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fod can, may: fod mayd dy creeoil gra, Ta'n Chiarn my er-coonee Bible; at length

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may (n.) drine; (v.) fod, foddee

mayd we: Cre'n aght fod mayd greinnaghey sleih aeg dy ynsaghey Ghaelg? Carn

mayds (emph.) we: Fod mayds gynsaghey graih er'n chengey (as reddyn cultooragh elley) roo ayns ny scoillyn. Carn

at length (adv.) ec y jerrey; er liurid; fod; fy yerrey; fey-yerrey: if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey - my she aigney Yee eh dy choyrt dou fey-yerrey jurnah sauchey Bible

ass y cheer abroad: Nish fod Mnr Jenkins, Scrudeyr Hostyn, ceau magh ass y cheer peiagh erbee t'eh coontey y ve ny 'er-atchimys - gyn boirey mychione cooyrtyn as nyn lheid. Carn

cowag (f.) (crowd) babble; chat, chin-wag, loud conversation, tête-à-tête: Ec yn traa cheddin, fod ad giu tey as goaill cowag. Carn

foayssagh beneficent, beneficial: Fod kiaulleyderyn goll ny s'menkey stiagh 'sy thieyn-lhionney, as loayrtee marroosyn, jannoo taishbynys roish yn theay dy vel Gaelg bio, foayssagh as aitt. Carn; remedial

goaill cowag chat, chatter: Ec yn traa cheddin, fod ad giu tey as goaill cowag. Carn

tey (=Ir. tae) tea: Ec yn traa cheddin, fod ad giu tey as goaill cowag. Carn

ynnydagh (=Ir. ynnydagh) pl. ynnydee attorney, delegate, deputy, representative; local: Fod mraane ynnydagh goll gys yn ynnyd shoh dy gheddyn fys mychione cooishyn dy liooar. Carn

can (n.) curn, curneen; stainnaghey, stainney; (v.) fod, jarg; (interrog.) nod: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom; vod: How can you go out in such weather? - Kys vod shiu goll magh ayns lheid yn earish? JJK idiom; foddee: God lays on you no burden greater than you can bear - Cha vel Jee cur ort errey ny smoo na foddee oo ymmyrkey. JJK idiom; oddys: How can he be so cruel? - Kys oddys eh ve cha dewil? JJK idiom


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