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freilt kept, preserved: lhig da dty harvaant ve freilt ayns bondiaght da my hiarn Bible

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freilt dy mie (as secret) well-kept

freilt er lheh kept apart

well-kept2 (adj.) (as secret) freilt dy mie

kept apart freilt er lheh

preserved as soo jeant jeh; freilt; lhiassit

cage cage: Myr eean freilt ayns cage dy volley eeanlee elley, myr shen ta cree yn vooinjer chluicagh Apoc

co-emshiragh contemporaneous, contemporary: Shickyraghey dy vel plannal chengagh gobbragh dy mie as freilt co-emshiragh liorish ronsaghey as cur niart da conaantyn eddyr-ashoonagh as smooinaght noa er myn-chengaghyn. Dhoor

dty chour for your sake: son gys y traa shoh ve freilt dty chour Bible

fo arrey under surveillance: Tooryn ard niau ta seyr sthill veih danjeyr y noidys ain; t'ad freilt fo arrey gyere dy ainleyn sollys, eillit lesh pooar nyn ree. PC

kellit hid: dy bee shoh kellit veih sooillyn e sheshey, as freilt follit Bible

peeikear pl. peeikeyryn, peeikearyn descrier, spy: Myr eean freilt ayns cage dy volley eeanlee elley, myr shen ta cree yn vooinjer chluicagh; as myr peeikear t'eh lhie cooyl-chlea son dty lhieggey. Apoc; spoilsport

pryssoon pl. pryssoonyn brig, gaol, glasshouse, jail, lock-up, penitentiary, prison: bee shiuish freilt ayns pryssoon Bible; clink

pryssoonit detained: ayns y chione dooint towl beg sheign faagit ve cour cuirtlagh aileagh dy chur slane livrey da sp'ryd doo dewil pryssoonit ayns y ghrunt, freilt sthie er-niart fo trimmid corrym runt PC

ushtey-scarree water of separation: bee eh freilt cour sheshaght chloan Israel son ushtey-scarree Bible

kept (adj.) freilt, freaylt; (v.) dreill; choad; lhiett; cummit: If you don't know it, you'll be kept in - Mannagh nhione dhyt eh, bee oo cummit sthie. JJK idiom; chum: But the thunder kept me from sleeping - Agh chum yn taarnagh mee veih cadley. JJK idiom

ayn as ass there and back: as chymmylt mysh va voalley lajer ard, as ayn as ass dy gholl cha row agh raad va freilt sthill dooint dy creoi lesh lheid y duilley as va ny share na prash my cheeadoo filley. PC


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