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fondagh able, effectual, efficacious, efficient, of good standing, perfect, substantial, sufficient, valid: dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible; mighty; impregnable; firm, solid, stable

Inexact matches:

dy fondagh efficiently, heartily, sufficiently: Veih ny ta scruit jeh e vea, e vaase as e irree seose reesht veih ny merriu, ta dy fondagh soit magh ayns lioar Goo Yee CS

jannoo fondagh validate

resoonyn fondagh arguments: Yinnin my chooish y hoiaghey magh kiongoyrt rish, as lhieeney my veeal lesh resoonyn fondagh. Bible

undinyn fondagh substantial foundations

gow dty vee dy fondagh tuck in

arguments (npl.) arganeyn; resoonyn fondagh: I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments - Yinnin my chooish y hoiaghey magh kiongoyrt rish, as lhieeney my veeal lesh resoonyn fondagh Bible

effectual (adj.) fondagh; breeoil

efficacious (adj.) fondagh

efficient (adj.) fondagh

efficiently (adj.) dy fondagh

impregnable (adj.) fondagh, neughowallagh, shickyr

of good standing fondagh

substantial foundations (npl.) undinyn fondagh

sufficiently (adv.) dy fondagh

valid (adj.) breeoil; fondagh, shickyr

heartily (adv.) dy creeoil; dy fondagh

sufficient (adj.) fondagh; saiagh; dy liooar

validate jannoo breeoil; jannoo fondagh

solid (n.) corp, corp stooalt, stooaltane; (adj.) creoi, fondagh, stooalt

substantial (adj.) fondagh; mie troggit; soogh; trome

tuck in (v.) filley stiagh, gow dty vee dy fondagh, scoltey

shirrys seek: dy choyrt coyrle fondagh dauesyn shirrys hood. Bible

perfect fondagh: S'fondagh! - How perfect! DF idiom; fondaghey; slane: He's a perfect idiot! - T'eh ny slane ommidan! DF idiom; slane jeant; crauee; jeeragh

stable (adj.) anchorragh, fondagh, neuchorragh, shassooagh, shickyr; (n.) marklann, thie ny gabbyl; stabyl: The stable is built on to the house - Ta'n stabyl cheet ass yn thie. DF idiom

Bulgarianee Bulgarians: hooar shin cooilleen-aigney fondagh, son ren ny hAbaree wheesh cheddin rish state çhiarn elley ta bentyn da ny Bulgarianee. CnyO

derrey yeh (yn); (the) one: Da'n derrey yeh ta shin blass y vaaish gys baase; as da'n jeh elley ta shin blass y vea gys bea: as quoi ta fondagh son ny reddyn shoh? Bible

eaysley (dy); (to) redeem: As mannagh vel carrey ec y dooinney dy eaysley eh, as eh hene er jeet dy ve fondagh dy eaysley eh Bible

floaoil See flaaoil 1 eloquent a: loayr eh roo ayns glare mooar floaoil. Bible; b: haink Hew dy row gys Ephesus va enmyssit Appollos, ruggyr ec Alexandria, dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible

moirys (f.) maternity, motherhood: Yn Shirveishagh, Alex Downie, t'eh gra dy vel y Rheynn echey laccal cur er bun cairyn-moirys fondagh dy phohlldal lughtyn-thie as ny paarantyn gobbraghey BS

neuchroghagh independent: dooyrt yn Ard-Shirveishagh, Donald Gelling, rish Peddyr Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Kione Droghad, dy vel imraa neuchroghagh fondagh er ve jeant hannah BS

Norlynn Norway: Ta'n Ellan gaa-hickyraghey kianglaghyn ta fondagh hannah lesh Lerpoyll as Stavanger ayns Norlynn. BS

persoon (=Ir. pearsa) pl. persoonyn being, individual, person, personage: cha bee un feanish fondagh noi persoon erbee Bible [L. persona]

pleadeil (f.) advocacy, plead, pleading: nee eh dy fondagh pleadeil yn chooish oc Bible; (of case) conduct; dispute

skirraghtyn (=Ir. sciorradh) lapse; skid: Tra va'n greie goll er cloie, va'n boayrd-mair jeant fondagh lesh daa 'reeney dy lhiettal skirraghtyn. Dhoor

able (adj.) cummeydagh; fondagh: I don't know, but I think you'll be able to get some at C- - Cha saym, agh ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vod oo geddyn paart ec C-. JJK idiom He was able to speak Manx - Oddagh eh loayrt Gaelg. DF idiom Before I was able - Roish my doddin. DF idiom; (v.) jargal: Still, I hope you will be able to make a good breakfast - Foast, ta mee treishteil dy bee shiu jargal dy vrishey yn trostey eu dy-mie. JJK idiom Were you able to do that? - Row shiu jargal shen y yannoo? DF idiom; abyl: You are able - T'ou abyl. DF idiom; foddee: You are able - Foddee oo. DF idiom I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom

firm (adj.) beayn, fondagh, gloo, jeelys, roauyr, shassooagh, trean; chionn: Stand firm - Shass dy chionn. DF idiom; shickyr: To hold firm - Dy hassoo dy shickyr. DF idiom; (n.) colught: We do business with that firm - Ta shin dellal rish y cholught shen. DF idiom

fo-raad (of road) branch, secondary road; en route, in motion, in transit, on the road, under way; started: Lhisagh claare-traenal fondagh ve currit fo raad, as, ec y traa cheddin, lhisagh stoo ynsee cooie goll er croo as ve currit er- e-hoshiaght. Carn


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