marsh

fer ny gabbil groom

Garee ny Gabbil Horses' Shrubbery

Giat ny Gabbil Horses' Field

Loughan ny Gabbil Horses' Lakelet

meeyl ny gabbil (f.) horse louse

mynthey ny gabbil (f.) horse mint

pishyr ny gabbil (f.) bush vetch

Rehollys Vooar ny Gabbil (f.) October Moon

renniagh ny gabbil (f.) male fern

shalmane ny gabbil horse mushroom

shamrag ny gabbil (f.) red clover

Slogh ny Gabbil Hollow of the Horses

bush vetch (n.) pishyr ny gabbil

horse louse (n.) meeyl ny gabbil

horse mint (n.) mynthey ny gabbil

horse mushroom (n.) shalmane ny gabbil

Horses' Enclosure (n.) Close ny Gabbil

Horses' Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Gabbil

Horses' Lakelet (n.) Loughan ny Gabbil

Horses' Marsh (n.) Curragh ny Gabbil

Horses' Road (n.) Bayr ny Gabbil

Horses' Shrubbery (n.) Garee ny Gabbil

male fern (n.) renniagh ny gabbil

red clover (n.) shamrag ny gabbil

Hollow of the Horses (n.) Slogh ny Gabbil

Horses' Field (n.) Magher ny Gabbyl, Giat ny Gabbil

October Moon (n.) Rehollys Vooar ny Gabbil

lheimeraght prancings: liorish lheimeraght nyn gabbil trean Bible

groom (v.) aarlaghey, kerey; (n.) fer ny gabbil, fer y phoosee, fieaumanagh, guilley cabbil

horse chestnut (n.) billey cro-cabbyl, castan, castan ny gabbil, cro cabbyl, cro souney

jannoo obbyr performing: T'eh jannoo obbyr ny gabbil! DF

yskid (=Ir. iosgad) (f.) hough, shank, ham: yiare eh feh yskid nyn gabbil Bible

arganeagh arguer, argumentative, contentious, debatable, remonstrative: As er shen, cur my ner, un laa haink Efnisien, y fer-arganeagh loayr shin mychione roish nish, er marklanyn ny gabbil Matholwch, as deysht, eh, "Quoi s'lesh ny cabbil shoh? Coraa

feh (f.) pl. fehyn pl. fehghyn nerve, sinew, tendon: yiare eh feh yskid nyn gabbil Bible


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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