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floor (v.) laaraghey; (n.) laare

Inexact matches:

barn floor (n.) laare soailt, laare voaillee, laare vooie

corn floor (n.) laare-arroo

drying floor (n.) laare heeree

floor cloth (n.) clout laarey

floor covering (n.) coodagh laarey; eaddagh laarey

floor mill (n.) mwyllin laarey

floor polish (n.) follid laare; gloasey laarey

floor polisher (n.) gloaseyder laarey

floor tile (n.) cheel laarey, leac laarey

malt floor (n.) laare vraghey

marble floor (n.) laare marmyr

sea floor (n.) grunt ny marrey, thoyn ny marrey

stone floor (n.) laare chloaie, pemmad

threshing floor (n.) laare voaillee; laare vooie

washing floor (n.) laare niaghyn

of a floor (gen.) laarey

laare voaillee (f.) barn floor, threshing floor

laare vooie (f.) barn floor, threshing floor: nee eh ad y haglym myr bunneeyn gys y laare-vooie Bible

cheel laarey floor tile

clout laarey floor cloth

coodagh laarey floor covering

eaddagh laarey floor covering

follid laare floor polish

gloaseyder laarey floor polisher

gloasey laarey floor polish

laare-arroo (f.) corn floor

laare chloaie (f.) stone floor

laare heeree (f.) drying floor

laare marmyr (f.) marble floor

laare niaghyn (f.) washing floor

laare soailt (f.) barn floor

laare vraghey (f.) malt floor

laarey (gen.) of a floor

leac laarey (f.) floor tile

mwyllin laarey floor mill

pemmad pavement, stone floor

laaraghey centralization, centralize; floor; (as floor) lay

dishes (npl.) claareeyn; jystyn: I crashed all the dishes on the floor - Huitt mee ooilley ny jystyn er y laare. DF idiom; siyn: Wash up the dishes - Ny siyn y strulley. DF idiom

fan2 (n.) (winnowing) cleayst: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor - Tan cleayst echey ayns e laue, as nee eh dy bollagh e laare-vooie y ghlenney

of the market margee: How bare is the floor of the market town - S'lhome ta laare y valley vargee. DF idiom

pick (v.) brishey yn thalloo, shuilgey; speiy; teiy: If I could pick and choose - Dy beagh teiy aym. DF idiom; trog: Pick that up off the floor - Trog eh shen jeh'n laare. DF idiom

grunt ny marrey sea bed, sea floor: Dy feer, bee oo myr fer ta baiht ayns grunt ny marrey, ny goll-rishyn ta ny chadley er cronnag lhuingey. Bible

laare (=Ir. lár) (f.) pl. laareyn 1 flat, level, set, sill a: hie ee sheese gys y laare Bible; 2 centre; 3 bottom; 4 deck, floor, storey; 5 flatness

thoyn ny marrey (f.) sea bed, sea bottom, sea floor: Lhong y chur da thoyn ny marrey. DF

smack1 baa; bassag: Smack in the face - Bassag 'syn eddin. DF idiom; frap: He fell smack on the floor - Huitt eh frap er y laare. DF idiom; scoadey; (v.) cur bassag da; frappal: Smack went the whip - Ren y kipp frappal. DF idiom


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