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fyrryn andro-, male: va echey kirree, as dew, as assylyn fyrryn Bible

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assyl fyrryn dicky, jackass

oasht fyrryn (first year) male sheep: Bee'n eayn fegooish lheamys, oasht fyrryn: nee shiu goaill eh veih ny kirree, ny veih ny goair. Bible

goar-fyrryn he-goat: shiaght thousane as shiaght cheead goar-fyrryn Bible

andro- fyrryn

jackass (n.) assyl fyrryn

male sheep2 (n.) (first year) oasht fyrryn

dicky (n.) assyl fyrryn, cooylag, far-vroggil

he-goat (n.) bock goayr, goar-fyrryn; heurin; goayr-yrryn

male bock, fyrrynagh; collagh; fer, fyrryn; firrynagh, yrrynagh; (pref.) fer-

piyryn pairs: Jeh eeanlee yn aer myrgeddin shiaght piyryn, fyrryn as bwoirryn Bible

bert (=Ir. bar) laid, layed; born: Ta ooilley yn chied-ruggit lhiam's, as dy chooilley chied-bert mastey dty vaase edyr eh ve dow, ny keyrrey, ta fyrryn. Bible

bwoirrin effeminate, female, feminine, feministic, ladylike, petticoat: Daa cheead goair woirryn, as feed goair fyrryn Bible

carradje pl. carradjyn carrot: Shiaghteeyn ny s'anmey va'n feeaih fyrryn goit ec inneen veg as carradje eck faggys da Rhumsaa. JyC

eeanlee roauyrey (npl.) fatted fowl: feeaih fyrryn as bwoirryn jeh dy chooilley horch, as eeanlee roauyrey Bible

feeaih pl. feeaihee deer, hart: marish feeaih fyrryn as bwoirryn jeh dy chooilley horch Bible

feeaih mooar elk, moose; roebuck: nee'n persoon glen as neu-ghlen gee jeh co-laik, myr jeh'n feeaih mooar fyrryn, ny bwoirryn. Bible

goair woirryn she goats: Daa cheead goair woirryn, as feed goair fyrryn, daa cheead keyrrey, as feed rea. Bible

gouin pl. gounee bullock: Gha gouyms goun erbi magh as dthy hei : na goer fyrryn magh as dthy voilchyn. Psalm1610

lheamys pl. lheamyssyn blemish, default, defect, deformity, different, fault, flaw, imperfection: Bee'n eayn fegooish lheamys, oasht fyrryn Bible


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