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fy yerrey (=Ir. faoi dheireadh) at last, at length, eventually, finally, in conclusion, lastly, ultimately: Haink eh lhiam fy yerrey. DF

fy yerrey hoal (=Ir. faoi dhireadh thall) at long last: Fy yerrey hoal, ta sleih dy liooar ayns Kiare as Feed Hostyn gra dy vel ad laccal feddyn magh y bun jeh cooish Colin Wallace. Carn

fy-yeih besides; finally: T'ou er-jeet fy-yeih. DF

eventually (n.) fy yerrey

ultimately (adv.) fy yerrey

at long last (adv.) fy yerrey hoal

finally (adv.) ec y jerrey, er-jerrey, fy yerrey, fy-yeih

in conclusion (adv.) (dy) chur jerrey er; fy yerrey

lastly (adv.) er-jerrey; fy yerrey; lurg ooilley

arrive (v.) roshtyn: You nearly always arrive last - T'ou bunnys kinjagh roshtyn fy-yerrey. JJK idiom; roshys

at length (adv.) ec y jerrey; er liurid; fod; fy yerrey; fey-yerrey: if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey - my she aigney Yee eh dy choyrt dou fey-yerrey jurnah sauchey Bible

have come er jeet: You have come at last - T'ou er-jeet fy-yerrey. DF idiom

I would do yinnin: I would do it at a push - Yinnin eh fy yerrey. DF idiom; yinnins, yinnin's: I would do him justice - yinnins cairys da Bible

astan (f.) (pl -yn) eel: Fy yerrey va'n astan currit gy baase as va ooilley'n cheshaght tayrn ennal reesht. CJ

boayl er lheh private place, reservation: Çheet fy yerrey hoal wass dys Sellafield, dy firrinagh she boayl er lheh t'ayn nagh vel yn un red as Windscale. Dhoor

ceau argid disburse, pay out: Dinsh Britaanagh dou dy vel y reiltys Frangagh ceau argid fy yerrey dy haraghey ny raaidyn sy Vritaan Carn

cur aggle er alarm, daunt, frighten, terrorize: Ren Laa Tynvaal cur aggle er sleih, Veagh Mannin stroiet ec deiney creoi, Agh gagh red mie fy yerrey hoal, Sidooryn Hostyn dy chooilley voayl. Carn

cur cuirrey da feast; invite: Agh fy yerrey v'ad jeant as ren ad cur cuirrey da Maxen dy heet stiagh dy ghoaill yn ardvalley voue, as ren ad giootal yn ardvalley er. GB

grape (f.) COMPARE grepp dung-pit; COMPARE grep manure fork: Fy yerrey, tra va'n piob lostey dy mie dooyrt Harry, "Ren y ven echey reuyrey eh magh ass y thorran lesh grape." MB

harree over her: Dod Shoanie clamberagh harree gyn boirey erbee, agh haink beggan dy ghoilleeid er y duchess jannoo drappal urree as fy yerrey dooyrt ee, "Nee trooid y chleigh ta mee nish? GB

killey (gen.) near the church; of a church: Fy yerrey hooar ad magh liorish peeikearyn dy row Gorree er ellan dy row enmyssit Ellan Cholumb Killey marish kuse dy gheiney, gyn goaill aggle roish gaue erbee. Chron

lane Gaelgagh Manx medium: Fy-yerrey hoal ta Bun-Scoill Lane Gaelgagh er ve currit er bun. Dhoor

tayrn ennal reesht again respire; draw breath: Fy yerrey va'n astan currit gy baase as va ooilley'n cheshaght tayrn ennal reesht. CJ

yeearreydys application, candidature: Va shoh yn trass yeearreydys echey bentyn rish yn ynnyd shoh, as t'eh jeant booiagh dy vel reddyn goll er oi fy yerrey. BS

at last (adv.) fy yerrey: He ran with all his might, and at last he overtook me - Roie eh lesh ooilley e niart, as fy-yerrey ver eh orrym. JJK idiom; fey-yerrey: But at the last Daniel came in before me - Agh fey-yerrey haink Daniel stiagh kiongoyrt rhym Bible

besides cheumooie jeh; erskyn ooilley; foast; fy-yeih; gyn eie, gyn eie er; gyn oai; maghey shen; marish shen; neesht: Besides, it is my fault for being so late - Ta mee guee erriu ny imraa eh. JJK idiom

herbs (npl.) lossreeyn, lossyreeyn; lussyn: I got the herbs to grow finally - Hug mee er ny lussyn dy aase fy-yerrey. DF idiom

ran (v.) roie: He ran with all his might, and at last he overtook me - Roie eh lesh ooilley e niart, as fy-yerrey ver eh orrym. JJK idiom

blaze blaze: Ta co-chruinnaght ny mee-chrauee myr kionnan dy lieen-barree: dy ve stroit fy-yerrey ayns blaze dy aile. Apoc

dooishtey evocation, evoke, reveille, revive, rouse: Te jannoo lane taitnys da my chree (ga bunnys tree cheead veeilley jeh) dy chlashtyn dy vel Manninee fy-yerrey, ga yn laa lurg y vargey, dooishtey seose ass nyn merruidhaveenagh dy hauail Chengey-ny-Mayrey veih ve ooilley cooidjagh oanluckit 'syn oaie. Coraa

moaneeyn turbaries: Hie mee marish harrish ny cruink sheese coan ennagh, shaghey moaneeyn as fy-jerrey raink shin y scoill veg. GK

tostid dowin heavy silence: Harry son tammylt ny host, as dy chooilley nane foast briaght jeh, c'raad va'n aile, as fy-yerrey hrog Harry seose e laue, as huitt dagh unnane ayns tostid dowin. JC

trughaney complain, grumble, murmuring: va'n derrey ven lurg y ven elley gaccan as trughaney kyndagh rish, eisht fy-yerrey haink shayll y ven Yimmy e raa y gheddyn. Coraa


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