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folley (gen.) consanguinity, of blood: Smerg da'n ard-valley folley! Bible; bloody

Inexact matches:

ard-hrimmey folley (illness) blood pressure

ard-vroo folley high blood pressure

braar folley blood brother

caghlaa folley transfusion

carthan folley bloodsucker

casteyder folley astringent, haemostat

castey folley stopping a blood flow

chiass folley blood heat

clabbid folley thrombosis

clagh folley (f.) bloodstone, heliotrope

coo folley bloodhound

corpeen folley blood corpuscles

cowrey folley naevus

coyrt folley bleeding

craitnag folley (f.) vampire

cron folley bloodstain

crouw folley (f.) pelargonium

deayrtey folley bloodshed: Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley. Bible

feddan folley blood vessel

giarrey folley bloody flux, dysentery

glenney folley blood cleansing, purification of the blood

glubbaghey folley blood-clotting

glubbey folley blood clot

jiooghid folley bloodthirstiness

kyndid folley blood guilt

lhiggeyder folley blood-letter, phlebotomist; bloodletter

lhiggey folley blood-letting

loght folley blood-guilt

lostey folley cauterization

maaig folley (f.) serum

mooinjer folley (f.) blood relation

mooinjerys folley blood relationship

moon folley haematuria; murrain

plasmey folley blood plasma

possan folley blood group

putage folley (f.) blood pudding

pyshoonys folley blood poisoning

roieder folley haemophiliac

roie folley bleed, bleeding, haemorrhage: dagh unnane ta fo doghan roie folley Bible

rourid folley plethora

shugyr folley blood sugar

sooder folley bloodsucker, vampire

sooderys folley vampirism

stoyr folley blood bank

tessen-chaghlaa folley blood transfusion

trimmid folley blood pressure

trullee folley toxaemia

ym-roie folley haemophilia

arrey ny folley tender care

cur blass folley da blood as hounds

Laa ny Folley Armageddon

logh vooar folley (f.) sea of blood

lus cosney folley (f.) milfoil, yarrow

lus ny folley (f.) hyacinth

roie folley 'sy chlash bleeding piles

bloodthirsty (adj.) fuilltagh: depart from me, ye bloodthirsty - immee-jee ass menish, shiuish gheiney fuilltagh. Bible; fuillaghtagh; (npl.) deiney folley: The bloodthirsty hate the upright - Ta deiney folley as dwoaie oc er sleih ynrick Bible; mooinjer folley: nor my life with the bloodthirsty - ny my vioys marish y vooinjer folley Bible; (v.) paagh lurg fuill: and save me from the bloodthirsty - as saue mee veih ny deiney ta paagh lurg fuill Bible; jioogh son fuill

bloodsucker1 (n.) carthan folley, sooder folley

vampire (n.) craitnag folley; sooder folley

of blood (gen.) folley: Their drink-offering of blood will I not offer - Nyn ourallyn-iu folley cha jean-yms y hebbal Bible

Armageddon (n.) Laa ny Folley

bleeding coyrt folley; fuiltagh; lhiggey fuill: His nose is bleeding - Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF idiom; roie folley; tayrn fuill

blood bank (n.) stoyr folley

blood cleansing glenney folley

blood clot (n.) glubbey folley

blood-clotting glubbaghey folley

blood corpuscles (npl.) corpeen folley

blood group (n.) possan folley

blood guilt kyndid folley

blood-guilt loght folley

blood heat (n.) chiass folley

bloodhound (n.) coo folley

bloodletter (n.) cuishleyr, lhiggeyder folley

blood-letter lhiggeyder folley

blood-letting lhiggey folley

blood plasma (n.) plasmey folley

blood poisoning (n.) pyshoonys folley

blood pressure2 (n.) (illness) ard-hrimmey folley

blood pudding (n.) putage folley

blood relation (n.) mooinjer folley

bloodshed (n.) deayrtey folley, fuillaghtys

bloodstain (n.) cron folley

bloodstone (n.) clagh folley

blood sugar (n.) shugyr folley

bloodthirstiness (n.) jiooghid folley

blood transfusion (n.) tessen-chaghlaa folley

bloody (adj.) fuilltagh; folley: It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites - Te kyndagh rish Saul, as kyndagh rish e hie folley, er-yn-oyr dy dug eh gy-baase ny Gibeoniteyn. Bible

consanguinity (n.) folley, fuilleeaght, mooinjerys

haematuria (n.) moon folley

haemophilia (n.) ym-roie folley

haemophiliac (n.) roieder folley

haemorrhage (n., v.) roie folley

haemostat (n.) casteyder folley

hyacinth (n.) lus ny folley

murrain (n.) moon folley; murran

naevus (n.) cowrey folley

pelargonium (n.) crouw folley

phlebotomist (n.) lhiggeyder folley

plethora (n.) rourid folley

serum (n.) maaig folley, serum

toxaemia (n.) nieu; trullee folley

transfusion (n.) caghlaa folley

vampirism (n.) sooderys folley

cooilleeneyder-folley avenger: nee'n whaiyll livrey yn marrooder veih laue yn cooilleeneyder-folley Bible; revenger of blood

avenger (n.) cooilleeneyder, cooilleeneyder-folley

blood brother (gen.) braar folley, jarroo-vraar

blood pressure1 (n.) broo-folley, trimmid folley

bloodsucking (adj.) (n.) soo-folley, croaganys; (adj.) croaganagh

bloody flux giarrey folley; (yn) jiargey

cauterization (n.) daahjey, lostey folley, spoht-lostey

high blood pressure (n.) ard-vroo folley

red murrain (n.) mooyn-folley

revenger of blood (n.) cooilleeneyder-folley

tender care arrey ny folley

thrombosis (n.) clabbid cuishlin, clabbid folley

warm-blooded (adj.) blah-folley

blah-folley warm-blooded

broo-folley blood pressure

glen-folley pure blood

mooyn-folley red murrain

soo-folley bloodsucking

astringent castagh; casteyder folley; kianglee; kiangleyder

bleed (v.) lhiggey fuill, roie folley, tayrn fuill ass

bleeding piles (npl.) roie folley 'sy chlash

blood as hounds cur blass folley da

blood relationship (n.) caardys, caarjys, fuilleeaght, mooinjerys, mooinjerys folley

blood vessel (n.) cuisle, feddan folley, fuilleydane

heliotrope (n.) clagh folley, lus veg ny greiney

milfoil (n.) airh hallooin, ayr lossey, lus cosney folley

pure blood (n.) fuill ghlen, glen-folley

purification of the blood glenney folley

sea of blood (n.) logh vooar folley

stopping a blood flow (v.) castey folley

yarrow (n.) ayr hallooin, lus cosney folley

kiarkley circulation: Kiarkley ny folley. DF; circumnavigate; hoop

dysentery (n.) buinnagh mooar, chingys mooar y yiarrey, giarrey folley; (yn) gorley gastey; (yn) keckey shooyl

foalley (gen.) COMPARE folley of flesh, sensual: lurg yn dooghys foalley, Bible; carnal

circulation (n.) kiarkley: The circulation of the blood - Kiarkley ny folley. DF idiom; lhaihderaght; gleashaght; ym-stroo

cagliaghyn borders: As dy vow'n cooilleeneyder-folley eh, cheu-mooie jeh cagliaghyn yn ard-valley dy hauchys Bible

cooilleeneyder (pl -yn) achiever: ver y cooilleeneyder-folley yn dunver dy baase Bible; avenger, compensator; performer

glennit cleansed, cleared, gutted, purified, swept, weeded: bee ish glennit veih'n roie-folley eck Bible

jannoo siyr hurry, hurrying, haste: Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley. Bible

sauchys refuge: bee ad son sauchys diu veih'n cooilleeneyder-folley Bible; safekeeping, safeness, safety, security

scum (n.) barrag ghlass, kesh, scoodyn; meeaylys: Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose scum is therein - Smerg dan ard-valley folley, dan phot, tan veeaylys echey ayn Bible; scum: that the scum of it may be consumed - dy vod y scum echey ve er ny ghlenney dy bollagh ass Bible

shed (n.) bwaag; bwaane: Lean-to shed - Bwaane rish boalley. DF idiom; dreeym; (v.) shilley; shill, shillit; skah; skahit, skaht, tilgit; deayrt; gheayrt: And shed innocent blood - As gheayrt ad yn uill gyn loght; deayrtey: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood - Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley Bible

slayer (n.) marrooder: Then the congregation shall judge between the slayer and the revenger of blood - Eisht nee ny briwnyn yn chooish vriwnys, eddyr yn marrooder as yn cooilleeneyder-folley Bible

cooilleeneyderyn revengers: Ta mee guee ort, lhig da'n ree cooinaghtyn er y Chiarn dty Yee, nagh surr oo ny cooilleeneyderyn-folley dy gholl er nyn doshiaght, nagh stroie ad my vac. Bible

kindagh rish because; because of: Er-aggle dy jed y cooilleeneyder-folley er eiyrt y varrooder, ayns chiass e chorree, as berraghtyn er, kindagh rish lhiurid y raad, as eh y varroo, ga nagh row eh toilchin baase, myr nagh row eh ayns goanlys rish roish shen. Bible

peesh as peesh piece by piece: Smerg da'n ard-valley folley, da'n phot, ta'n veeaylys echey ayn, as nagh vel y veeaylys echey er n'gholl magh ass, cur-jee lhieu magh eh, peesh as peesh, ny lhig da cronney erbee tuittym er. Bible

saiagh sated, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfying, sufficient: C'woad dy leih gyn loght, mraane as paitchyn ny mastoc, vees marrooit my bee accrys-folley ny Steaytyn Unnaneysit saiagh? Dhoor


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