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fo'n aer outdoors: Hug eh er y gheay-niar dy heidey fo'n aer Bible

fo'n chorrym below normal

fo'n eayst sublunary

fo'n ennal sotto voce: ghooin ee e laueyn ry cheilley as dooyrt ee, She myr sannish-feayslee fo'n ennal eck. BS

fo'n gheay alee, under the wind: Ta'n plaggad mooireerey fo'n gheay. DF

fo'n ghrian in the sun, in the sunshine: honnick mee fardail fo'n ghrian. Bible

fo'n 'oaid buried, interred, under the sod: T'eh fo'n 'oaid nish. DF

fo'n speyr alfresco: va smoghan agglagh ayn gollrish feill va goll loau, as cha row eh agh un vinnid fo'n speyr tra ren paart dy studeyryn gaccan mychione y ghart as ghoon ad nyn uinnagyn dy tappee. GB

cheerit fo'n ghrian sun-dried

coontey fo'n earroo oc under-estimate, underestimate

coontey fo'n 'eeuid underrate, undervalue

coontey fo'n leagh underrate

cur fo'n ushtey submerge

cur harrish fo'n gheay wear

eeder fo'n speyr picnicker

ee fo'n aer picnic

lhiederyn fo'n ghrian sunbather

lhie fo'n ghrian sunbathe

lhongey fo'n speyr picnic

mooie fo'n aer alfresco, open-air: Dy chloie mooie fo'n aer. DF

mooie fo'n speyr open-air


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