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fuill stroaney (f.) nosebleed, nosebleeding

fuill (=Ir.,Sc.G. fuil) (f.) (pl -yn) 1 blood a: t'ad ooilley lhie cooyl-chlea son fuill Bible; 2 breeding, kindred [O.Ir. fuil]

Inexact matches:

caghlaa fuill transfuse

deayrtey fuill shed blood: Ta shiu gee lesh yn uill, as troggal seose nyn sooillyn gys ny jalloonyn eu, as deayrtey fuill Bible

fuill chree (f.) life blood

fuill ghlen (f.) pure blood

fuill ooasle (f.) blue blood, noble blood: YEE Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr flaunyssagh, t'er chionnaghey dhyt hene Agglish harrish y slane seihll, lesh fuill ooasle dty Vac deyr PB1765

fuill reeoil (f.) blue blood, royal blood

gyn fuill bloodless

lhiggey fuill bleed, bleeding: Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF

tayrn fuill bleeding: S'feer eh, dy vel eeym cheet lesh churnal bainney, as ta cassey yn stroin tayrn fuill Bible

beiyn as fuill cheh ayn warm blooded

beiyn as fuill feayr ayn cold blooded

daahit lesh fuill bloodstained

jioogh son fuill bloodthirsty

tayrn fuill ass bleed; (surgical) cup

bleeding coyrt folley; fuiltagh; lhiggey fuill: His nose is bleeding - Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF idiom; roie folley; tayrn fuill

bleed (v.) lhiggey fuill, roie folley, tayrn fuill ass

blue blood (n.) fuill ooasle, fuill reeoil

bloodthirsty (adj.) fuilltagh: depart from me, ye bloodthirsty - immee-jee ass menish, shiuish gheiney fuilltagh. Bible; fuillaghtagh; (npl.) deiney folley: The bloodthirsty hate the upright - Ta deiney folley as dwoaie oc er sleih ynrick Bible; mooinjer folley: nor my life with the bloodthirsty - ny my vioys marish y vooinjer folley Bible; (v.) paagh lurg fuill: and save me from the bloodthirsty - as saue mee veih ny deiney ta paagh lurg fuill Bible; jioogh son fuill

blood (n.) fuill: Blood is thicker than water - Ta fuill ny s'chee na ushtey. JJK idiom

bloodless1 (adj.) gyn fuill

cup2 (v.) (surgical) tayrn fuill ass

life blood (n.) fuill chree

noble blood (n.) fuill ooasle

nosebleed (n.) fuill stroaney

nosebleeding fuill stroaney

royal blood (n.) fuill reeoil

shed blood (v.) deayrtey fuill

transfuse (v.) caghlaa fuill

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

ny vud eu among you: Cha jean-annym erbee jiuish gee fuill, chamoo nee joarree erbee, ta goaill aaght ny vud eu, gee fuill. Bible

veih toshiaght gys jerrey fore and aft; from beginning to end: Nee'm my hideyn er-meshtey lesh fuill, (as nee my chliwe feill my noidyn y stroie) as shen, lesh fuill ny merriu, as ny cappeeyn, veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid. Bible

blood-guilty fuill-chyndagh

blood red fuill-yiarg

bloodstained (adj.) daahit lesh fuill, fuill-vreck

blood-warm fuill-vlah

haematology (n.) fuill-oaylleeaght

kindred caardjys; fuill; kynney; sleih-mooinjerey

pure blood (n.) fuill ghlen, glen-folley

fuill-chyndagh blood-guilty

fuill-oaylleeaght haematology

fuill-vlah blood-warm

fuill-vreck bloodstained

fuill-yiarg blood red

cold blooded beiyn as fuill feayr ayn

warm blooded beiyn as fuill cheh ayn

s'chee thickest: Ta fuill ny s'chee na ushtey. DF

smeïr-feeyney grapes: e eddagh ayns fuill ny smeïr-feeyney Bible

Steaon Stephen: tra va fuill dty eanish Steaon er ny gheayrtey Bible

tummit dipped: v'eh coamrit lesh garmad tummit ayns fuill Bible

breeding1 brey as troggal; ellyn; geddyn sluight: I am breeding from them - Ta mee geddyn sluight j'eu. DF idiom; gientyn; sheelraghey; troggal; (n.) fuill

I will avenge kerree-yms: I will avenge the blood of Jezreel - kerree-yms fuill Yezreel Bible

thicker (adj.) chee: Blood is thicker than water - Ta fuill ny s'chee na ushtey. JJK idiom; cheey

wrestle gleck noi: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities - Son cha vel shin gleck noi feill as fuill, agh noi ard-reilltee Bible; gleckey noi; kestal; streppey noi; gleck

Adaue Adam: Ta shenn skeeal ayn ginsh dy row Fenius y Scythian yn chied Albinagh as yn fuill echey cheet veih Adaue as Eva trooid Noah. Dhoor

arran soorit leavened bread: Cha jeb oo fuill my oural-caisht lesh arran soori Bible

ass seaghyn out of trouble: Shoh adsyn haink ass seaghyn mooar, as t'er niee nyn goamraghyn, as er ghiallaghey ad liorish fuill yn Eayn. Bible

brawnyn fatlings: as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin, eer feill reaghyn, as eayin, as dy ghoair, as dy ghew, ad shoh ooilley brawnyn Vashan Bible

breïn womb: As ayns breïn my vayrey va mee er my chummey ry jeih meeaghyn, jeant jeh fuill as bree dooinney Apoc

er e hon hene for himself: cha nee fegooish fuill, ren eh chebbal er e hon hene, as son shaghrynys y phobble. Bible

Eva Eve: Ta shenn skeeal ayn ginsh dy row Fenius y Scythian yn chied Albinagh as yn fuill echey cheet veih Adaue as Eva trooid Noah. Dhoor

feill ny treanee flesh of the mighty: Nee shiu gee feill ny treanee, as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin, eer feill reaghyn, as eayin, as dy ghoair, as dy ghew, ad shoh ooilley brawnyn Vashan. Bible

feill teirroo bulls' flesh: Vel oo smooinaghtyn dy nee-ym feill teirroo: as dy niu-ym fuill goair ? Bible

goll as cheet (as pulse) beating: Fuill ghruaieyn Aue rish shoh va goll as cheet, agglagh dy ve gys coontey sharroo eit PC

mea lesh meeaylys fat with fatness: bee yn thalloo oc er ny lhieeney harrish lesh fuill, as yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys. Bible

meeloauys incorruption: sho ta mi gra vraeraghyn nagh vod fuill as feyl eirys y getdyn ayns ririyght iih, ghamu nii louys eriyght y goyl ayns milouys. PB1610

neuchyndagh blameless, guiltless, innocent, irreproachable: ver oo ersooyl loght fuill neuchyndagh veih ny mast' eu Bible; sinless

possible possible: cha vel eh possible dy jinnagh fuill terriu as goair goaill ersooyl peccaghyn Bible

reayll (dy); (to) keep: Agh shin dy scrieu huc, ad dy reayll ad-hene veih eajeeys jallooyn, as veih maarderys, as veih [ gee ] reddyn toghtit, as veih fuill. Bible

schimmeigit scored; streaked: As faarney jeiryn sharroo noi e oaie, Schimmeigit lesh fuill ghoo Dhoor

son y chooid smoo chiefly, in general, in the main, mostly: ta dy chooilley red son y chooid smoo er ny ghlenney lesh fuill Bible

straïdyn streets: Son ver-yms stiagh yn phlaih urree, as fuill stiagh ayns ny straïdyn eck Bible

tappee (=Ir. tapa) allegro, express, fast, hasty, perfunctory, quick, quick-acting, rapid, speedy, swift: ta ny cassyn oc tappee dy gheayrtey fuill Bible

toghtit choked, foul, overwrought, strangled, strangulated, tense: dy reayll ad-hene veih gee reddyn toghtit, as veih fuill. Bible

toilchinagh deserving, meritorious: yn Sacrament smoo gerjoilagh jeh Corp as Fuill Chreest, dy ve lioroosyn er ny ghoaill ayns cooinaghtyn jeh e Chrosh as e Hurranse toilchinagh PB1765

torcan (f.) reek, stench, stifling cloud of smoke, stink, strong smell: as er y thalloo, fuill, as aile, as torcan jaagh. Bible

treanee mighty men, tyrants: Nee shiu gee feill ny treanee, as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin Bible

veih'n from the: Cre tou er nyannoo? ta coraa fuill dty vraarey geamagh hyms veihn ooir. Bible

vleïn (f.) (yn); (the) year: Cha nee dy hebbal eh-hene dy mennick, myr tan ardsaggyrt goll stiagh ayns yn ynnyd casherick dy chooilley vleïn lesh fuill cretooryn elley PB1765

unto me dou: where thou anointedst the pillar, and where thou vowedst a vow unto me - raad ren oo ooillaghey yn phillar, as raad ren oo breearrey dou: Bible; dooys: thy mercy, which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life - dty vyghin tou er hoilshaghey dooys ayns sauail my vioys Bible; hyms: the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground - ta coraa fuill dty vraarey geamagh hyms veihn ooir Bible; rhym: What is this that thou hast done unto me? - Cre shoh tou er nyannoo rhym? Bible; rhym pene

beeal (=Ir. béal, Sc.G. beul, bial) pl. beill, beealyn approach, flue, passage, rim; outlet: As va'n faarkey-sailjey choud as beeal Yordan yn chagliagh har. Bible; mouth, muzzle: t'er vosley e beeal dy ghoaill fuill dty vraarey veih dty laue. Bible; rictus; meatus, orifice; cone, crater: vrish y lostey seose myr ass beeal Etna ny Vesuvius PC; unwritten; entrance [O.Ir. bél]

cooilleeney achieve, avenge, compensate, consummate, execute, fulfil, keeping, perform, satisfy; acquit, acquittal; compensation, damages, punishment, recompense, satisfaction, vengeance; achievement, consummation, fulfilment; require: son fuill nyn mioys shir-yms cooilleeney Bible; requite: gowee eh son shickyrys cooilleeney orrin son ooilleyn olk ren shin rish Bible; accomplish; accomplishing

er croo alive with vermin; crawling, swarming: Va'n boayl er croo lesh meoiryn shee. DF; full: Ta'n balley er croo lesh sleih. DF; made, created: Quoi erbee ta deayrtey fuill dooinney liorish dooinney bee yn uill echeysyn er ny gheayrtey; son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible

glenney (=Ir. glanadh) act of vindication, chip, clarify, clean, cleaner, clearance, discharge, dust, expurgate, freshen, grub, pay off, purge, purification, purify, rid, satisfaction, scale, scavenge, settlement, sink, weed, wipe; (honey) clarification; (as fowl) draw; (as metal) try out; cleaning; bathe: as glenney e chorp ayns ushtey Bible; cleanse: As nee eh glenney yn thie lesh fuill yn eean as lesh yn ushtey farrane Bible; glass


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