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folmaghey blow out, clear out, deflate, deflation, deplenish, depletion, discharge, drain, drink up, empty, evacuation, hollow, unburden, unpack, unship, vacate, void: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen Bible

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folmaghey pryssoon gaol delivery

deflate (v.) folmaghey; jee-volgey

deflation (n.) folmaghey; jee-volgey

deplenish (v.) folmaghey, troggal ass

depletion (n.) ee, folmaghey

gaol delivery folmaghey pryssoon

vacate (v.) folmaghey

unburden (v.) anlaadey, eddrymaghey, folmaghey, neulaadey

blow out bleaystey, folmaghey, mooghey; scoltey; lheie

clear out (v.) cosney roish; folmaghey; goll roish

evacuation (n.) cur magh, folmaghey, goaill magh, treigeil

unpack (v.) folmaghey; folmee; neuphagg; neuphaggal; neuphaggey

unship (v.) cur ass lhong, folmaghey, folmee, lhieg, lhieggal

drain (v.) chirmaghey, folmaghey, jeeiganey, jeeigey, sheeley, teaumey; (n.) jeeig, piob-heelee, sornaig

empty1 (adj.) follym: Empty thought - Smooinaghtyn follym feayn. DF idiom; (v.) folmagh, folmaghey

jyst (pl -yn) dish: Ren eh folmaghey y jyst echey. DF

discharge ceau magh: Discharge ballast - Ballast y cheau magh. DF idiom; cur ersooyl; cur sheese; eeck glenney; folmaghey; glenney; glenney magh; jee-lughtaghey; jee-lughtey; lhiggey; lhiggey magh; neulaadey; neulughtaghey; neulughtey; orraghey; seyrey; sheeley; skeaylley; tilgey

drink up folmaghey: Drink up gentlemen! - Folmee ny glessyn eu gheiney seyrey! DF idiom; iu seose: Drink up gentlemen! - Iu-jee seose, gheiney seyrey! DF idiom; soo-seose

hollow1 (n.) clash, follym, lagg, laggan, sloc, slogh, sloghan, towl; (v.) folmaghey, jeeigey; slocagh: Hollow eyes - Sooillyn slocagh. DF idiom

void1 ass bree, neuvreeoil; dyn ymmyd; er neunhee; follym; folmaghey; gyn vree; jannoo gyn bree; tilgey; faase

fasneyderyn fanners: As ver-yms gys Babylon fasneyderyn, nee ish y asney, as folmaghey yn cheer eck Bible

gyn lhaggaghey unabashed, unabated, unallayed, unappeasable, unassuaged, undamped, unmitigated, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unrelieved, unshrinking, untiring: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen, as gyn lhaggaghey dy stroie ny ashoonyn ? Bible


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