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gaal (=Ir. gal and gail) (f.) pl. gaalyn 1 gale a: myr lhong giall er purt noi stroo, thidey 's gaal PC; 2 steam, vapour, vapour concentration; 3 vaporise

Inexact matches:

gaal bioyr fresh gale

jannoo gaal vaporize, vapour

lorg gaal vapour trail

oonlaghey gaal vapour-bath

towl gaal steam-port

traastey gaal steam pressure, vapour pressure

Colught Paggad Gaal Steam Packet Company

cur magh gaal steam, steaming

jannoo gaal jeh boil down, evaporate

soo stiagh gaal absorb

steam (v.) cur magh gaal, gaalaghey, gaal-vroie; (n.) druight; gaal: It goes by steam - T'eh gobbragh er gaal. DF idiom

gale gaal: Fresh gale - Gaal bioyr. DF idiom; gaaley; roddagagh

fresh gale (n.) gaal bioyr

steam-port (n.) towl gaal

vaporise (v.) gaal; gaalaghey

vaporize (v.) gaalaghey; jannoo gaal

vapour-bath (n.) oonlaghey gaal

vapour pressure (n.) traastey gaal

vapour trail (n.) lorg gaal

boil down (v.) jannoo gaal jeh

braise (v.) gaal-vroie

braised gaal-vroiet

evaporate (v.) gaalaghey; jannoo gaal jeh

steam boiler (n.) gaal-choirrey

steam box (n.) gaal-kishtey

steam cock (n.) gaal-chockey

steam crane (n.) gaal-chraen

steam-driven gaal-obbrit

steam engine (n.) gaal-ghreie

steam gauge (n.) gaal-towse

steam hammer (n.) gaal-oard

steam heating (n.) gaal-hiow

steam jacket (n.) gaal-choodagh

steam pressure (n.) gaal-vroo, traastey gaal

steamroller (n.) gaal-rolleyder

steam shovel (n.) gaal-sleayst

steam-tight gaal-yeenagh

steam whistle (n.) gaal-feddag

vapour (n.) gaal; gall: It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time - Te dy jarroo myr gall ta ryakin Bible; jannoo gaal; kay: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof - tad deayrtey neose fliaghey rere bree yn chay ter hroggal Bible; keay; (yn) lhieeney dhoo

vapour concentration (n.) co-ghloo; gaal; tashid

wet steam (n.) gaal-ushtey

gaal-baarnee hurricane

gaal-chockey steam cock

gaal-choirrey steam boiler

gaal-choodagh steam jacket

gaal-chraen steam crane

gaal-feddag (f.) steam whistle

gaal-ghreie steam engine

gaal-hiow steam heating

gaal-kishtey steam box

gaal-oard steam hammer

gaal-obbrit steam-driven

gaal-rolleyder steam roller, steamroller

gaal-sleayst (f.) steam shovel

gaal-towse steam gauge

gaal-ushtey (f.) wet steam

gaal-vroie braise, steam

gaal-vroiet braised

gaal-vroo steam pressure

gaal-yeenagh steam-tight

hurricane (n.) gaal-baarnee; gaardey; geay vooar

steaming cur magh gaal; gaalagh; gleashaght fo ghaal

absorb (v.) jiole seose, maanal, soo stiagh, soo stiagh gaal

Steam Packet Company (n.) Colught Paggad Gaal, Colught y Phaggad Bree

cagleeit limited: Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. DF

paggad mailboat: Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. Carn; packet

limited1 cagleeit: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited - Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. DF idiom; jeorit, oirrit, teorit, çhiarmaanit

of Man (gen.) Vannin: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited - Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. DF idiom

packet (n.) kianglaghan, pabyr; paggaid; paggad: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited - Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. DF idiom

lectraghys (=Ir. leictreachas) electricity: ta'n gas cheh chiow ushtey dy yannoo gaal, as ta ymmyd jeant jeh'n ghaal dy ghiennaghtyn lectraghys. Carn


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