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fockley articulate, express, mouth, pronounce, utter, vocalize: As ren Aaron fockley magh ooilley ny goan va'n Chiarn er loayrt rish Moses, as ren eh ny mirrillyn ayns shilley'n pobble. Bible; announcement, articulation, statement, utterance, vocalization

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fockley magh declare, proclaim, proclamation, profess, promulgate, promulgation, pronounce, pronouncement, pronunciation: As ren ad fockley magh order, trooid Judah as Jerusalem, da ooilley cloan y chappeeys Bible; articulate

noi-fockley magh counter-declaration

fockley magh doaltattym blurt

fockley magh dy neuchiart mispronounce

Fockley Polasee Plannal Planning Policy Statement

articulate flaaoil; fockley; glick; gra; jesh-loayrtagh; oltagh; (v.) fockley magh

pronounce (v.) coraaghey, fockley; fockley magh: Pronounce your words correctly - Focklee magh nyn vocklyn dy-kiart. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) vriwnys

fockley-magh promulgation; utter, proclaim: ta'n dooinney pooaral fockley-magh olkys e annym Bible

blurt (v.) fockley magh doaltattym

proclaim (v.) fogrey; fograghey magh; fockley magh, fockley-magh: The stars proclaim the glory of God - Ta ny rollageyn fockley magh gloyr Yee. DF idiom

promulgate (v.) fockley magh

promulgation (n.) fockley-magh, fockley magh

pronouncement (n.) fockley magh

statement (n.) coontys, fockley

vocalization (n.) breeocklys, fockley, loayrtys

vocalize (v.) breeockley, coraaghey, fockley

counter-declaration noi-fockley magh

expressible (adj.) yn-fockley

mission statement (n.) fockley-dean

fockley-dean mission statement

yn-fockley expressible

mispronounce (v.) fockley magh dy neuchiart, mee-choraaghey

Planning Policy Statement (n.) Fockley Polasee Plannal

proclamation (n.) eam er y theay, fockley magh

announcement (n.) fockley, soilsheydys; fogrey: Broadcast announcement - Fogrey radio. DF idiom

articulation (n.) cur ayns olt y cheilley; fockley; loayrt; olt-chiangley

utterance (n.) cur magh, fockley, insh, lhiggey magh; glare; goan; goo; chengey; coraa

declare (v.) brishey magh, fogrey, insh, soilshaghey magh; fockley magh: Declare the pole - Yn teiy y 'ockley magh. DF idiom

express (adj.) bieau, tappee; eer: The express purpose - Yn eer-oyr. DF idiom; jarroo; (v.) fockley, gra, loayrt; abbyr: Express yourself in Manx - Abbyr eh ayns Gaelg. DF idiom; (n.) traen tappee

glory gloyr: The stars proclaim the glory of God - Ta ny rollageyn fockley magh gloyr Yee. DF idiom; stoamid, stooamid; boggyssagh

mouth1 (n.) beeal: Throwing a bone into a bad dog's mouth - Ceau craue ayns beeal drogh voddey. JJK idiom; gob; (v.) coraaghey, fockley

profess (v.) breearrey, cliaghtey, lhiggey er, soiaghey magh, lhiggey; fockley magh: And then will I profess unto them - As eisht neems fockley-magh orroo Bible

pronunciation (n.) coraaghey; fockley magh: It's the pronunciation that puzzles me - She yn fockley-magh ta boirey mish. JJK idiom

properly (adv.) dy cairagh, dy cooie; dy kiart: I can't word the letter properly - Cha noddym fockley y screeuyn dy kiart. DF idiom

utter (v.) fockley, loayrt, fockley-magh; (adj.) slane: He is an utter stranger to me - T'eh ny slane joarree dooys. DF idiom; sodjey magh

armeyder armourer, herald, squire: Eisht ren yn armeyder fockley-magh eam dy ard Bible

crooit coined, created, invented: T'eh gra peeishyn mooarey jeh'n aght-screeuee, y fockley magh as eer y grammeydys "crooit" - er lhimmey jeh ny focklyn crooit! Y grammeydys crooit, shen y red s'messey, t'eh smooinaghtyn. Carn

faishnaghyn divinations: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey, as faishnaghyn breagagh, as red gyn veg, as molteyrys yn chree oc hene. Bible

foalsey (=Ir. falsa) affected, bogus, counterfeit, dud, dummy, ersatz, fallacious, false, feigned, forged, hypocritical, perfidious, pinchbeck, sham, spurious, suppositious, tinsel, two-faced, unlawful, perverse, unfaithful, untrue, wicked: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey Bible; (of victory) hollow; (as note) wrong; wily; deceitfully

gassyn gases: Ta sleih yn phossan fockley nyn imnea as Ynnyd y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit cour Faaishnys-Emshyr cur faaue dy nod sleih leodaghey ny gassyn thieyn-gless ta goll er livrey syn aer. BS

grammeydys grammar: T'eh gra peeishyn mooarey jeh'n aght-screeuee, y fockley magh as eer y grammeydys "crooit" - er lhimmey jeh ny focklyn crooit! Y grammeydys crooit, shen y red s'messey, t'eh smooinaghtyn. Carn

keilt incomprehensible: Cha row yn leigh keilt oc: dagh laa mean-touree Haink pobble ny cheerey dy eaishtagh da'n Ree Er Cronkan ny Thingvaal yn leigh fockley magh. Coraa; recondite

naight vie good news: Shenn chrout politickagh t'ayn, fockley drogh naight fo cloagey meer veg dy naight vie Carn

oardyr order: Ec lunney yn lioar, hie eh er fockley dy row yn Reejerey Chalse er ngeddyn Oardyr-Toilchynys Norlann son greesaghey kianglaghyn eddyr Mannin as Norlann. BS

slane coardailys unison: Ta mee ayns slane coardailys riu mychione shen, ta mish hene er ve screeu ta mee er neddin as ta mee er noll son she shen yn aght ta shin fockley magh ad Dhoor

soilshee-yms I will show; I will shew: Soilshee-yms dhyt ooilley my vieys ayns goll royd, as nee'm fockley magh royd ennym y Chiarn Bible

herald (n.) armeyder: Then an herald cried aloud - Eisht ren yn armeyder fockley-magh eam dy ard Bible; chaghter, fogrey; kiaullaneyder; chaghter reeoil; (v.) fograghey

threatenings (npl.) baggyrtyn: breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord - fockley-magh baggyrtyn as baase noi credjuee yn Chiarn Bible

baggyrtyn threatenings, threats: As Saul foast fockley-magh baggyrtyn as baase noi credjuee yn Chiarn, jimmee eh gys yn ard-saggyrt, Bible

thie obbyr work house, workshop: lurg fockley magh yn Slattys shoh, dy bee dy chooilley choirrey ta ymmyd jeant eh ayns mwyllin, thie obbyr-laue, thie-prental, thie-daah, thie son lheie yiarn, thie-imbyl, thie-fuinney, obbraghyn-gas, obbraghyn-ushtey, ny thieyn erbee elley ta ymmyd jeant Coraa


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