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Frangagh (=Ir. Francach) (adj.) French, Gallic: ta'n reiltys Frangagh ayns foayr mooar jeh pooar chesh- veanagh. Carn; (n.) Frenchman, Frenchwoman

frangagh 1 foreign, outlandish, strange a: Ta oashyn Frangagh echey. DF; 2 extraordinarily large

Inexact matches:

arran Frangagh (f.) French roll

baanrey Frangagh francomania

bayrn Frangagh beret

billey frangagh laburnum

bolgagh frangagh pox

breck frangagh1 horse mackerel, scad

breck frangagh2 (yn) syphilis

burley frangagh (common) cornsalad; Iceland watercress

cant Frangagh Dutch auction

cliogagh frangagh corn flag

Conney Frangagh Place of Large Gorse

conney frangagh furze, gorse, whin

conning Frangagh Belgian hare

crodane frangagh streaked gurnard

cro frangagh walnut

cullyn Frangagh Australian holly

fine Frangagh condom, French letter

foillan frangagh Mediterranean gull

freoagh Frangagh cross leaved heather

gloaseyder Frangagh French polisher

gloasey Frangagh French polish

gorley frangagh venereal disease

juys Frangagh silver pine

kelk Frangagh French chalk

kellagh frangagh bubbly-jock, gobbler, turkey, turkey cock

lhieen frangagh toad flax

lhiouan frangagh nettle tree

moddey Frangagh poodle

plumbisyn Frangagh French plums

poanrey Frangagh haricot, kidney bean

roddan Frangagh brown rat

rolley Frangagh croissant

shaslagh frangagh (f.) lyme grass

skeddan frangagh pilchard

sollan frangagh rock salt

sollyssid Frangagh French polish

thombaacey frangagh petunia

unjin frangagh whitebeam

whaaley frangagh herring-bone stitch

cur cummey Frangagh er Frenchify

cur gloasey Frangagh er French polish

guilley bing Frangagh English Scurvy Grass

jannoo Frangagh jeh Frenchify

thie oast Frangagh cabaret

French polish (v.) cur gloasey Frangagh er; (n.) gloasey Frangagh, sollyssid Frangagh

Frenchify (v.) cur cummey Frangagh er, jannoo Frangagh jeh

Belgian hare (n.) conning Frangagh

beret (n.) bayrn Frangagh, beeray

bubbly-jock kellagh frangagh

cabaret (n.) thie oast Frangagh

condom (n.) fine Frangagh

corn flag (n.) cliogagh frangagh

cornsalad (n.) (common) burley frangagh

croissant (n.) rolley Frangagh

Dutch auction (n.) cant Frangagh

extraordinarily large frangagh

francomania baanrey Frangagh

French letter (n.) fine Frangagh

Frenchman (n.) Frangagh

French plums (npl.) plumbisyn Frangagh

French polisher (n.) gloaseyder Frangagh

Frenchwoman (n.) ben Rangagh; Frangagh

Gallic (adj.) Frangagh, Gallagh

gobbler (n.) kellagh frangagh; sluggeyder

haricot (n.) poanrey Frangagh

herring-bone stitch (n.) whaaley frangagh

Iceland watercress (n.) burley frangagh

kidney bean (n.) poanrey Frangagh

laburnum (n.) billey frangagh

Mediterranean gull (n.) foillan frangagh

nettle tree (n.) lhiouan frangagh

outlandish (adj.) frangagh; joarree

petunia (n.) thombaacey frangagh

pilchard (n.) piljear; skeddan frangagh

poodle (n.) moddey Frangagh

pox (n.) bolgagh frangagh

silver pine (n.) juys Frangagh

toad flax (n.) lhieen frangagh

turkey1 (n.) kellagh frangagh

turkey cock (n.) kellagh frangagh

walnut (n.) cro frangagh, galchro

whitebeam (n.) unjin frangagh

cross leaved heather (n.) freoagh Frangagh

horse mackerel (n.) breck frangagh; lheimmeyder

lyme grass (n.) shaslagh frangagh, thaiane

syphilis (n.) (yn) breck frangagh; (yn) volgagh rangagh

Australian holly cullyn Frangagh; cullyn meein

brown rat (n.) roddan dhoan, roddan dhone, roddan Frangagh

English Scurvy Grass (n.) guilley bing Frangagh

French chalk (n.) clagh heabinagh; clagh heeabinagh; kelk Frangagh

French roll (n.) arran Frangagh, rolley rangagh

furze (n.) aittin; conney frangagh; conney mooar

Place of Large Gorse (n.) Conney Frangagh

rock salt (n.) clagh-hollan, sollan frangagh, sollan meaniney

scad (n.) breck frangagh, lhiemmeyder, scad; goayr

streaked gurnard (n.) crodane frangagh, crodane rimmeigagh

venereal disease (n.) gorley comyssagh, gorley frangagh

whin (n.) aittin; conney frangagh; conney mooar

gorse (n.) aadjin, aittin, conney, conney frangagh, conney Manninagh, conney mooar; gaittinagh; (v.) gaittinaghey

kiarkyn (f.) gallinaceae, poultry: Vel ny kiarkyn frangagh speeint ayd? DF; hens

foreign (adj.) frangagh, gyn-oayl, quaagh; joarree: Foreign Office - Rheynn Chooishyn Joarree. DF idiom; neughooghyssagh: Foreign to his nature - Neughooghyssagh da. DF idiom

French (n., adj.) Frangagh: She dresses in the French fashion - T'ee cur moee 'syn oash Rangagh. JJK idiom; (npl.) (The); (Ny) Frangee; (npl.) Mooinjey ny Frank; (n.) Frangish: Your cousins speak French very well - Ta dty gheiney-vooinjerey loayrt Frangish feer vie. JJK idiom

strange (adj.) anoayshagh: Strange beasts - Beiyn anoayshagh. DF idiom; frangagh, goaldagh; quaagh: You will experience a strange feeling - Hig ennaghtyn quaagh ort. DF idiom; joarree: To make strange - Dy ve joarree. DF idiom; quaaie

bun-lught aborigines: Voish yn traa haink yn bun-lught Britaanagh voish Kernow, Nerin as Bretyn thousane ny bleeaney er-dy-henney derrey'n Irree Magh Frangagh Carn

ceau argid disburse, pay out: Dinsh Britaanagh dou dy vel y reiltys Frangagh ceau argid fy yerrey dy haraghey ny raaidyn sy Vritaan Carn

Ƨhaghter-reeoil ambassador: Va mee er my phointeil dy ve my haggyrt-cabbal da'n Ƨhaghter-reeoil Frangagh ayns Constantinople. CnyO

Sheenagh Chinaman, Chinese: Ta tushtey dy liooar cheet veih'n smooinaght dy vel eh foddey ny sassey dy yannoo studeyrys er cooishyn Frangagh, Rooshagh, Giarmaanagh, Sheenagh as myr shen na er cooishyn Celtiagh. Carn


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