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foayroil attentive, approving, auspicious, good, propitious, tender; favourable: Bee eh foayroil da'n vooinjer ôney as ny ymmyrchee Bible

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dy foayroil approvingly, favourably: dy foayroil clashtyn rish dt'accanyn dt'ymyrçh y yannoo magh, dt'obbraghyn mie y eeck, as dty ghrogh ymmyrkey y smaghtagh. CS

foayroil rish conducive

favourably (adv.) dy foayroil: He didn't speak very favourably of me - Cha loayr eh feer foayroil jeem JJK idiom

approving foayroil; lowallagh; meiygh

auspicious (adj.) foayroil

conducive (adj.) foayroil rish

propitious (adj.) aigharagh, foayragh, foayroil

tender2 (adj.) (of memory) foayroil, keain

approvingly (adv.) dy foayroil; dy meiygh; lesh foayroilid

attentive (adj.) arreydagh: Your scholars are not attentive - Cha nel ny schoillaryn eu arreydagh. JJK idiom; foayroil; currymagh; eaishtagh; frioosagh: He was very attentive to her - V'eh feer frioosagh j'ee. DF idiom; geilloil

favourable (adj.) foayragh; foayroil; foayroiley: We've missed the most favourable opportunity - Ta shin er choayl yn caa s'foayroiley. JJK idiom; mie

eginyn wants: shynney lesh rieau aghinyn y chree ta dy firrinagh tushtagh jeh e voghtynid as e eginyn, nee toiggal d y aashagh as cooilleeney dy foayroil e aghinyn. CS

faasechredjuagh superstitious: Ny bee-jee er-y-fa shen faasechredjuagh, agh dy shickyr credjal, dy jean eh myrgeddin dy foayroil goaill yn Oikan shoh kionfenish; dy gow eh stiagh eh ayns roihaghyn e vyghin PB1765

obbyr ghiastyllagh (f.) charitable work: soilshit liorish e Vac Yeesey Creest; as gyn dooyteil agh dy vel eh dy foayroil lowal jeh shoh nyn obbyr ghiastyllagh, ayns coyrt lhien yn Oikan shoh gys e Vashtey casherick PB1765

good mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom; cair, foayroil; mieys; mienys; vie: I hope you are in good health - Ta mee treishteil dy vel shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; foays


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