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foalley (gen.) COMPARE folley of flesh, sensual: lurg yn dooghys foalley, Bible; carnal

Inexact matches:

awree foalley meat soup

bluckan foalley rissole

broit foalley meat broth

cabbil foalley breeding horses

carchuillag foalley (f.) blowfly

coyr foalley (f.) meat safe

Creg Foalley Rock of Blood

dooan foalley fleshhook

eeder foalley carnivore

fleah foalley barbeque

giarrey foalley carving

goaill foalley incarnation

kerroo foalley haunch

lhott foalley flesh wound

margey foalley meat market

pye foalley (f.) meat pie, pasty

rostey foalley braaivleis

saaue foalley meat saw

shaghneyder foalley vegetarian

shaghney foalley vegetarianism

skynn foalley (f.) carver, carving knife

soo foalley beef extract, gravy, meat essence

strooan foalley river of blood

teigh foalley (f.) (for meat) cleaver

tharrey foalley meat essence

thie-jantys foalley meat plant

dooghys ny foalley carnality: As ghow yn Goo er dooghys ny foalley, as ren eh baghey nyn mast' ain Bible

goaill dooghys ny foalley incarnation

kynn ny foalley (sexual) desire

saynt ny foalley (f.) concupiscence, lechery, sensuality, sexual desire: Son ooilley ny ta sy theihll, saynt ny foalley, as saynt ny sooilley Bible

sayntyn ny foalley lusts: Ayndoo shoh ren shin ooilley myrgeddin baghey roish nish, ayns sayntyn ny foalley, cooilleeney yeearreeyn yn eill, as yn aigney Bible

yeearree ny foalley lust, sexual desire: Er-yn-oyr dy vel yeearree ny foalley noidys rish Jee Bible

incarnation (n.) corpoilys-foalley; goaill dooghys ny foalley, goaill foalley

meat essence (n.) soo foalley; tharrey foalley

sexual desire (n.) saynt ny foalley, yeearree ny foalley

barbeque (n.) fleah foalley

beef extract (n.) soo foalley

braaivleis (n.) rostey foalley

breeding horses (npl.) cabbil foalley

carnivore (n.) eeder foalley

carving knife (n.) skynn foalley

cleaver2 (n.) (for meat) teigh foalley

eaters of flesh (npl.) eederyn-foalley: among riotous eaters of flesh - mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh Bible

fleshhook (n.) aall, dooan foalley

flesh wound (n.) lhott foalley

gravy (n.) ownee; soo foalley

meat broth (n.) broit foalley

meat market (n.) margey foalley

meat plant (n.) thie-jantys foalley

meat safe (n.) coyr foalley

meat soup (n.) awree foalley

of flesh (gen.) foalley

rissole (n.) bluckan foalley

sensual (adj.) foalley, soyllaragh

vegetarianism (n.) feill-haghney, shaghney foalley

eederyn-foalley carnivora, flesh eaters: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible; eaters of flesh

blowfly (n.) carchuillag foalley, carchuillag ghorrym

carnal (adj.) callinagh: but I am carnal, sold under sin - agh ta mish callinagh creckit fo peccah Bible; foalley: are ye not carnal, and walk as men? - nagh vel shiu foalley, as gimmeeaght myr deiney? Bible; seihltagh: is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? - nee madyr mooar eh my nee mayd buinn ny nheeghyn seihltagh eu? Bible

carnality (n.) dooghys ny foalley; foalleeaght

carnivora (n.) eederyn-foalley

flesh eaters (npl.) eederyn-foalley

leukaemia (n.) baneaghey-foalley

lusts (npl.) sayntyn, sayntyn ny foalley

river of blood (n.) strooan foalley

Rock of Blood (n.) Creg Foalley

baneaghey-foalley leukaemia

corpoilys-foalley incarnation

carver (n.) giarreyder, grainneyder, graueder, jallooder, skynn foalley

carving giarrey foalley; grainnaghey; grainney; jalloo

haunch (n.) curp; kerroo foalley; lheshey; shleayst

meat saw (n.) saaue butchooragh; saaue foalley

pasty glass; neealloo; pastee; pye foalley; teaystagh; treih

sensuality (n.) gimmanys, saynt ny foalley, soyllarys

vegetarian1 (n.) feill-haghnagh, feill-haghney, feill-haghneyder, shaghneyder foalley; lossreyder

concupiscence (n.) glieemian, saynt, saynt ny foalley, saynt y teihill

lechery (n.) bockeeys, boggeeys, cannid, cannooid, cannys, gimmanys, reaid, saynt ny foalley

ooanlaghyn washings: bee as jough, as ymmodee ooanlaghyn as oardaghyn foalley Bible

desire2 (n.) (sexual) kynn ny foalley: I desire her - Ta kynn aym urree. DF idiom

lust (n.) cannoo, glieemian, mian, rouanys, saynt, yeearree ny foalley; (v.) er cannoo lurg, mianey, sayntaghey

meat pie (n.) pye foalley; pye-feill: Now, I'm going to offer you a piece of this meat pie - Nish, nee'm arral erriu meer jeh'n phye-feill shoh. JJK idiom

cleayney attract, bank, circumvent, decoy, deviate, dispose, distort, divert, draw off, incline, induce, influence, inveigle, list, recede, seduce, stoop, veer: t'ad cleayney trooid sayntyn ny foalley Bible; (as garden) tend; distortion, diversion, penchant, mental twist, persuasion, perversion; allure; deviation

eederyn eaters: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

geginaghey urge, urging: Whilleen as ta shirrey dy hoilshaghey ad-hene er cheu-mooie liorish cowrey ny foalley, t'ad geginaghey shiu dy ve er ny ghiarey-chymmylt Bible

gleck noi combat, contend, contest, struggle, tussle, wrestle: Cha vel shiu er chummal rish gys deayrtey foalley, gleck noi peccah. Bible

iuderyn bibbers, drinkers: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

iuderyn-feeyney wine drinkers: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

jalloonys dwoaiagh abominable idolatries: choud's ren shiu gimmeeaght ayns rouanys, sayntyn ny foalley, jooid-feeyney, cuirraghyn jollyssagh, meeiteilyn meshtyllagh, as jalloonys dwoaiagh Bible

marinyn with us: Marishyn ta niart y roih foalley, agh marinyn ta'n Chiarn nyn Yee Bible

sayntoil covetous, lustful, voluptuous: dy chooilley yeearree sayntoil as toshiaght saynt ny foalley. CS

stayd noa regeneration: Yn chirveish cheddin va shassoo ny lomarcan ayns bee as jough, as ymmodee ooanlaghyn as oardaghyn foalley, kianlt orroo derrey imbagh yn stayd noa. Bible


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