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fly1 (v.) bennalt, etlagh, ettlagh, ettyl, getlagh; croghey: Fly a flag - Brattagh y chroghey. DF idiom; (n.) carchuillag, quaillag, quill, cor-whuaillag; (adj.) kialgagh, kioot

fly2 (v.) (of flag) lheijey

fly3 (n.) (of tent) dorrys

fly4 (n.) (of trousers) flap

Inexact matches:

blistering fly (n.) quaillag Spaainagh

caddis fly (n.) caddan; quaillag chaddan

crane fly (n.) bwoid skeddan

flesh fly (n.) carchuillag

fly away (v.) etlagh ersooyl, getlagh ersooyl; roie er chea, roie ersooyl; lheie ersooyl

fly back (v.) etlagh er ash; lheim er ash

fly boat (n.) baatey chaghteraght

fly boy (n.) kialgeyr

fly by (v.) etlagh shaghey; roie shaghey

fly half (n.) lieh-chooylee mooie

fly past (n.) ard-etlagh

fly rod (n.) slat whill

fly up (v.) etlagh seose; lheim seose lane corree

fly whisk (n.) skeaban

house fly (n.) quaillag hie

humming fly (n.) carchuillag

shall fly etlee

Spanish fly (n.) meeyl Spaainagh

stable fly (n.) quaillag stabyl

warble fly (n.) cartage, cartage yn ollee

caddis fly larva (n.) crooag chaddan

fly in the ointment (n.) breck 'sy vainney

I would fly etlin

sand fly fever (n.) chiassaghey geinnee

carchuillag (f.) flesh fly, fly, humming fly: V'ad lommyrt ny kirree cheu-chooylloo son lurg gee yn aiyr noa va'd broighit lesh keck as ayns gaue dy ve goit ec y carchuillag. MB [L. culex]

ard-etlagh fly past

caddan caddis fly

cor-whuaillag pl. cor-whuaillagyn fly

etlagh ersooyl fly away

etlagh seose fly up

etlagh shaghey fly by

ettlagh fly

ettyl (=Ir. eitil) fly

flap flap; (of trousers) fly

lheijey (of flag) fly

lieh-chooylee mooie fly half

meeyl Spaainagh (f.) Spanish fly

quaillag chaddan (f.) caddis fly

quaillag hie (f.) house fly

quaillag stabyl (f.) stable fly

slat whill (f.) fly rod

fly-blow (n.) keck quaillag

fly-blown (v.) (to be) aachroo

fly-by-night (n., adj.) flid

fly-fishing fanney; flyderaght

fly-infested lane quaillagyn; quaillagagh

fly-like quaillagagh

fly-nut (n.) scrod cleayshagh

fly-whisk skeaban

bwoid skeddan crane fly, daddy-longlegs

cartage yn ollee (f.) warble fly

chiassaghey geinnee sand fly fever

etlagh er ash fly back

flyderaght (f.) fly-fishing

keck quaillag fly-blow

lane quaillagyn fly-infested

lheim er ash fly back

quaillagagh fly-infested, fly-like

quaillag Spaainagh (f.) blistering fly, cantharis

scrod cleayshagh fly-nut

baatey chaghteraght dispatch boat, fly boat

breck 'sy vainney fly in the ointment

cartage (f.) botfly, warble fly; gadabout, vagrant; labyrinth, maze

crooag chaddan (f.) caddis worm; caddis fly larva

lheim seose lane corree fly up

flid flirt, fly-by-night, jilt, nitwit, silly person [M.E. flird]

getlagh (=Ir. eitleach) airborne, fly: As er cherub varkee eh, as ren eh getlagh Bible

getlagh ersooyl fly away: tad getlagh ersooyl myr urley neealloo yn aer. Bible

skeaban (f.) brush, small broom: T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint DF; fly-whisk, fly whisk

bennalt See bennaylt flap, flutter, fly, waft, winnow: Ta'n brattagh bennalt 'sy gheay. DF

croghey1 (=Ir. crochadh) 1 climb, cling, fly, hang, hoist, sheer, suspension, swing, uplift, loft a: dagh unnane ta croghey er billey Bible; 2 taken up a: veh croghey eddyr yn aer as y thalloo Bible; 3 (as story) hinge; 4 pendant; 5 hanging

dorrys (=Ir. doras) pl. dorryssyn 1 door, doorway, gate, portal a: hass eh ayns dorrys y chabbane-agglish Bible; 2 (of cart) back; 3 (of tent) fly [O.Ir. doirse]

etlagh (=Ir. eitleach) pl. etlaghyn aviation, flight, fly; flying: Agh dy chooilley nhee etlagh elley Bible

etlee (=Ir. eitligh) flying; shall fly: etlee ad seose myr er skianyn urley Bible; shall mount up

etlin I would fly: As dooyrt mee, O dy beagh aym skianyn myr t'ec calmane: son eisht etlin ersooyl, as veïgn ec fea. Bible

kialgagh calculated, calculating, circumventory, crafty, deceitful, deceiving, deceptive, fallacious, fly, guileful, illusive, insidious, perfidious, seditious, treacherous, tricky, wily: t'eh dy voirey eh-hene ayns ymmodee cooishyn kialgagh Bible

kialgeyr betrayer, cheat, con man, deceitful person, deceiver, double-dealer, fiddler, fly boy, hypocrite, illusionist, plotter, schemer, swindler, trickster, twister: Ta kialgeyr lesh e veeal cur coayll da e naboo Bible; dissembler

kioot acute, astute, canny, clever, crafty, fly, foxy, intelligent, keen-witted, quick-witted, shrewd, smart, wily [A.S. cuth]

quaillag (=Ir. cuileóg) (f.) pl. quaillagyn fly, housefly: Reeshtagh ta Dhooraght cheet diu as mish roie mygeayrt myr quaillag as thoyn gorrym echey gyn traa dy yannoo shoh dy kiart. Dhoor; cursor

quill (f.) fly, gnat, midge: Sheese lesh y doo-oallee dy ghoaill y quill shoh - Cha s'ayms er yn oyr slug ee sheese y quill shoh. Dhoor

roie er chea abscond, fly away, retreat, run away, scatter: Ta mee roie er chea veih eddin my ven-ainshtyr Sarai. Bible

roie ersooyl flow away, fly away, run away, run off: As dreggyr eh, Ta'n pobble er roie ersooyl veih'n chaggey, as ta ymmodee jeu myrgeddin er duittym, as t'ad marroo Bible

roie shaghey 1 fly by; 2 pass away a: Son nee oo dty heaghyn y yarrood, as gimraa orroo myr er ushtaghyn ta roie shaghey. Bible

aachroo recreate, reform, restoration, retrace: Aachroo 'Aeglagh Vannin' fastyr beg ny ghaa dagh shiaghtin son paitchyn eddyr queig as daa vlein yeig dy eash. Dhoor; (to be) fly-blown

fanney fleece, skinning, slashing, soak; fly-fishing; flay, skin, scalp, slash: fanney jeu nyn grackan Bible; dress down, excoriation, slating, tirade: Hug ee fanney da DF; (of wind) bite

lheie ersooyl blow over, die out, dwindle, wear off: Ta'n drualtys eck er lheie ersooyl dasyn. DF; (as ice) vanish; waste away: derrey va slane sheeloghe ny deiney-caggee e lheïe ersooyl veih masteyn cheshaght Bible; melt away: ren creeaghyn y pobble lheïe ersooyl, as vad lhag myr ushtey Bible; fade away: Nee joarreeyn lheïe ersooyl, as bee ad agglagh ayns ny ynnydyn follit oc. Bible; pass away: myr ny strooanyn tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; consumed: as lesh chiass ny greiney tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; be no more: derrey ta ny niaughyn lheïe ersooyl, cha jean ad doostey Bible; fly away: Nee eh lheïe ersooyl myr dreamal Bible; depart: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; scattered: Myrgeddin liorish deayrtey neose ushtey tan bodjal trome lheïe ersooyl Bible; worn away: Ta my aalid er nimmeeaght lesh eer seaghyn: as er ny lheïe ersooyl kyndagh rish ooilley my noidyn Bible; done away


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