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follaghey bo-peep, cache, conceal, cover up, disguise, dissimulate, dissimulation, hide, hiding, muffle, occult, occultation, secrecy, secrete, veil: nee'm maghey shoh follaghey my eddin vouesyn Bible; hidden

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follaghey imnea dissemble

gyn follaghey undisguised

bo-peep follaghey

conceal (v.) follaghey, follaghtyn, keiltyn

hiding follaghey; keiltynys

occultation follaghey; kyaghtey

secrecy (n.) follaghey, folliaght, keiltynys

secrete (v.) follaghey, taaley

concealable (adj.) so-cheiltyn, so-follaghey

cover up coamrey; follaghey; keiltyn

occult druaightagh; follaghey; kyaghtey; fyssaght

undisguised (adj.) gyn follaghey; gyn keiltyn

so-follaghey concealable

cache (n.) tasht; (v.) tashtey, follaghey, freill, freayll

disguise (v.) cur farchoamrey er, follaghey, follaghtyn, keiltyn; (n.) farchoamrey

dissimulate (v.) follaghey, keiltyn, lhiggey er, lhiggey

dissimulation (n.) follaghey, keiltyn, lhiggey er, lhiggey; brynneraght

muffle coodaghey dy mie; follaghey; follaghtyn; muffyl; plooghey

dissemble (v.) brynneraght; follaghey imnea; jannoo molteyrys: and dissemble in their double heart - as jannoo molteyrys ayns nyn gree dooble Bible; molteyraght

hidden follit: Hidden joint - Olt follit. DF idiom; keillit, kiellit; follaghey: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom

veil (n.) breid, coodagh, curtan, veil; (v.) breidaghey, coodaghey, follaghey, keiltyn; curtan scarree: the veil of the temple was rent in the midst - va curtan scarree yn chiamble raipit veihmy Bible

daa (=O.Ir. ) deuce, two: As ghow'n ven yn daa ghooinney, as ren ee follaghey ad Bible; both [L. duo]

femoil beggarly, destitute, needy; essential, necessary, requisite: follaghey dt'eddin ayns y traa fêmoil ny heaghyn Bible; indispensable; useful

veinn (dy) of meal: Te goll-rish soorid, ren ben y ghoaill as follaghey ayns three towseyn dy veinn, derrey van clane soorit. Bible

hide follaghey; follaghtyn, keiltyn; keill: Go and hide behind the door - Immee as keil cooyl y dorrys. JJK idiom; follee: Don't hide my pen - Ny follee my phenn. JJK idiom; (n.) crackan; sheh: One must take the horns with the hide - Shegin goaill ny eairkyn marish y cheh. JJK idiom; oayll


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