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fox1 shynnagh: It's a poor fox that has but one hole - She shynnagh boght nagh vel ny smoo na un towl echey. JJK idiom; (n.) fynney shynnee, fer shliawin; (v.) molley; lhiggey, lhiggey er

fox2 (n.) (person) fer shliawin

Inexact matches:

arctic fox (n.) shynnagh arctagh, shynnagh bane

fox cub (n.) quallian shynee; quallian-shynnee

Fox Hill (n.) Cronk Shynnagh

Fox Lake (n.) Lough ny Shynnagh

fox moth (n.) lhemeen-shynnee

Fox Shieling (n.) Eary Shynnagh

Fox Sparrow (n.) Sparroo ruy

fox sparrow (n.) sparroo shynnee

fox terrier (n.) brockeyr shynnagh

silver fox (n.) shynnagh gial

Croit Fox Fox's Croft

Reynard the Fox (n.) Ruaree Ruy

Fox's Croft (n.) Croit Fox

brockeyr shynnagh fox terrier

Cronk Shynnagh Fox Hill

Eary Shynnagh Fox Shieling

fynney shynnee fox

lhemeen-shynnee fox moth

quallian shynee fox cub

quallian-shynnee fox cub

shynnagh arctagh arctic fox

shynnagh bane arctic fox

shynnagh gial silver fox

Sparroo ruy Fox Sparrow

sparroo shynnee fox sparrow

dog-fox (n.) shynnagh firryn

fox-hole (n.) towl coadee, towl shynee

fox-hunt (n.) shelg shynnagh

fox-hunter (n.) shelgeyr shynnagh

fox-hunting (v.) shelg shynnagh

she-fox (n.) shynnagh bwoirrin; shynnagh bwoirryn

Lough ny Shynnagh Fox Lake

Ruaree Ruy Reynard the Fox

shelgeyr shynnagh fox-hunter

shelg shynnagh fox-hunt, fox-hunting

shynnagh bwoirrin (f.) she-fox, vixen

shynnagh bwoirryn (f.) she-fox, vixen

shynnagh firryn dog-fox

towl shynee fox-hole

fer shliawin (person) fox, shifty person, deceptive person

towl coadee fox-hole, funk hole

hound (n.) coo: The hound ran after the fox - Roie yn coo ny yei yn chynnagh. DF idiom

sly (adj.) shliawin: He's a sly fox - She fer shliawin eh. DF idiom; steetagh

lhiggey2 (er); (pretend) act; affectation, affectedness, counterfeit, dissimulate, dissimulation, feign, feigning, feint, pose, pretence, pretend, profess, sham, simulate, simulation: Ta fer ayn ta lhiggey er dy ve berchagh Bible; fox

lhiggey er act, affectation, affectedness, counterfeit, dissimulate, dissimulation, feign, feigning, feint, fox, pose, pretence, pretend, profess, sham, simulate, simulation: Ta fer ayn ta lhiggey er dy ve berchagh, ga nagh vel monney echey Bible

molley 1 (v.) baffle, bamboozle, beguile, bluff, cajole, captivate, deceive, disappoint, foil, fool, fox, gull, impose, trick a: t'eh molley adsyn ta cummal er y thalloo Bible; 2 (n.) bafflement, deceit, deception, disappointment, imposition, let down: Ta molley aynjee. DF; 3 cheated

shynnagh (=Ir. sionnagh) pl. shynnee fox, varmint: hie Samson as haare eh three cheead shynnagh Bible


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