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full1 blubbagh, lhean; er croo; lane: Full of pep - Lane dy vree. DF idiom; lhieent: Keep the sail full - Freill ny shiauill lhieent. DF idiom; ec y vullagh: The moon is at the full - Ta'n eayst lane. DF idiom

full2 (of chin) lhean

full3 (of lips) blubbagh

Inexact matches:

full assurance slane shickyrys: in full assurance of faith - ayns slane shickyrys dy chredjue Bible

full back lane-chooyllee

full blast fo lane hiauill

full board (n.) lane-veaghey

full dress (n., adj.) formoil

full end (n.) slane jerrey

full gale (n.) congheay

full moon (n.) lane-eayst, mullagh eayst

full name (n.) ennym as sliennoo

full retreat (v.) roie

full rooted lane fraueagh; lane fraueit

full stop (n.) slane lhiettal

full trot lane drid

full up (adj.) lane da'n chrossag; lane: The bus is full up - Ta'n bus lane gys y dorrys. DF idiom

full weight slane towse

house full lane thie

at full pelt ec bieauid ny geayee

at full strength lane

at full stretch sheeynt

full and good slane appee as mie

full of bats craitnagagh

full of earthworms dhianeagh; dianeagh

full of lakes loghanagh

full of pep lane dy vree

full of pits ooiganagh

full of streams strooanagh

full of talk beeallerey

full of vim lane dy vree

full to overflowing lum-lane

I know full well ta my haie fys aym

rainbow full north goal twoaie noid

tongue full of venom chengey nieuagh

to the full (adv.) giallaghey, magh as magh, tuckal, walkal

with full strength lesh niart

blubbagh (of lips) full

congheay (f.) full gale

dhianeagh full of earthworms

lane (=Ir. lán, O.Ir. lán) 1 at full strength, crowded, full, full-blooded, fully, gravid, loaded, lot, much, plenary, replete, sound, swelling, total a: va coan Siddim lane sloghyn laaghey Bible; 2 (as edition) unexpurgated [L. (p)lenus]

lane-chooyllee full back

lane drid full trot

lane dy vree expressive, full of pep, full of vim, significant: Son ta mee lane dy vree; ta'n spyrryd cheu-sthie jee'm dy my eginaghey. Bible

lane-eayst (f.) full moon

lane fraueagh full rooted

lane fraueit full rooted

lane-veaghey full board

loghanagh full of lakes

mullagh eayst full moon

brim-full lum-lane

chock-full (adj.) lane da ny feeacklyn, lane da'n chrossag, lhome-lane

cram-full lhome-lane; lung-lane

full-blooded (adj.) dooie, lane

full-blown (adj.) lane my-vlaa

full-bodied (adj.) thaagagh

full-bred jeh'n 'eer-uill

full-chested1 (adj.) (man) cleeauoil

full-chested2 (adj.) (woman) sheeintagh

full-fed soogh

full-fledged (adj.) fo lane clooie

full-grown (adj.) lane assit

full-length (adj.) gys ny cassyn, lane liauyr

full-page lane-heu

full-rigged fo lane hiauill; fo lane riggin

full-sized (adj.) lane-howshanagh

full-throated (adj.) ass y scoarnagh

full-time (adj., adv.) lane-emshiragh

pack-full (adj.) lome lane

top-full (adj.) lane gys y chrossag; lane gys y veeal; lung-lane

ass y scoarnagh full-throated

cleeauoil (man) full-chested

dianeagh full of earthworms, wormy

ennym as sliennoo full name

fo lane clooie full-fledged

fo lane riggin full-rigged

jeh'n 'eer-uill full-bred

lane assit full-grown

lane-emshiragh (=Ir. lánaimseartha) full-time, whole-time

lane-heu full-page

lane-howshanagh full-sized

lane liauyr full-length

lane my-vlaa full-blown

slane lhiettal full stop, period

strooanagh full of streams, streaming

thaagagh full-bodied

chengey nieuagh (f.) tongue full of venom

craitnagagh full of bats: Ta'n boayl craitnagagh. DF

ec bieauid ny geayee at full pelt

fo lane hiauill full blast, full-rigged

goal twoaie noid rainbow full north

lane da'n chrossag chock-full, full up

lane da ny feeacklyn chock-full

lane gys y chrossag top-full

lane gys y veeal brimfull, top-full

lhome-lane See lung-lane chock-a-block, chock-full, cram-full

sheeintagh (woman) full-chested; mamillary, mammal, mammalian

tuckal to the full; (as cloth) walk [M.E.tuck]

of salt sailley; (dy) hollan: Full of salt - Lane dy hollan. DF idiom

beeallerey babbler: Ta ben ommijagh ny beeallerey Bible; clamorous, full of talk; chiff-chaff

ec y vullagh full: Ta'n eayst ec y vullagh noght. DF

giallaghey blanch, bleach, bleaching, brighten, lime wash, to the full, whiten, whitening; (of weather) clear

ooiganagh full of pits: trooid cheer reeastaneagh, as ooiganagh Bible

ta my haie fys aym I know full well

bounce clistal; clistey; daanys-chree: He is full of bounce - T'eh lane daanys-chree. DF idiom; lheim; lheimyragh; lhiemmey

bus (n.) barroose; bus, buss: The bus was jam full - Va'n bus lane gys y dorrys. DF idiom; carbyd

cage (v.) caaidjaghey, cur ayns clean; (n.) cage, caaidje; caage: As a cage is full of birds - Myr ta caage lane dy eeanlee Bible

cups (npl.) cappanyn: pots full of wine, and cups - siyn lane feeyn, as cappanyn Bible

measure (n.) saase; towshan, tubbag; towse-saagh; (v., n.) towse: Measure the corn with your own tub - Towse yn arroo liorish dty hubbag hene. DF idiom Give me full measure - Cur towse mie dou. DF idiom

of years (dy) vleeantyn: an old man, and full of years - ny henn ghooinney, as lane dy vleeantyn Bible

sheaves (npl.) bunneeyn: I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves - lhie-yms trome erriu myr cart laadit lesh bunneeyn Bible

formoil (=Ir. foirmiúil) ceremonious, formal, full dress, stiff: Yn Chied Shirveishagh jeh Quaiyl Vretin shilley er yn Arjenteen as ny baljyn ayns Patagonia, dy hoiaghey ny kianglaghyn eddyr y daa heer ny smoo formoil. Dhoor

lane thie houseful, house full: Ny share ta greme chirrym (dy arran) as fea lesh, na lane thie dy yien mie, lesh anvea. Bible

lesh niart amain, with full strength: Lesh niart gleck ta mee er streeu rish my huyr Bible

lhean (=Ir. leathan) 1 broad, extensive, flat of nose, sheet, sweeping, wide a: Nish va'n ard-valley lhean as mooar Bible; 2 (of chin) full [O.Ir. lethan]

lhieent blown, completed, overrun, padded, prepossessed; filled, full, fulfilled: Eisht va nyn meeal lhieent lesh gennallys Bible; stuffed

lome lane overrun, packed, pack-full: Va'n traen lome lane. DF

lung-lane chock-a-block, cram-full, top-full: t'ad er dty lhieeney lung-lane dy hranlaase Bible

magh as magh downright, exceptionally, sheer, thorough, to the full, unreservedly, utterly: T'eh ny ghooinney seyr magh as magh. DF; out and out

slane appee as mie full and good: haink shiaght jeeassyn seose er yn un chass, slane appee as mie. Bible

slane jerrey full end: Been slane cheer ny hraartys; ny-yeih cha jean-yms slane jerrey Bible

slane shickyrys full assurance: Slane shickyrys nagh shir Jee orrin ny smoo y yannoo na ver eh hene pooar dooin dy chooilleeney. CS

slane towse full weight: va argid dy chooilley ghooinney ayns beeal e hack, nyn argid ayns slane towse Bible; abundance

soogh complete, full-fed, plenary, plenteous, plentiful, plenty, substantial: yiow eh soogh e vessyn Bible

walkal 1 fulling, to the full, tuck; 2 (cloth) waulk; 3 stroll, walking a: as myr v'eh walkal ayns y chiamble Bible

charm (v.) cur fo druaight, druaightey; cur y fockle er: She put a charm on me - Hug ee yn fockle orrym. DF idiom; (n.) druaight, fockle, gueshag, guess, oalys, obb, pishag, sheean; sheeanys: Woman full of charm - Ben lane dy heeanys. DF idiom

doctor1 (v.) cur druggey da, foalsaghey, jannoo coontys foalsey, jannoo lheeys er, karraghey, trullaghey; (n.) doctor, olloo; lhee; fer lhee: He's a full-blown doctor now - T'eh ny fer lhee kiart nish. DF idiom

hypocrisy (n.) craueeaght foalsey: Speaking lies in hypocrisy - Ginsh vreagyn ayns craueeaght-foalsey; craueeaght-oalsey: but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity - agh cheu-sthie ta shiu lane dy chraueeaght-oalsey as dy vee-chairys Bible; foalsaght; kialgeyrys: to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord - dy chur-rish kialgeyrys, as dy ockley-magh oltooan noi yn Chiarn Bible

stomach (n.) bolg: Crawling on his stomach - Snaue er e volg. DF idiom; booragh, chiolg, stamach; gailley: On a full stomach - Er gailley lane. DF idiom; stamack: It will put some stomach in them - Ver e stamack ayndoo. DF idiom

stop cur stap er; scuir, scuirr: He came to a full stop - Scuirr eh ayns e vraagyn. DF idiom; shassoo; stap, sthap; stappal; tannaghtyn: To stop at home - Dy hannaghtyn 'sy valley. DF idiom; scuirrys; jeigh; tannee: Stop there! - Tannee myr t'ou! DF idiom; doon: Stop that hole - Doon y towl shen. DF idiom; (n.) stad; stoppal

dooie complement, endemic, full-blooded, inborn, inherent, natural, patriotic, species, true-born, vernacular, trueborn; amicable, good-natured, kind, kindly: My vees oo dooie dan pobble Bible; native; innate; loving

er croo alive with vermin; crawling, swarming: Va'n boayl er croo lesh meoiryn shee. DF; full: Ta'n balley er croo lesh sleih. DF; made, created: Quoi erbee ta deayrtey fuill dooinney liorish dooinney bee yn uill echeysyn er ny gheayrtey; son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible

gys ny cassyn full-length: As ayns mean ny shiaght cainleyryn, fer goll-rish yn Mac dooinney, coamrit lesh garmad sheese gys ny cassyn, as kianlt mysh e chleeau lesh cryss dy airh. Bible

lum-lane brim-full, full to overflowing, glutted: Ta ooilley ny Manninee dooie ersooyl, nish dy vel y fer s'jerree jeu, Ned Maddrell voish Glion Chass, dooinney coar as gennal as lum-lane dy Ghaelg, caillt dooin; hooar eshyn baase 'sy gheurey shoh chaie (1974). LC; brimfull; overflowing

roie (=Ir. rith) bolt, burst, cursive, dart, flow, full retreat, melt, race, range, run, scurry, slip, sprinting: roie dy mooar ayns eash Bible; raced; smuggle, smuggling; (as animals) charging; (as pain) shooting; (ale) draught; ladder; flowing, flying, running; See roïe before: Myr dooyrt shin roie Bible; ran; rushed; See roïe previously; heretofore

sheeynt at full stretch, dilated, drawn out, extended, flat out, laid out, low-pitched, outstretched, procumbent, prolonged, prostrate, prostrated, rakish, sprained, sprawling, spread-eagled, strained, stretched, stretched out, tense, widespread, spreadeagled: hug oo lhiat magh liorish dty phooar niartal, as lesh dty roih sheeynt magh Bible


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