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fraue (=Ir. fréamh, préamh, Sc.G. freumh) (f.) pl. fraueyn 1 bulb, derivation, radical, radicle, root a: cha gow yn bun oc fraue ayns yn ooir Bible; 2 (of family) stem; 3 race; 4 fang [O.Ir. frém]

Inexact matches:

fraue cadlee opium

fraue cadleen opium

fraue chernagh (f.) square root

fraue cherrinagh (f.) square root

fraue chiubagh (f.) cube root

fraue kioobagh cube root

fraue oaie (f.) feature

veih'n fraue fundamentally: Va bun yn choloayrtys ain dy row eh boirit dy row bing ny fainaghyn cur magh fainaghyn myr v'ad taffeeyn, as va dooghys y Ghaelg loayrit caghlaait veih'n fraue. Dhoor

fraue-ockleeaght ny theay (f.) folk etymology

tayrn veih'n fraue deracinate

cube root fraue chiubagh; fraue kioobagh

opium (n.) cadleen, fraue cadlee, fraue cadleen, soo chadlee

square root (n.) fraue chernagh, fraue cherrinagh

deracinate (v.) tayrn veih'n fraue

derivation (n.) bun; fraue

fang (n.) birrag; croag; fraue

radicle (n.) fraue

stem5 (n.) (of family) fraue

etymon (n.) fraue-ockle

fundamentally (adv.) dy bunneydagh; veih'n fraue

radical (adj.) bunneydagh, fraueoil, fraueoilagh; (n.) fraue

root word (n.) fraue-ockle

subderivative (n.) fo-fraue

taproot (n.) bun-fraue

bun-fraue (f.) taproot

fo-fraue subderivative

fraue-note fundamental

fraue-ockle etymon, root word

bulb1 (n.) cramman, crammaney, cruinnag, fraue, maccan

folk etymology (n.) fraue-ockleeaght ny theay

fundamental bun-; bunneydagh; fraue-note; fraueagh; undinagh

feature (n.) ard-skeeal; cowrey; cummey; eddin; fraue oaie; grooish oaie; taishbyney

cockatrice cockatrice: son magh ass fraue yn ard-nieu hig magh cockatrice Bible

root bun: Root of the tongue - Bun ny chengey. DF idiom; bun-noatey; bunneydys; frauaghey: Take root - Frauaghey. DF idiom; fraue; reuyrey: Let every pig root for herself - Lhig da dagh ooilley vuc reuyrey j'ee hene. DF idiom

shall not take cha gow: their stock shall not take root in the earth - cha gow yn bun oc fraue ayns yn ooir Bible

bun dy baare head and tail: Shen-y-fa nee yn Chiarn giarey jeh Israel veih bun dy baare, eer bangan as fraue syn un laa. Bible

Drogh-yeih Evil spirit, Satan: Myr shoh va'n drogh-yeih eebyrtit ass niau, as ooilley'n peccah broghe, banglane as fraue PC

gymmyrkey mess fructiferous, fructification, fructify: As y fooilliagh t'er scapail jeh thie Yudah, nee foast fraue 'ghoaill sheese, as gymmyrkey mess seose. Bible

Ny surr (intj) Permit not: ny surr ny banglaneyn 's y fraue dy fioghey 'feme dty vyghinyn, PC

slattag meiygh tender plant: Son nee eh gaase seose kiongoyrt rish myr slattag meiygh, as myr fraue ass thalloo sponkit Bible

teigh (=Ir. tuadh) (f.) pl. teighyn axe, chopper, hatchet: ta'n teigh er ny choyrt gys fraue ny biljyn Bible

race (n.) area, arey, clash, race, stroo; dooghys, reis; ratch, ratçh: Leading car in a race - Gleashtan toshee ayns ratch. DF idiom; roie: His race is run - Ta'n roie echey roit. DF idiom; kynney: The human race - Yn kynney deiney. DF idiom; sluight: He comes from a long race of seafaring men - Marrinnee va'n sluight echey er dy rieau. DF idiom; fraue; (v.) ratchal, roie ratch

stand for (v.) goaill yn ynnyd jeh; shassoo er son; shassoo son: And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people - As ayns y laa shen vees fraue jeh Jesse, nee shassoo son cullee dan pobble Bible

miandagh desirable; desirous: ny lhig dty aigney ve miandagh er e vee blaystal Bible; fanciful; lustful: As ren earrooyn elley jeh ny joarreeyn va ny mast' oc gaase miandagh Bible; covert: Son saynt argid fraue dy chooilley olk: dan chooid cheddin choud as va paart miandagh er bible; fond of: Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK; selfish; addict, craver

stoamid fairness, finery, glory, good looks, gorgeousness, gracefulness, grandeur, shapeliness, stateliness, superbness: Cha vel stoamid agh son shallid, as aalid te fardail Bible; comeliness: as myr fraue ass thalloo sponkit; cha vel stayd ny stoamid ry-akin ayn Bible; beauty: as jannoo eh ayns cummey dooinney, cordail rish stoamid dooinney Bible; comely: Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible; portliness


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