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flush1 brooightey; corrym; cur seose; jiargaghey; lheim eeanlee; niee; stroolagh; roie yn ushtey

flush2 (in fever) lossey

flush3 (n.) (in cards) laue un-daaghagh

Inexact matches:

laue un-daaghagh (in cards) flush

lheim eeanlee flush

roie yn ushtey flush

stroolagh flush

brooightey (of liquid) burst forth; debouch, debouchment, emission, emit, flush, gush, uprush

corrym candid, equitable, impartial, tally, treatment; (rate of pay) flat; equal, even, exact, par, flush, level: corrym rish y traa, myr va Jee er loayrt Bible; amends, justice, revenge, satisfaction; pregnant; apposite; compatible; commensurate

jiargaghey blush, flush, glow, redden: nee nyn eddin jiargaghey myr aile. Bible; blushing; glowing

lossey1 See lossyr pl. lossaghyn pl. lossyryn ablaze, afire, aflame, blaze, blush, burn, burning, flame, flame up, flare, ignition, kindle, light: cre'n lossey mooar ta drillin dy aile foaddey Bible; (in fever) flush; blushing

niee (=Ir. nigh) bathe, flush, launder, pan, wash: niee eh e choamraghyn ayns feeyn Bible [O.Ir. nigid]

cur seose carry forward, disclaim, drop off, extradite, flush, increase, move, postulate, relinquish, represent; pitch; fit on, fix: cur seose coamraghyn myr y chray Bible; retire, surrender: Cur seose, as rish y jiass Bible; set on fire; hang; put up, mount: Cur seose claghyn soit Bible; abdication; extradition; give up


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