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foays (=Ir. feabhas) pl. foayssyn benefit, betterment, good, goodness, improvement, profit, prosperity, quality, utility, wealth: son ta foays ooilley thalloo Egypt nyn gour Bible; perfection: ronsagh magh dy chooilley foays Bible; health, welfare, well-being; dignity

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jannoo foays benefit: Choud as vees mayd freayll rick er y thuryssid cultooroil shoh, cha bee eh ro olk as oddagh eh jannoo foays dy-liooar da Mannin. Carn

er son foays behoof; advantage; profit; benefit; interest; use

foays y clane commonweal

goaill ro-foays ass exploit

jannoo foays da benefit, improve: Nee'n fliaghey jannoo foays da'n gharey. DF

benefit1 (n.) foays, lhiass, mie; (v.) vondeishal, jannoo foays da; jannoo foays; toyrtys; vondeish: He will benefit - Yiow eh vondeish ass. DF idiom; jannoo mie; er son foays

quality dooghys; foaynooagh; foays: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom; quallid

betterment (n.) bishagh, foays

profit jannoo vondeish da, vondeishal, cosney; lhiass; vondeish: Profit and loss ledger - Lioar choontee vondeish as coayl. DF idiom; er son foays; foays

welfare (n.) foays: for this man seeketh not the welfare of this people - son cha vel eh shoh shirrey foays y phobble; lhiass

perfection (n.) feerid, slaneid, slanejeantys; foays

well-being (n.) gien mie, foays, speeideilys

commonweal (n.) foays y clane; (yn) vie chadjin

exploit goaill ro-foays ass; seyrey; treanid

behoof er son foays; er son peiagh ennagh; vondeish peiagh ennagh

improvement (n.) foays; shareaghey; lhiasaghey: All-round improvement - Lhiassaghey er dagh cheu. DF idiom

interest (n.) anaase; foayr; sym; use; (v.) cur parteeas da; er son foays

errys consciousness: T'ad er yannoo foays mooar da'n Errys Ashoonagh Britaanagh. Carn

magher caggee battlefield: Ta magher-chaggee, yn boayl dy phrowal foays yn chliwe. EF

maylart barter, exchange, truck; (f.) variant: Nee maylart speyrey foays dhyt. DF

moraltaght (f.) ethics, morality, morals: Foays y yannoo da moraltaght y phobble. DF

advantage1 (n.) vondeish: It has this advantage - Ta'n vondeish shoh echey. DF idiom; cosney; er son foays

goodly images (npl.) jallooyn stoamey: according to the goodness of his land they have made goodly images - rere foays e halloo, tad er nyannoo jallooyn stoamey Bible

health (n.) slaynt: You appear to enjoy excellent health - Ta shiu jeeaghyn dy ve goaill soylley jeh slaynt ard vie. JJK idiom; foays

improve (v.) cheet my laue, couyral, jannoo foays da, lhiassaghey; sharaghey: Improve an offer - Cheb y haraghey. DF idiom

of turf (gen.) moaney: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; (dy) voain: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom

utility (n.) foaynoo: It is of great utility - Ta foaynoo mooar ayn. DF idiom; foays; vondeish; ymmydoilid

wealth (n.) berchys: Great as his wealth is, which he has amassed, it has not made him happy - Ga s'mooar yn berchys t'eh er garnanaghey, cha nel eh er n'yannoo maynrey eh. JJK idiom; berchid, cooid seihlt, cowrey; foays

coarys-coonee keeshyn tax relief system: Ta Mainshtyr y Radlagh credjal dy vod y coarys-coonee keeshyn t'ayn nish jannoo foays dauesyn as kuse dy hieyn oc. BS

cooie da applicable, befit: Er lhiam dy bee coorse CCSE jannoo foays da'n Ghailck er y fa dy bee lheid y coorse cooie da feallagh aeg as da sleih shinney neesht. Carn

duittym fallen: Ta drogh chaghter duittym ayns olk: agh ta chaghter treishteilagh cur lesh foays. Bible; shall I fall down: duittym sheese roish bun billey? Bible

ellynyn arts: va leih cheead jin ayn, agh neesht, yn foays as mieys jeh'n chiaull, rinkeyderyn, arranederyn, roortee as taishbynys ellynyn Carn

farrys apparatus, appliance, fitment, plant, props, rig; economy: Ta ny caghlaaghyn er nyannoo foays da'n farrys ooilley cooidjagh. Carn

feyshteyder controversialist, examiner, inquisitive person, questioner: Hir Mainshtyr Shimmin er y feyshteyder dy ghoaill rish dy row eh freggyrt as foays ashoonagh share yn Ellan syn aigney echey. BS

foawragh Cyclopean, giant, giantlike, gigantic, hulking, king-size, vast; huge: As bee oayllys y cholught foawragh jannoo foays da colught Parkinson. BS

freayll rick er handle, monitoring, oversee: Choud as vees mayd freayll rick er y thuryssid cultooroil shoh, cha bee eh ro olk as oddagh eh jannoo foays dy-liooar da Mannin. Carn

jalloo roit molten image: Cre'n foays t'ayns yalloo grainnit, dy vel yn obbree er ghrainney eh; yn jalloo roit, as y fer-ynsee dy vreagyn, dy vel yn obbree treishteil ayns ny jallooyn balloo, obbyr e laueyn hene ? Bible

jallooyn stoamey goodly images: t'eh gymmyrkey mess da hene: rere earroo e vess, t'eh er vishaghey e altaryn; rere foays e halloo, t'ad er n'yannoo jallooyn stoamey. Bible

kyndid culpability, guilt: follym jeh foays v'ad, agh jeh olkys lane, kyndid nish gee er cooinsheanse dagh unnane; nyn stayd dy vaynrys wooar va caillit choiee, 's dy chosney reesht eh v'ad gyn saase erbee. PC

lhaggit bated, run down; relaxed: Shegin da ny studeyryn ve ayns stayd lhaggit dy gheddyn foays ass shoh. Carn

roortee athletes: va leih cheead jin ayn, agh neesht, yn foays as mieys jeh'n chiaull, rinkeyderyn, arrane deryn, roortee as taishbynys ellynyn Carn

sleih shinney elders: Er lhiam dy bee coorse CCSE jannoo foays da'n Ghailck er y fa dy bee lheid y coorse cooie da feallagh aeg as da sleih shinney neesht. Carn

smuggleyr contrabandist: Ta ram jeu cosney palchey argid ass smuggleyr, as baarail ooilley er lhune as liggar, gyn smooinaght er gerjagh as foays nyn mraane as cloan Dhoor

speeideilagh prosperous, successful: Ta'n saase Kodaly er ve feer speeideilagh ayns shimmey cheer hannah as cha nodmayd agh goaill foays voish my ta shin goaill toshiaght er ayns shoh. Carn

taksee taxi: Geoff Joughin, oasteyr y Thie-Oast Albert ayns Doolish, t'eh gra dy vel immanee-taksee feddyn foays ass y caghlaa hannah. BS

dignity (n.) ard-cheim, foays; mooaralys: Beneath your dignity - Fo dty vooaralys. DF idiom; ooashlys; ooashley: What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai for this? - Lesh cren ooashley as onnor ta Mordecai er ny ve cooilleenit son shoh? Bible

good mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom; cair, foayroil; mieys; mienys; vie: I hope you are in good health - Ta mee treishteil dy vel shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; foays

goodness1 (n.) mie, mienys; foayr: Lord, thou art God, and hast promised this goodness unto thy servant - uss y Jee, ter yialdyn y foayr shoh da dty harvaant Bible; foays; kenjallys: but that I believe verily to see the goodness of the Lord - agh dy vel mee dy shickyr credjal dy akin kenjallys y Chiarn Bible; mieys: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith - graih, boggey, shee, surranse- foddey, ymmyrkey meiygh, mieys, firrinys Bible

prosperity (n.) baill, grais, raah, raah mie, raahys, raays, speeideilys; sonnys; rah: At the zenith of his prosperity - Ec yn ard rah echey. DF idiom; palchys: And thus shall ye say to him that liveth in prosperity - As myr shoh nee shiu gra rishyn ta beaghey ayns palchys Bible; foays

use1 (v.) jannoo ymmyd jeh: Use cold water - Jean ymmyd jeh ushtey feayr. JJK idiom; taaghey; (n.) ymmyd: Because it will be of great use to you - Er y fa dy bee eh jeh ymmyd mooar dhyt. JJK idiom; cliaghtey: Don't use any ceremony with me - Ny shass er cliaghtey er my hons. JJK idiom; er son foays

jannoo ny sloo diminish, lessen: agh she foays kiart y briwnys jeant ec Cormeyder y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit dy leodaghey liorish lieh-cheead sy cheead y cheesh ta goll er eeck ocsyn ta jannoo ny sloo na tree meeilley stoandey sy vlein. BS


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